Tier 5 Unemployed Hoping Legislation makes it Past the Senate

First Published 11-20-10

Two million more unemployed are set to lose their benefits on November 30th.  Apparently Nancy Pelosi is going to reintroduce the unemployment legislation in the Congress.  It is predicted that it will be passed by the Congress but will face an uphill battle in the Senate.  This lame duck session is turning out to be nothing more than political grandstanding.

When the propagandists talk about the unemployment extension they do so with an “Oh well” attitude.  However when they switch over to the topic of extending the Bush tax cuts for the top 2%, there is a noted sense of urgency in their voices as they mull over every conceivable negative repercussion that might occur if it fails.  I have to believe that there are a lot of people out there making noise otherwise the issue of unemployment would not even be mentioned.

It seems like just yesterday my ears quit ringing from listening to the political ads.  And apparently the 2012 presidential campaigns are already being launched.  I guess the candidates are getting excited about all the special interest monies that will be coming their way.

Of course as we head into winter with no unemployment extension our glorious leader is over in Portugal doing his duty as a one world citizen.  Obama has more passports with more identities than Sybil.  It seems the people around the world love him and he loves them and is intent on giving them everything our country has to offer.

Do you ever find yourself missing George Bush, Jr.?  I know it sounds crazy, diabolical little monster that he is, but when you look back on those days at least most of us were still working which allows for a few happy memories.

So I find myself wondering, is there any way Obama is going to be a two term president?  And just like that, the television answered my question as I see the dim witted bimbo, Sarah Palin, with that lost look and speaking in that goofy voice saying, “Oh yes, I think I can beat Obama”.  Maybe she could get John McCain to be her running mate.  My God, what has it come to?

I don’t think there is anybody out there among the ranks of us 99ers who is not waiting for it all to just come unglued.  I have always predicted that when the government finally puts us in the position of fight or starve, it would be in the middle of the winter.  If they do this to us after the suffering and carnage is over, we have to make sure that their punishment fits their crime.  I think tattooing “Traitor” on their forehead and making them live on welfare for the rest of their lives would do.  And I don’t mean the kind of welfare that they are receiving right now.

That being said, I guess we had all better cross our fingers and start hoping the unemployment extension legislation makes it past the Senate.

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