Will Political Correctness Lead to a Second Holocaust?

Since recorded history the Jewish people have been exiled from 109 countries around the world.  In researching the subject various reasons are given for the conflicts between Jews and other people.  But the main consensus seems to be that the Jewish people do and have always set themselves apart and elite from the rest of the peoples of the world.

Jews make up about .2% of the world’s population, yet wield such power and influence around the globe as to make it an inescapable conclusion of logic that they have created their own power structure with a foundation rooted in the belief that they are superior to the rest of humanity, which they put at the level of the beasts of the field.  And like the beasts of the field, the rest of humanity, they believe, has been put here by their God to serve their wants and perceived needs.

It has to be considered fundamentally wrong to hate a people because of their race or religion.  But like so many ideals, when applied to the Jews, this thesis turns out to be a one sided coin.  The Jews are always portrayed as the innocent victims of misunderstanding.  So how do these misunderstandings occur?

Let’s look at recent history.  In 1919 Germany, those fighting in the German army in World War I were taken aback in learning that the war had come to an abrupt end.  These German soldiers, as did the German people, then became aware of the land concessions and German reparations to be paid as a result of the Treaty of Versailles.  They could not understand how their government could sign such a document in their name, especially considering the fact that they were in no way losing the war.

Germany’s government at that time consisted of the Weimar Republic.  So what does this have to do with Jews?  Well, five out of seven of the government officials who brought Germany into the treaty were Jews.  The Treaty of Versailles ushered in a time of deprivation for the average German wherein the mark was worthless (4 trillion marks to the dollar) and bank interest rate was over 900%. People were literally starving to death in the streets.

Adolf Hitler, having come home from the war, was unemployed and impoverished, though he did enjoy a higher standard of living than most Germans as he received monies from his father’s government pension.  In 1919 he became the 54th member of the German Workers Party which later became the National Socialist Nazi Party which was decidedly anti-Semitic.

It is said that those who forget history are doomed to repeat it and one of the surest ways to lose history is to fail to question the motives of the people that created it.  Why was the German Workers Party anti-Semitic?  Though many Jews lived in Ghettos, among the wealthiest people in Germany were the Jewish elite who orchestrated the banking schemes and had taken possession of most of the real property.

And as mentioned before, they were instrumental in implementing the Treaty of Versailles which contained the reparations which were so enormous that they collapsed the German economy.  After which the Jewish elite bankers implemented quantitative easing, which resulted in the austerity measures that destroyed the German mark and left the native people of Germany to starve to death in the streets, while watching their Jewish counterparts, for the most part, unaffected .  This occurred at the same time that Jewish communists from Russia were trying to instigate a communist revolution in Germany to bring its people into the ranks of the world goyim.

It is said that Adolf Hitler was a charismatic speaker who immediately formed a connection with the common man.  And what really did he tell the German people?  “You have been robbed blind and your country has been taken over by international Jewish bankers made up of Zionists who consider you to be animals to be used or slaughtered for their benefit.  Let the German people stand together and take Germany back for the Germans, punish the Jews and make sure they are never able to do this to our people again.”

It then became the opinion of the majority of Germans that the Jews had gone too far in Germany as the National Socialists started pointing out realities like the fact that out of 4,800 lawyers in Berlin, 3,600 were Jews and that there was hardly a theater director who was not a Jew.

This is when true madness took hold as the power of Germany went from the top to the bottom in reference to the Jews.  Any laws still remaining that would have protected the Jews might as well have not existed as the German people on the streets had taken matters into their own hands.  And the German government could only go with it as the fury had been unleashed from the top.

At this point many Jews were fleeing Germany, 100,000 of which came to our United States amidst opposition of many U.S. citizens who wanted no immigrants in the 1930s as the United States was in the midst of a deep depression.  The people were outraged at the idea of foreigners coming into the country and taking their desperately needed jobs.

