99ers, HR 589 Supporters, Henry Gets another Unemployment Extension

After coming to the conclusion that not only has our economy not been getting better, but is indeed getting worse, I was at an impasse as to what action I should take.  I knew I was going to change directions, but on which path would I find any hope for returning to work.  After long consideration I decided to create my own job.

As From the Trenches has grown exponentially since coming online, I concluded that the truth might indeed set me free.  That is when I made the decision to take out loans and return to school to learn radio broadcasting.  It is my intent to add a live broadcast to From the Trenches when I finish school in September.

What I did not know is that in returning to school I became eligible for additional unemployment benefits.  I found out by accident and was actually quite angry at first as I was wondering why the existence of this program had not been made known through every news source considering the hell we 99ers have been going through for the past couple of years.

The program is called Training Unemployment Insurance (TUI).  When entered into a search engine the results showed the program to be in a lot of states.  I, of course, lost fourteen weeks of benefits as I have been going to school completely oblivious to the existence of the program.  And no, I do not feel guilty for taking it as I know it does not even represent drop in the bucket in comparison to what has been taken from me.

I’ve gone thousands of dollars into debt in an effort to try to help myself out of this mess.  And my number one goal upon seeing a return on the investment will be to pay off every cent so that it is not left to my grandchildren.  I will do this if I have to sell everything I own before I die.

President Soetoro did enact another federal unemployment extension benefits for another 13 months, which though thankfully will allow many unemployed to at least reach 99 weeks, it does nothing for the 99ers.

With the recent attack on welfare an issue came to mind.  Once a 99er reaches 99 weeks, he or she is automatically removed from the list of unemployed.  So tell me this.  With the enactment of welfare reform those receiving welfare must be actively looking for work.  This being said, why aren’t all the people on welfare who are documenting their work searches counted as unemployed?  This has to be a very large number as the neo-cons have been harping on the growing number of welfare recipients.  Anyway, it is food for thought.

Meanwhile, if you are a 99er and can find a path to repatriation through school leading to self employment, you might want to check and see if the TUI is offered in your area and if you are eligible.  I know there has been a big push by the propagandists to dissuade people from taking out loans and returning to school in trying to solve their unemployment problems.  But  you have to remember that the people who are trying to dissuade you are speaking for the same people who shipped your jobs overseas and are now trying to say it is your fault you are unemployed because you are not properly educated.  They want slaves and educated people are hard to enslave and the more educated you are the harder you are to enslave.  And if nothing else, maybe you’ll screw some illegal out of the benefit.

At any rate we are completely justified in whatever we do to survive until we can get Ron Paul into office, take back our Republic, and reinstate our Constitution.  After which any meaningful education we acquire along the way will become an asset in rebuilding our country.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. Henry Congrats on going back to schooll ! And thank you for the info, I will be checking with the oregon dept this morning. I cant wait for you to be on the radio, I will be your number 1 listener— Reach for your Dreams!!

    1. Just got done watching the New Hampshire Republican Debate. Pawlenty, Santorum, and Romney are war mongers, Cain’s big business as usual, Newt at least talked about jobs, Ron Paul was the only one that made sense and got the best audience response, and Michelle Bachman, man, I’d like to jump her bones !

  2. Good for you Henry, though I’ve tried everything and no luck here in New Jersey.
    I thought you were a 99er, I was wrong. Nothing like that is offered to a 99er.
    We are just being set aside! Anyway………..
    I thank you Henry for letting me express my feelings and comments on your website. I may not always comment exactly in response to your wonderful editorials, though we are all in the same boat and sinking fast. We the 99ers, the millions never dreamed or even had nightmares of this ever happening to us. Everyday we are all sinking more and more into the abyss and not finding the way out. One thing most people never realize that we are just simple pawns while these so call politicians in office live the life of luxury and constantly getting themselves in trouble left and right. These idiots are doing everything except for helping us! Politicians are all having a grand old time while the 99ers and millions of unemployed suffer! The politicians we elect are all crooked, sexting, cheating, stealing, and constantly being pushed out of office because their doing other things except their job…Like helping the people!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Somehow we have to put a stop to this! These so called losers in office, who are suppose to be working for the people are just taking their big paychecks and having a grand old time. Remember their paychecks are being paid by the American people. Their health benefits and retirement funds are being paid by the people! The people of this country is being screwed and no one wants to do anything about it except for Henry! Come on people get up and fight for your rights! Fight for your life!

    1. Ted,
      Oh, but I’m more than a 99er. I am in fact a 103er as the State of Oregon gave a four week extension several weeks ago. And like I said, I have missed 14 more weeks I could have had if I would have known about this program back when I first started school in February. Prior to the 4 week Oregon extension, I had been a 99er for about 10 months without any income and I’ll never forget last Christmas until the day I die. And even with the little bit of unemployment I’m going to get it is not close to being enough for even basics. I believe it is pure hate and anger that keeps me going. For the past three years I have lived for nothing more than revenge.

