The Mystery Uprising in Egypt Continues

Gunshots rang out in Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt as violent protests continue.  The violence is being caused by government sponsored anarchists identifying themselves as supporters of President Mubarak.  The two crowds, having established battle lines, have been going at one another all week.  In the skirmishes prisoners were even taken.  Some of those taken by the protesters wanting Mubarak to step down were in fact police in civilian clothes. 

Mubarak’s government is arresting foreign journalists and telling others to stop reporting.  The only news being shown in Egypt is state run television.  Also all foreigners were told to evacuate the country.

Apparently Mubarak’s hold to power is more important to him than human life.  It is reported that ten have been killed, though the military has stepped in in an attempt to lessen the severity of the situation.  The anti-Mubarak protesters have been asserting all week that unless the dictator steps down, they will march on the Presidential Palace today.  The big question at hand is whether the military will implement deadly force to stop them.

The whole situation is reminiscent of a medieval conflict wherein machetes, knives, clubs, and rocks compose the bulk of the arsenals on both sides.  It is beginning to look like a situation is developing wherein Mubarak is going to have to step down or commit to mass murder.  And what if Mubarak does step down, what then?  As I’ve said before, there seems to be no contingency plan.

Mohamed ElBaradei has been put forth in the mainstream media as the number one contender for succession to power.  However reports out of Egypt indicate that he is not as popular among the people as our mainstream news would have us believe.  It is reported that the attitude of the people is that ElBaradei has not been in the country for the last three years and can hardly understand the needs and desires of the people who are at present spending 80% of their earnings just on food. 

As the violence continues to spread throughout the region the mystery as to how it seems to be occurring all on the same day continues to weigh heavy on the minds of those trying to analyze the situation.  Day by day the talk is increasing of a power vacuum which might be filled by the Islamic Brotherhood, not just in one of these countries in the region, but rather all of them.  All evidence is now pointing to the eventuality that this is, and has been all along, a cold and calculated international operation designed to restructure the entire region. 

I guess in the end we will find out the truth as to the motives behind the actions.  I have to believe that if the international elites are involved, no good is going to come of it, in fact we are probably going to see a consolidation of power and a reign of terror that will make Mubarak’s thirty years seem like a Sunday school picnic.

God protect us from the international misery makers.

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