99ers and HR 589 Unemployment Extension – Our Communication is under Attack

The 99ers, HR 589, and Ron Paul supporters are deliberately being kept out of the corporate owned mainstream news media and likewise all three have turned to the internet to organize and get their message out.  The fact is the mainstream media has become a laughingstock as their attempts to alter our reality have become pathetic in their desperation.  The mainstream tried coming on the net to use their power and money to dominate.  Once again to no avail as their propaganda, designed to move the masses, is having little or no affect on the individual seeking valid information.

This has left organizations like the IMF, the CFR, the CGI, the Carnegies, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, and the Bilderbergers facing a major problem.   Though they still control the mainstream media and can keep their anonymity in those forums, it has become irrelevant.

As mentioned before the people’s media has become the internet wherein any individual can attack these organizations and it is left to the reader to assess the information and draw their own conclusions.  I think that is what news was supposed to be originally, was it not?

In an article published about a month ago by Alpha Omega Report and republished here it was revealed that one of the discussions at the latest Bilderberg meeting was in reference to an out of control internet wherein the evil deeds of these organizations were being revealed to the point that the rich elite were actually becoming afraid for the future of their world domination plans.  They further mentioned Rupert Murdoch and the fact that his news agencies have been revealing their attempts to create a world government.  In short, it was a call to action.

We have all seen the ruler come down on the back of Murdoch’s hand and are now seeing the Bilderberg’s answer to the internet problem.  Little mentions in the mainstream saying Google will be slowing down your internet speed for those they have accused and convicted for downloading things they shouldn’t.

Furthermore they are now attacking From the Trenches World Report, specifically selecting articles to remove from indexing in Google News.  This is not the first time I have had problems with Google trying to censor the content of my articles and not even the first site.  Since I began writing articles in September 2010, every time I write about Masons, the Rothechilds, Bilderberg, the Carnegies, and the Rockefellers I see a noticeable effect in delays in posting.  And at the other site I worked for the entire site was removed from Google News for a time after an exposé on Rothechilds.

We at From the Trenches started receiving threats to our site last week, supposedly put forth by a 99er who was disgruntled because I was attacking the government using the 99er issue as a foundation.  I have said in many articles that everything happening in our government has a cause/effect relationship to the 99ers and supporters of unemployment extensions and job creation.  This assertion is an absolute fact.

When Google thinks it can take it upon itself to say that they are not going to index an article because in their opinion the title is misleading, that is censorship.  That is denial of equal access without due process of the law.  Hell, without any process as there is no forum for questioning their actions.

So how did Google become such a rogue…….oh CIA-like organization?  Well considering the fact that the seed money that started Google came from the CIA and the fact that Google has participated in online spying programs with the CIA, I guess it is not at all surprising.

I will now show you the series of comments we received last week threatening an attack.

Henry Shivley paid over 2 grand for virus removal.
2011/07/12 at 5:16 pm
Why do you have google lead me here for hr 589? People who google HR 589 are desperate and don’t want to read your neo-con bs. I’m giving you till Friday to fix what you’ve done with google, or I’ll give your site the nastiest virus I can create. 3 days left, better get to work or you’ll be sorry.

Website gone or else
2011/07/12 at 6:13 pm
419 Ash Street, Chiloquin, Oregon.
I don’t think you can undo what you pulled with hr 589 and google. I’m going to have to insist that you take down your website. I’m desperate and am pissed off about googling hr 589 and finding your website instead of news. Your a “Great American Patriot” for leading people to your propaganda by manipulating google.
Please, do it my way. You can always start a new website and just lose your hosting and domain registration money

On Friday the 15th the article titled “99ers HR 589 Unemployment Extension – The Rich were Right We are Wrong” was not listed in Google News. (I re-posted it the next day in an attempt to get it indexed.  Didn’t work.)  I believe this was a shot over the bow designed to intimidate.

The following is a comment from the same source as the first two.

2011/07/16 at 2:59 pm
Mr Shipley, I know it’s Saturday and you and the rest of shabbos goy neo-cons are busy working. Ron Paul will never win. His son’s a coward and Dr Paul’s backing off on his original immigration stance. Its PB or nobody in 2012 for white conservatives.

All three of these comments came from a location outside of Chicago, Illinois.  You will remember about five months ago it was revealed that Barry Soetoro’s gangster buddies back in Chicago would be attacking his political enemies on the internet.

Now, for Google’s excuse for not indexing the article.

Hi ,

Thank you for your note.

We reviewed your site and are unable to include it in Google News at this time. We have certain guidelines in place regarding the quality of sites which are included in the Google News index. If your site is in violation of these guidelines, it will not be added to Google News. Please feel free to review these guidelines at the following link:


We appreciate your willingness to provide your articles to us, and we will log your site for future consideration.

Thanks for your interest in Google News.

The Google News Team

Somehow, Google has now procured the authority to categorize its users and decide what they want to see and thus two people at two different locations can type in the same search term and get totally different results.  People this is a blatant attempt at controlling the information on the net and Google is doing this through some self-proclaimed authority and considering the fact that they are deep in bed with our government, it would seem their censorship is sanctioned from the top.

You will remember when the government of Tunisia shut down the net in that country, Obama was outraged.  You see it works like this.  They want to see a socialist revolution started over our internet, but the people are not buying into it, as the overwhelming majority wants the Republic back under our Constitution.  So it looks like they are now going to try to control the message on the internet like they control it in the mainstream media.  And it would seem the corporate elite at Google intend to facilitate.

When we see something in the mainstream media we are immediately skeptical as we know that what we are seeing is controlled information.  And this is what they are trying to do to the internet.  If they cannot control the reality they will corrupt it and leave us not knowing what to believe.

I don’t know what we can do about this problem but Google absolutely needs to be brought to task.  And if they intend to exercise corporate control over our internet we must delete them and send their cyber asses to China where censorship is tolerated by the slave population there.

99ers, HR 589 supporters, poor, middle class, Americans of the American race, this is a direct attack upon our communication by the international corporate mafia through their enforcers at Google.  We must counter attack.

To all other Patriot sites, link this article.  Together we stand, divided we fall.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. This article was excluded from Google News. Evidently Google is attempting to replace our patriotic revolution for the reinstitution of our Republic under our Constitution for a social communist revolution that will allow them to censor us like they do the people in China. Google likes communism because it gives them power through control of information. And the treasonous scum in our government are sanctioning the censorship. They know what Google is doing because they are telling them to do it. Google is and has been for a long time just another propaganda arm of our treasonous government and we will treat with them as traitors once we have regained power.
    Post today’s article on Facebook and Twitter and email it to everyone you can. If they are to shut us down, we will make them do it out in the open, instead of sleazily behind the scenes as they are trying to do now, and we will have the evidence of their crime.

  2. Use multiple facebook/twitter etc. account for your online attacks. They will try to block your account suspend it or delete it. Post but do not multiple post at once. Also if you don’t have a phone or a credit card to verify your account use a friends phone or CC. For the computer savvy guys renew or change you IP addresses. Also I have noticed all account users do not see the same posts. So make sure you reach out as much as we all can. Once we can inform most of the citizen in the USA then we can move to the next phase. Publicly organizing! But everyone must know what we are up against first.

  3. I have discovered that Facebook is officially run buy the government. They will ask you for ID’s, Credit Cards, Addresses, Friends or a Cellphone number to verify your account. Spread the word stop using facebook!!!!

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