99ers and Tier 5 Unemployment Extension- Tier 5 Join the American 99er’s Union

First Published 11-16-10

About one hundred years ago our grandfathers formed labor unions in order to obtain fair compensation for their labor.  Using this strategy, they succeeded.  We have been raised to believe that we have a representative government and if enough of us complain about a single issue, that issue will be resolved to our satisfaction to stop the complaints.

As a 99er, have you ever asked yourself, why me, why us?  The majority of 99ers are between the ages of 40 and 65.  This is why we have been singled out to be attacked.  We have to remember that those who wish to control and bring us into the new world order, have think tanks composed of the brightest minds on this planet at their disposal.

From the age of 30 the human mind and body begins to slow down, and our actions and reactions tend to fall into predictable patterns as we venture into new situations less and less.  Some people call this getting set in our ways.  The older we get the more difficult it seems to be able to change the way we think.  This is why your age group has been targeted.

When I was first confronted with the situation of the 99ers, my first thought was to organize and protest as a body through emails.  When I observed the lack of results with this strategy I paused to think.  You see I have fought many battles against the international corporate mafia and have learned that the greatest vulnerability is predictability.  This is by far the biggest battle I have ever been involved in but I know the principals are the same.

That is why I became unpredictable and why I tried to get as many people as I could to do the same.  I urged all those who would listen to change their voter affiliation to Independent.  I did this for two reasons. Number one; I wanted our enemies to see a trend in the poor and unemployed changing over to Independent.  Number two; I wanted our numbers to be confused among those of the Tea Party.  This had an effect.  Our so called representatives went from not acknowledging our existence to making jobs and unemployment the number one issue in the nation.

This is when the American 99rs Union came onto the scene.   I had seen sites in the past wherein these individuals had tried to become leaders of the 99ers.  They had failed and I knew why.  When they saw what we were accomplishing they formed their union and attempted to hijack our numbers for their purposes.

I’ll tell you why their union will succeed in doing nothing more than driving wages down in this country.  The tactics they are using are predictable as they are the tactics of the past.  They are at present telling the 99ers to contact their representatives and request that they take action to pass Tier 5 unemployment extension legislation.  This tactic has already failed and will continue to fail as our so called representatives do not care about our complaints.

What they do care about is what sixteen million individuals might do.  You see, as a group of middle aged unemployed people, their think tanks can predict with accuracy what we, as a group, will do.  Especially if we are being lead by a bunch of imbeciles using outdated tactics.  When these nineteen wannabe union bosses, put forth to you that we are going to do this or that, they are setting down their policy and expecting you to follow it, as they are trying to control your actions.

Once they have established control they will ask you for money, just a dollar or two, to be used for the cause.  If this union does manage to have an effect all our enemies need to do is buy off nineteen individuals and we lose again.  However if we achieve as individuals they will have to buy us off as individuals, hence we win and get what we want instead of the scraps from a union after it is bought off.

When I say we, I mean myself and every one of you.  I give you a strategy and hope you will act upon it as individuals as I want our enemies to believe that you and I are out of control.  The think tanks cannot predict the individual actions of sixteen million people.

So you have a choice, you can go with the union and let somebody else do your thinking for you, or you can adapt to the situation at hand and do the unpredictable.  Which do you think will get their attention quicker; sending emails over and over again, or banding together in small units under no command structure and training for civil disobedience and open conflict if necessary?  At our age doing the former is most assuredly the most comfortable and safe course of action at present.  But when it fails you are going to find yourself doing the latter and wishing you had done so sooner.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is: if you want to do what they have predicted you will do, join the union.

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