In many respects it would seem that we have entered a new cycle wherein resentment against Jews is growing in the United States, quite frankly as a result of the actions of Jews.  They have infiltrated our government through the allowance of dual citizenship. Israeli Americans can serve in our highest seats of power.  Mind you, no other dual citizen from any other country can do such a thing and no American Israeli can serve in the Israeli government.

Though the Jews make up only 2% of our population they wield inordinate power in literally every venue and quarter; from the entertainment industry, to banking, and everything in between.  A power structure of this magnitude consisting of so few among a population has absolutely been orchestrated.  To say it happened by chance would defy the laws of physics and to say that the Jews have excelled to such power because they are more intelligent; well, that is what led to Nazi Germany where it was clearly shown that it was their clannishness that put them above the rest of the German people.

It is the Jews, through their control of what books we read, what music we listen to, and what we see on our TVs and at the movies, that has resulted in the multi-culturalism that has not only divided American against American, but has provided a layer of obscurity for Jewish activities using the doctrine of political correctness.

Think about it.  If a doctrine was put forth that said to question Jewish activities in the United States would be considered as a form of discrimination, it would be unacceptable.  So years were taken in laying the groundwork wherein the American people have been deliberately divided in accordance with their ancestry, gender, and sexual preferences.  After which we were taught to have pride in literally everything except in being Americans and the prodigy of a group of individuals who created the freest and most liberal society to ever exist on this planet.

As a united people Americans could have never been manipulated to the point that communists and socialists openly speak out against our Republic and our founding document.  And if we speak out in defense of our Constitution and against the communists and socialists, we are labeled racists, sexists, homophobes, and anti-Semites.

The thought of people being killed on a mass scale, like the 52 million who died as a result of World War II, which it can be argued was a direct result of Jewish infiltration and domination through manipulation, is abhorrent to me.  This is why we have to stop the political correctness.  If we fail to do so the result can only be a building up of hate and resentment, which once unleashed will quickly go out of control and result in disaster.

The U.S. has already experienced the crash of our economy.  The quantitative easing, which has already reached level two, is now forecasted to go to level three by the head of the Federal Reserve, Jewish banker Ben Bernanke.  And once the value of the dollar has dropped enough austerity measures will be next, followed by a total collapse which will leave our country in essentially the same situation as Germany before the rise of the Nazis.

Though the American citizens have been dumbed down in the public schools, I assure you the elite at the top of the pyramid are taught their history quite well.  And though many poor Jews died as a result of Jewish activities in 1920s -1940s Europe, the rest gained gluttonous amounts of wealth and their own country.  I guess they have no problem sacrificing their own, if that is what it takes to further Zionism.

To this I say that the Jewish people of America need to take a long hard look at what their leaders are doing.  If this anger bubble is allowed to burst how many of you will go on to be wealthier and how many of you will have to pay the price for that wealth?  The other 98% of the American people had better start looking at what happened to the Germans after they were betrayed by the Jews in their government who orchestrated the Treaty of Versailles.

As for myself if I am labeled an anti-Semite for simply thinking, I guess I proved my point.  To the Zionists I say, the American people are not going to be treated like a herd of cattle on your one world Zionist plantation and we have become educated to the point that this time around, it will be the guilty among you who will pay and the innocent will be left to, if they can, redeem their religion to a form that respects all humanity.

God bless all Americans regardless of race, creed, or color.

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  1. What you are saying is what I have also been saying in many articles. The guys at the top of the Jewish pile couldn’t care half a hoot about other Jews or other people for that matter. There are again the magic figure of 6million, but this time in a state called Israel in Palestine. The 1.5 million Palestinians inside Israel will just be a bonus. At present the one world government fraternity is trying their “damndest” to get another world war going. In that way they hope that the world population will be so bewildered that they will accept anything offered to them and that includes enslaving. If I was a Jew in Israel I would get the hell out of there as fast as possible.

  2. Whew ! That’s a mind blowing article, Rick. And the really scary thing is…..could that really happen ? Could the Jewish, richer than God, elite be setting up the regular, good American Jewish people for a second Holocaust ? It sounds a little far fetched in this day and age, but people might have said the same thing 70 years ago. This world is doomed.


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