Tier 5 Unemployed, Do Something Even if it is Wrong

First Published 11-21-10

Republicans are coming under fire after shooting down HR 6419, the unemployment extension, which would have extended benefits for Tiers 1-4.  The legislation would have cost $12.5 billion.  The Republicans used as their excuse that the legislation is not funded.  Critics have pointed out that there is $246 billion in unspent stimulus funds sitting in reserve.

Every day I hear phony reports saying that the jobs situation is getting better and that we are climbing out of the recession.  So tell me this, if our so called representatives and those who own them truly believe that we will be working again soon, why would they have any problem extending benefits so that we would be in a good condition for returning to work?

The truth is they know damn good and well that not only is there not going to be jobs in the near future for the 99ers, but also for those getting ready to exhaust Tiers 1-4.  You see, they don’t want to waste the money on us as they know we will not be paying it back in taxes any time soon.  The people who know are aware of the fact that this country is going to fall even further.  So forget the 99ers and those who will exhaust Tiers 1-4 and another 10 million who will be coming behind them.

The rich are piling up as much wealth as they can and are putting it into safe investments or moving it overseas, as they know that when things get bad enough, those who have been dispossessed will be coming after that wealth.  They have already bought residences in places like Costa Rica and New Zealand and are planning on making a run for it when violence breaks out here.

All you unemployed out there need to understand something.  When a rich person speaks of our country he is speaking to other rich people from a rich person’s point of view.  All of the super rich own homes and properties in other countries.  They do indeed consider themselves citizens of the world.  And when our once great nation is turned into a third world hell-hole they will retire to their chateaus in Switzerland to wallow in the wealth they procured through its destruction.

I heard one commentator saying that unemployment was a transfer of wealth from the rich to the poor.  Let’s take a look at that.  Everybody I know who once received unemployment had that money spent before they ever got it.  It went to utility companies owned by rich corporations, car and house payments to the banks owned by rich corporations, and if there was anything left it went to the phone companies owned by rich corporations, or for toilet paper, soap, and razor blades from Wal-Mart which is a rich corporation.  So, all of the money that went to the unemployed ended up in the pockets of the rich.  And remember, they make a profit on everything they do.

The only difference between the unemployment and stimulus monies is that with the unemployment monies American citizens actually got a crumb from the cake.  I think these greedy one-worlders have decided that we are not to receive even crumbs from what they believe to be their table anymore.

For those of you out there who have had enough I tell you it is time to do something, even if it is wrong.

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