99ers Seeking Unemployment Extension, HR 589 Supporters, Americans, Exile the Corporate Elite into the One World Order

Well the tide is turning against the neo-cons, though they did have a hell of a run at it, especially having lost the presidency, the House, and Senate in 2008.  Give the devil his due as they used the backlash against the Democans to catapult themselves back into control of the Congress with yet another phony roadmap/mandate from the people while masquerading as Tea Partiers.  Beyond comprehension, they managed to secure tax cuts for the top 2% while further exporting our jobs and economy overseas.

Many people are looking at the stock market and saying, “Good deal; the rich are losing wealth.”  Wrong.  What the rich are doing is transferring the wealth they have stolen from us.  You have to remember, wealth does not cease to exist.  When you see the US stock exchange going down, know that another market in another country, using another currency is going up.  This is how the corporate elite have been funneling the wealth out of our country since the market’s inception.

I love to listen to the mainstream propagandists telling us that the reason jobs are not being created is that the corporations do not want to invest the money they stole from us here, because they do not feel secure with our regulations and high taxes.  Bull, bull, bull, bullshit.  If the corporations pay any taxes at all, they pay only 17%.  The reason these multi-national corporations base their operations in the United States is because they can operate freely without any constraints of law.

They own our politicians and our courts.  Not to mention they are being allowed to take our natural resources and ship them out of country for manufacture without not only not compensating us, but actually receiving subsidies for doing so.  They are nothing short of international pimps, whoring Lady Liberty on the streets of Beijing.

But their excess is now starting to lead to outrage.  They actually have the guts to be pushing for eliminating Social Security, Medicare, and Unemployment at the same time that the totality of their duplicity is coming front and center and in the face of every American.

If you ever thought that the corporations were here because they are nice people and want to help and that we should quit abusing them with taxation and regulation before they go away and leave us all alone, well, just try to throw them out and see what happens.  You’ll find it’s like trying to kick your neighbor’s St. Bernard dog out the door while there are steaks cooking in the kitchen.

Tell me, what do we have to lose?  Let’s call their bluff.  Let’s tell them, “Get the hell out, we’ll manufacture our own natural resources and sell our products to one another.”  And they can just go booger off somewhere in the one world they love so much.  You want to see real tears on their evil faces, just threaten to take the goose back and throw them out.

Tell me, when did the middle man become more important than the producer or the consumer?  Better yet, I’ll tell you.  It was when it was discovered that the middle man could take a majority of the wealth created and not have to hit a lick in doing so.

I cannot wait to watch these bastards squirm when we elect Ron Paul, shut down the Federal Reserve, and start tightening the screws.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. HEY Henry! How’s it hanging baby?

    Here is something for your people, in the midst of the fire, we must ALL
    try and find a little laughter to lesson its burn.

    1. Henry,
      great article, I do believe you have hit a home run with that piece of truth. You know that there are so many ways to get over these a-holes. A little boycot goes a long way : Barter system (trading goods for goods, trading services for goods) Start a block vegtable garden, People in the U.S. are so wastefull it should be a crime especially the rich they love to buy and throw away just so they can buy again, so do a little alley romping. Yard sales, thrift shopping. Look on the lable of what you are buying to see where it was made. Only buy made in America! If you can invest in a generator to help with the utilities. Go to your local solar dealer and see if they have scrap pieces you can have and show you how to install it. If people would start doing some of these things and it gets passed on then you are not feeding the giant anymore. There are so many ways to criple this thing and turn it around to independance for this country again. People need to start thinking again and stop letting the gov. leed us around by that political ring in our nosses. We are like horses with blinders on. WAKE UP AMERICA BEFORE THE BOTTOM OF YOur WORLD COLLAPSES!

  2. Here I go with another attempted comment for all who have eyes and ears to try and comprehend!Why are all of you just sitting and typing one another when we should be banding together a group of truely free people to fight these elitist lying beast followers and I mean all in government of any and all countries . We also supposedly have all the beldeburg I beleive that is how they spell it,people and we are not after them? Why not? They let you have your little say on the internet and you feel you’ve done something golly gee wally! I regret that I have but one life to give for all of humanity,what say you sheeple? If I beleived I could do it alone I would but an oswald I will not be,choose your side stop playing their game and lets get together and take it to them all. If I and WE all perish in the attempt at least we will have died free people and not someones slave even if you do not realize it you most certianly are. You would say we’ll elect them out of office,bull look what has happened anyone remember the tea partiers and the repubs? Elect us and we’ll either fix it or shut it down.What has happened? Nothing. They are all in it together or they are thrown to the wolves. Yet we all sit and play their game Washington,Jefferson,Adams,all the founding fathers would say your all traitors for not standing up for what is or was right ABOUT THIS NATION AND THE WORLD IN GENERAL. You’re all sheeple if we don’t band together and do something,it may already be too late but still better to die for what’s right than live through what is wrong. If you really beleive you have any other choice they have fooled you. Choice is the trick of the rulers upon those they will rule.

    1. mitchell ive been saying that all along im sitting here now living in the streets three years cant find a job everything i had all but gone for a year and a half been coresponding with people like myself and all it is just talk the goverment could give two shit’s abought us people are committing suicide everyday wheres the news on that ive even contimplated myself this country is a fuckin joke the mexicans get all the free services even if there illegal all have three kids or more who’s paying for it the taxpayers and walking around using stolen social security cards i try to get asistance i get treated like crap im ready to go to war where’s everyone else just talking action speaks louder than words who’s going to throw the torch nobody and by the time something happens it will be to late it’s already to late sorry if offend anybody but we all need to band together and take back this country there slowly suffocating us untill we disapear thanks bfor hearing me out

  3. Because I do not have any freaking money to do much of anything else I walk to the library to have my little say and golly gee I’ve done something !


