99ers – Another Week, No Tier 5, No Jobs

Those of us who have been able to go grocery shopping this month have noticed about a third less in our shopping cart than was there in previous months.  We have been told the bursting of the housing bubble is the reason we have lost our jobs and been made impoverished.  Well there is now a new bubble we need to worry about.  It is being described in mainstream media as the food bubble.  Apparently the insane amount of money the Federal Reserve has been printing is starting to show its affects on the commodities markets. 

This is and is not an issue involving supply and demand.  You see, the 21st century farmer is selling his crops before they are even grown to speculators.  The whole idea of the speculative selling was originally put forth as a way to insure stable prices to the farmer.  However, as the dollar is being devaluated at an alarming rate, the crops sold next year at a price that would seem reasonable this year are going to leave the farmer short. 

This in turn leaves the consumer holding the bag; not because we will just be charged more at the checkout line, but we may indeed end up having to bail farms and ranches out.  The United States already pays out between $10 and $30 billion per year in subsidies to farms and ranches, most of which are now corporate owned, some foreign.

Just when I think there cannot possibly be one more way they can steal from us, three more pop up.  Their tactics are unrelenting and unconscionable.  Can any 99er out there tell me why in this country of equality is there always someone more equal than us?  Why is everyone’s livelihood important except for those cut from society known as 99ers?  There is no expense that these lowlifes will not put upon the backs of our grandchildren in order to take care of those who already have wealth.

What has happened to my people’s pride?  Another week has gone by and as predicted nothing has been accomplished in our Congress but the passage of the health care repeal, which was promptly shot down in the Senate.  Blatant mafia style crime is running rampant throughout our country and all our so called representatives can seem to manage to do is put on a show for the Tea Party.  You know what makes it even sicker is I know people in the real Tea Party, and I assure you their number one concern is the continuing loss of jobs.

415,000 people filed for the first time for their unemployment benefits this week, and hey, you know what?  This is a good thing. Why? Because it wasn’t 420,000, and if it was a million, these ingenuous corporate mouthpieces would say it is a good thing because it wasn’t 1.1 million.  For God’s sake people, this is reality.  Nothing is going to change until we change it ourselves.  The longer we wait the harder getting started over again is going to be and the longer we are going to have to suffer before we realize a true recovery.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we will prevail.





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  1. Congress is not getting anything accomplished and that is their intention. They already knew that the health care reform would not pass in the Senate. All the work they pretended to do was just a way to buy time so as not to focus on the most important thing in this country to date, the 99ers and jobs. They will continue to ignore us and encourage media coverage of everything happening in Egypt as a way to take the pressure off of them to do the right thing in our own country. However, while all of this is happening our numbers continue to grow and the 99ers continue to suffer. If you have not already added your name to our Nationwide Rally, please do so now. Go to the website http://www.fromthetrenchesworldreport.com and under Organized Resistance click on the Nationwide Rally to Extend Unemployment Insurance and add your first name and the address of your unemployment office. When we have enough people we will begin our Nationwide Rally. Please copy and paste this on every website you visit. My prayers are with you all.

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