Bilderberg 2011 Agenda

The following article was originally published June 16, 2011 on the Alpha Omega Report and as you will see contains several things which have already come to be.

St. Moritz, Switzerland  June 9-12

The agenda for the Bilderberg 2011 Conference included a variety of topics.

According to leaks from at least one attendee, the topic of primary concern involves the “Arab Spring” revolts and efforts to widen the revolt into a regional war to produce regime-change and trigger a wider, world war. Part of the plan was for NATO to engage Libya’s dictator in a military conflict that would trigger a regional war. To accomplish this, U.S. participation is required, but the U.S. Congress is upset that Obama has violated the Constitution and War Power’s Act by not garnering Congressional approval before committing U.S. forces to military action. A new move is underway in Congress to now halt U.S. participation in the Libyan conflict. This move triggered great concern and dismay within the Bilderberg Conference this year as it could put a halt to springing a wider Mideast war.

The Bilderberg group’s justification for war is based on the growing overpopulation of the world with limited resources to support such expanding population. Wars reduce the population levels and a great world war could massively de-populate Earth and bring human population levels within manageable limits to match natural resources. On this matter, the Bilderberg attendees were united in agreement for the need of war. The topic dominated the entire first day of the conference and was a backdrop for other issues discussed during the next two days of meetings.

The second most discussed issue involved was growing publicity about the group and its plans for global government and the growing public opposition to not only global government but opposition to Bilderberg and its annual meetings. In conference discussions, there was a consensus that the unregulated internet is the primary factor enabling opposition to grow and possibly bring a halt to Bilderberg and its plans and goals for global government. Conferees discussed new, legal measures being undertaken to regulate, control and eliminate internet websites and emailing messages. In other words, new laws and regulations are being developed to legally censor internet content and make opposition to global government a criminal offense. Look for censorship efforts to step up and take hold in the next six to twelve months.

Along these same lines, the Bilderbergers were highly concerned and angered by the growing opposition in America, taking form through the American Patriot and Tea Party movement. This opposition is being taken as a serious threat to globalization plans. The group singled out media magnate, Rupert Murdoch and his media empire’s coverage of globalization and of Bilderberg. Private attempts are being made to convince Murdoch to force his empire to scale back publicity and coverage of attempts to create a global government. The attendees were stunned by the presence of demonstrators at the conference and the presence of alternative media reporters providing coverage through the internet.

The third most important topic for discussion involved efforts to restructure the world’s economy by crashing the system in a new crisis that will end with a collapse of the current system, to be replaced by a new global system, with an electronic currency and an all-powerful central banking system. Plans will include a new electronic currency utilizing micro-chip implants to be placed in the hands or wrists of citizens of the world. Such plans are already in place in the USA, thanks to the new Obama Health Care law which mandates micro-chip implants for all Americans by March of 2013. The Obama plan argues that the micro-chip must hold all medical records and personal identification of the person being implanted. Similar measures are reportedly underway in Europe.

In bringing down the world’s economy, the globalists publicly wring their hands and engage in futile steps to shore up the Euro currency and stave off national bankruptcies in Greece, Spain, Portugal and Ireland, but behind the scenes, this is exactly what the Illuminists desire because everything must collapse to make way for a New World Order and a global dictator. This aspect is little understood among the Bilderberg critics and reporters covering Bilderberg.

As part of the take-down of the world’s economy, a new IMF chieftain must be appointed in the wake of the arrest of the IMF chief in New York City last month. The Bilderberg conferees shared opinions back and forth on who should be selected to take over as the IMF leader and be a key player in the coming economic collapse willing to institute the Bilderberg global government concept into a newly structured international monetary system.

Three candidates are being considered to take over at the IMF. These candidates are:

Stanley Fischer, governor of the Bank of Israel and member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission

Augustin Carstens, head of Mexico’s Central Bank

Christine Lagarde, the Finance Minister of France

While Fischer is considered a personal favorite by many within the globalist movement, his Jewish banker background may be considered to provocative for conspiracy theorists, whereas Christine Lagarde, a French woman would provide a more positive public relations face for the globalist agenda.

The Bilderberg attendees expressed no choice on the candidacies of the three, but Lagarde seemed to hold the greater regard among attendees.


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  1. That sure is one hell of a 2012 agenda.One little problem though. 300 million pissed off people with weapons on the street . This will be interesting.

  2. Google Attacks From the Trenches World Report
    From the Trenches is being censored by Google. We were threatened with censorship last week in reference to our attacks on the government and our support of Presidential Candidate Ron Paul. The treats came out of Chicago, Illinois, where it was announced about five months back that internet thugs working for Barack Obama would be attacking his political enemies on the net, using strong arm tactics.
    From the Trenches will be contacting the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Whether the FBI will act in this matter is debatable as Obama is their boss. However we at From the Trenches will construct our own lawsuit to force Google into a federal court in an evidentiary hearing. Again, what affect this will have is unknown as our government has become corrupt throughout.
    From the Trenches is not the first news site to be attacked in such a manner. Infowars and Prison Planet, two of the largest internet news sites in the nation have been removed from Google News, supposedly because their content is opinion. If the mainstream media was examined using this same standard, it would be shown that there is only about five minutes of actual news reporting in a half hour segment. The rest is absolutely opinion and biased towards the owners of these corporate news sites.
    Google has become too big and has indeed become the government’s strong arm on the internet. Big sites like Infowars and Prison Planet can tell Google to piss off and still thrive via their momentum. Smaller sites like From the Trenches are stifled by Google’s deliberate actions. I think they are hell-bent on stopping anymore pro-patriot sites from reaching a level of prominence.
    Anyway, this is not only an attack on our online newspaper, but an attack on your right to diversified information. Google wants to control you through the information it ALLOWS you to see. As I stated earlier we will pursue every legal remedy. And goddamn Google for their treasonous actions. We shall add them to our list of international insurgents who will be punished. And for you at Google reading this, you cannot win because we will not stop and resistance is victory.
    God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we the free thinking Americans of the American race will prevail.

  3. Are you kidding me? Really? Obamacare mandates that every US citizen get a microchip implant in their hand/wrist by 2013? Those sentences there just invalidated the entirety of your story. Talk about using biblical references to stir up your base. What a blatant and base way to get people “motivated”.

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