      THINGS are in th works (just because you don’t see them) doesn’t mean
      there not happening. 🙂

      WE are ALL in the SAME boat, but some of us are trying VERY HARD to steer to DC!

      1. I do not wish to ride in a bus my’71 vw beetle will get me there just fine and back when we are finished with their lowly hides!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. I did not mean to offend and I will gladly go with you but it won’t be to party or yack at the so called gov. officials I’m going to give them the only thing they understand.

      2. hey throw me a bus ticket or a tank i have a foodstamp card i can bye dinner for who ever sends me a ticket ive had it this country is a f..kin nightmare im ready to battle

    2. Let’s all borrow money from Mitchell so we can go out and do something and not be fucking sheeple . Baaaaaaaaaa

      1. Dear Mr.Kent as you please come and I will get you all what you need so we can take it too them. I can and will but need help to get it done. e-mail at elaine@directv.net How did this become a free nation by election no by the blood of the free who would no longer take it from a tyranical government!



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  6. Sam, I don’t believe it includes the 99ers. Call CNN or Foxnews, perhaps the local news media and ask them to research it for you. Chances are they’ll say they will and you won’t hear back from them. It used to be news reporters seeked out big stories, but now they are swayed from such a thing.

  7. All,
    Be careful what you post on these sites. There are certain words that are flagged and monitored. Nine guys here in Michigan just spent weeks in court on charges of “Attempting to Over throw the Government” for using verbage as some of you are. If you really want to do as you say, it needs to be communicated in some other way or it’ll be stopped before it ever starts.

    1. lock-n-load, thanks for the heads up, brother. A gut feeling keeps telling me that Big brother is watching, so I try not to sound like terrorist.

  8. Clark,
    No problem.
    Your gut feeling is ABSOLUTLY RIGHT! No Joking!
    I know a few of the 9 guys that I spoke of earlier. And that’s exactly what happened.

    1. Henry does an excellent job at making sure those comments are 86’d. They don’t stick around long, this site doesn’t put up with that.

  9. just when i thought this piece of garbage was going to start looking at us as far im concerned we have no goverment they are slowly killing us off he creates more jobs over seas and nothing here the end is near for all of us and i dont care what they think of me im a terrorist for speaking out or any of us they are the terrorist i have become more anti american by the day every gas station is owned by indians the news paper stores to the restraunts and small grocery stores are run by spics they all come to this country broke but years later here they are and here’s wherei am thanks congress bush and obama you have givin it all away and forgot abought the real americans go and f–k yourselves pissed and had it i get to sleep out in the rain again tonight and another night in tears

  10. Brian ‘s
    You’re hurtin brother, and I’m feeling your pain. Hang huff!!!
    People have had enough and it’s coming soon.
    The Randy Weaver family paid a huge price! We may have to as well.
    What ever it takes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. thanks lock and load the last month outside freezing cold no money every one turning there backs on me like this is my fault especially my family contimplated suicide every night i dont mean to get on here and let everything out i have no other way to vent my own brother tells me. tell the hospital you want to kill yourself so i can get on disability yea than lock me up in a insane asylum i spent a day in a half in a shelter that was an asylum im losing more of myself everyday no shower in five days last night i actually spent the night in a porto john so i didn’t get wet nice day by day the anger intensifies i would love to get my hands on the throats of congress and this lying piece of garbage for a president yea hope and change all he’s done is create no hope and alot of pain ive lost everything truck being repoed girlfriend walking out on me pawn all my jewlery i dont even own a pair of sneakers i have never been more alone people it would be a tragedy if i took myself out id be free because im living like an animal i can see the looks im getting now ive always been clean and presentable now i look like a piece of shit totally humiliated live in greenwich connecticut forth richest town in america im just waiting for the cops to start harassing me and i have had to deal with them i know it’s coming i could keep going on and on thanks brother for your reply

  11. Brian,
    I was fortunate enough to see this coming years in advance. I paid off or sold everything that I owed any money on a few years prior to all of this. So at least I got to keep my house. (for now) I heat my house 100% with wood, I hunt or trap the only meat that we eat. As far as I’m concerned there are no hunting or fishing seasons right now. I’ll take what I need to survive. I’ve plowed my 3 acre yard into a garden so I don’t buy much from the store. I got a hold of waste managements trash pickup routes and run those daily picking out the scrap metal before they pick it up. I’ve came along way from being a corp level purchasing manager for 22 yrs. If I were in your position right now I’d get the hell out of the city and find a large piece of state land and set up camp. Build a small water tight shelter somewhere secluded near a lake or river and hunt and fish for everything that you need to eat. That is if you have these types of skills. If not I wouldn’t recommend it. I know that sounds grim. If that is the only option that you have then I would definitly head south to a warmer state before winter hits. Good luck brother!! We’re gonna need it.

    1. thanks for the advice much appreciated thanks bro maybe will see eachother on the battle lines along with clark kent it would actually be cool to sit in a room and talk face to face

    2. lock-n-load,
      Yeah brother, this is why we are going to win. This land and everything upon it belongs to us. And in a worse case scenario we can revert to the land and live off of our resources in the raw form. It is our right and it is when they try to deny this right that we must fight or die. Make no mistake. They would joyously watch us starve to death while we are staring at the abundance of life our land offers.

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