99ers and Tier 5 Supporters – Tier 5 Unemployed, the Savage Within

India has the fastest growing middle class in the world and if the truth be told, China is number one in industry.  And how did this come to be?  A string of traitors beginning with Lyndon Johnson and continuing through every presidency to the present has twisted and manipulated the Commerce Clause in our Constitution to give the illusion of legitimacy to the treasonous, anti-American laws that they have caused to be passed; CAFTA, NAFTA, and GATT, to name a few.  These laws have sent what is our property to other countries all over the world.

The people of America have been defrauded and, as there is no statute of limitations on fraud, all that has been stolen can be lawfully recovered.  This is the great secret that those in power fear that we Americans, as a single people, will come to realize.

Through our Revolution, Mexican American War, Civil War, Indian Wars, Spanish American War, World War I, World War II, Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq, and Afghanistan we have become noted throughout the world as the most savage people in battle to ever exist on this planet.  Our only problem seems to be that we need someone to tell us to fight; that is unless we are cornered.  Well, in case you haven’t noticed, we are cornered and our backs are against the wall.  In short, it is time to let that inner ugliness out.

Imagine there is a knock at your door.  You open it and there is a family of illegal immigrants who push their way past you and into your living room.  At first you do nothing as you do not understand what is going on and do not want to wrongly attack them.   But then a couple of them sit down on your couch and change your TV over to a Hispanic channel while a couple more raid your refrigerator.

Now you are irritated.  You tell them to get out.  They say they were cold outside and that gives them the right to take your house.  They say that you, instead, need to be outside because it’s not fair for them to be outside.

This is when you decide whose house it is and who is going to live in it.  If you are like me, you slam them around and throw them out the door and tell them if they come back you will take your guns to them.  This is where we are at in America today.  They are already in the living room, kicking back, eating our food, and watching Mexican television.  And tomorrow they will get up and go work our jobs.

There are 30 million of them here and they have 10 million of our jobs.   And they are living in what used to be our homes and eating what used to be our food and watching what used to be our televisions.  And if you dare point out this blatant fact, you are labeled a racist.

I guess we might as well open up all our borders and let any of the 5.5 billion people out there in other countries who are not living as well as we are come and take what they want.  The propagandists are trying to tell us that our borders are just imaginary lines.  Do you know what would happen if they tried to tell a North Korean that?  Or even the Mexicans in Mexico.  Cross their border without a visa and see what happens to you.

We are sold out.  We need to weed the international corporate mafia traitors out, prosecute, and deport them because this is the only way we are going to know peace again.  But first we must survive this winter.  Everybody coming to this site, you need to participate in any way you can.  Nobody else cares about us, but there are enough of us to care for one another.  In fact there are enough of us, that if we stand together and start becoming aggressive, they are going to have to reckon with us.

I know there are a lot of you out there who are scared.  We need to turn that fear into anger.  Think about what they intend to do to your children and grandchildren, steel yourself, and become cold and calculating in your actions.  Don’t take any rebuff from anyone.  Our enemies must know that they have brought out the worst, which is in reality the best in us.  We are Americans and we are not going to be punked by punks.

The rich people in this country put their dogs and cats above us.  We must let them know that if they try to starve us, we will eat their dogs and cats, about a week before we eat them.  Americans have whipped the entire world at one time or another.  If necessary we can do it again.  So let’s get to work, no more Mr. Nice Guy or Gal.

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