  3. as I have said many times before, calling representives, sending letters, writing blogs ( no offense Henry I love the info u give us ) but actions are needed to show the people holding all the spoons that we as United States citizens will not stand for the bullshit wasting money on other countries while we sit and starve everyday anymore…something needs to be organised…I do not care if u are black, white, yellow, green, red whatever..we are all United States citizens and deserve better from the people who we elect to rule over us…People need to stand the fuck up and not just bitch about things anymore…this december will be 4 years since the bush era started this horseshit ( and for all those who see obama as bailing the banks out..do your research it was initiated by the bush clan) has ANYTHING really gotten any better?? a few jobs here and a few there..overall no..families still living under bridges, kids going hungry, steadily losing jobs every week the dollar losing its value etc etc the list goes on and on..The people who set up the premise for the ” United States” must be shitting in their graves seeing whats going on..not to say that everything they did or wrote was perfect but the ideals of the new country is what I mean…anyways as I have said many times here I REALLY hope people will organize something that spreads like wildfire because this is truly a terrible time we are in..Starting with the elimination of the central bank! Print our own money fuckheads why in the world would you pay someone to print your country’s notes?? i wish the senators who took those bribes in the early 1900’s were here all of em would leave with broken extremities fuckin douchebags! People need to open their eyes and see how things REALLY work! maybe then people would revolt against the Tirants! My 2 cents…..

    1. henry good for you wish you well still no word in connecticut hey clark thanks for your replies to me still down but your a good dude i appreaciate your words you kept me from doing something stupid thanks your friend brian s

      1. Brian s, that made my whole day, seeing you on here ! I’m happy that what I said helped. There’s an old song lyric from ” Old Man River. ” ” I’m a tired of livin’, but afraid of dyin. ” That’s me. No matter how bad life gets, at least you know what’s going on. You don’t know what’s gonna happen when ya die, and that’s what scares the shit outta me !

        1. Henry, I can’t wait to hear you on the radio. With your ideas and solutions on the air waves, a lot more people will be made aware of the bullshit going down. NC ain’t got no such animal as TUI, but I’m real happy for you, bro !


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    The Shivley family

  5. Everybody needs to make it clear as I have done to obama and my governor that we need unemployment. We can stop paying foreign countrys to house terrorists and pay for some damn unemployment damnit. Why does Obama authorize billions in aid to foreign countrys and tells 99ers youve been on the couch too long? Maybe if he kept the money in the country for awhile the economy would improve as well. Im tired of sending money oversees for some damn military operation, and paying for the damn military to shoot their damn guns at paper targets while we sit here and wonder why we don’t get more unenployment. Next crisis might just be civil war between the unenployed and the military, who knows, I sure don’t see a lot of action in the Obama or democrat booth to help us out. I want to see Pakistan to go down personally, while I wake up and go to work.

  6. I eagerly await your radio show. I use to enjoy Ed Schultz et al but they have all sold out for stays at the white house…I have been unable to find full time work for over 200 weeks…it was nice to get unemployment for 99 weeks but it was no where near what I earned before age discrimination wiped me from the employment ranks…..Ron Paul is our last hope….he would be my first vote ever for a Republican president….of course my past choices were Nixon, Ford, Reagan etc! As a lifelong democrat (who is totally disappointed in Barry) I cannot believe it has come to changing parties….of course the chance of Ron Paul getting the nod from the Republicans seems like quite a longshot so when he runs as an independent my streak will remain intact!

  7. Congress wastes a lot of money& really doesn’t give a S— , it is not theirs, this arrogance can’t keep going on wish I could afford to go somewhere !

  8. Glad you are receiving TUI benefits wish I applied for that when I went back to school. But now I am a 99er. Funny thing I went back to school, got my education, and still unemployed. I studied as a pharmacy technician, I graduated and got licensed as well. Even with this I remained unemployed. I applied to every pharmacy that I could from community pharmacies to private pharmacies to hospital pharmacies. No one is hiring and even if they have an opening they ask for experienced technicians. How am I suppose to get experience if I have not given a chance? As of April my unemployment benefits ran out and I have been surviving by my remaining savings. But that is also going to end. WE NEED additional weeks for us 99ers. The economy is still down despite of what the news says and we are in need of jobs. Come down here in Southern California and see for yourself. I send application and have interviews for practically any job and I’m still unemployed cause some beats me to the job. Sigh I am glad your still receiving benefits and going back to school. I wish you the best when you graduate and look for work.

  9. The republicans say that we need to pay for any additional benefits its simple do what we did yesterday lets sell oil from our reserves to pay for the additional benefits its use only in a emergency i would call the millions who are out of work and emergency

    1. what i love they want to cut medicare and give the rich more tax breaks these fu–kers are the spawn of the devil this is there playground and were the toys shit has to stop

  10. hey henry you know what’s really pissing me off the these media piss ants all i see on the news is casey anthony who the f–k cares i can imagine how much money it’s costing to keep this soap opera on it’s dispicable nothing abought us they keep avoiding this as if it means nothing let’s start the riot that should surely get us on the news and there finally showing the north dakota flood where’s fema that will probably take them a week to do anything and congress i heard got nothing done buisness as usuaul i am so sick of looking at these doushebags it’s making my stomach hurt oh and by the way im glad your extension went through goodluck my friend

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