99ers HR 589 Unemployment Extension – Let’s Look at the Presidential Candidates

As expected Ron Paul’s overwhelming win in the Iowa debate is being discredited in a hundred ways and Newt Gingrich is the man of the day, according to the mainstream propagandists.  What a government.  Back in 1996 Gingrich was charged with 84 ethics violations, which would be, in the world of the 99ers, 84 felonies, alleging tax evasion.  Nothing a few hundred thousand dollars wouldn’t cure.  And now here he is running for President.  Why the hell not?  Truth be known being a felon is probably a part of the criteria necessary in getting the backing of the international corporate mafia for any bid for President.

And of course everyone is dazzled and amazed by Jesus’ personal candidate from the State of Texas.  Let’s take a look at this virtuous man of God.

Rick Perry has spearheaded the effort to lease roads in Texas to foreign companies, to turn roads that are already free to drive on into toll roads, and to develop the Trans-Texas Corridor which would be part of the planned NAFTA superhighway system.

Back in 1988, Rick Perry supported Al Gore for president.  In fact, Rick Perry actually served as Al Gore’s campaign chairman in the state of Texas that year.

Texas has the highest percentage of workers making minimum wage out of all 50 states.  In 2007, 221,000 residents of Texas were making minimum wage or less.  By 2010, that number had risen to 550,000.

Rick Perry attended the Bilderberg Group meetings in 2007.


Absolutely, this is the man we want.  More importantly this is the man God wants.  I mean it is common knowledge that Jesus Christ is a prominent Bilderberg member.

No, I think I’m going to vote for Ron Paul.  Do these propagandists really think they can sell any thinking person on these social rejects?  I mean look at them, these people couldn’t hold their own in a high school debate and they are vying for leader of the free world?  I have to believe Ron Paul is the only one running for president with an IQ of over one hundred.

I swear, and I mean this honestly, I am embarrassed and ashamed that the rest of the world is watching this circus and may actually think that we the people of the United States are so stupid that we cannot see these charlatans for what they are.  Think about it.  Listen to them speak.  Except for Ron Paul who is a medical doctor, who among them would you trust to run your personal business?  They look dumb.  They sound dumb.

Hell you can see the sweat bead up on Michele Bachmann’s head any time it looks like she might be forced to speak beyond the one-liners she has memorized.

Herman Cain can’t utter a full sentence without putting “fuel in the engine.”

I wouldn’t trust Mitt Romney in a shithouse with a muzzle on.

Huntsman wants us to trust him because he is good friends with the Chinese.

Pawlenty looks like his mouth is being controlled by a stick up his ass.

And this sociopath Santorum is a psycho who thinks that women who have been raped should be forced to bear the child of the rapist.

Sarah Palin is a bimbo.  She might have been a lot of fun for the boys back in high school, but we are talking about the presidency of the United States of America.

Personally I do not see how a decent man like Ron Paul can stand to be on the same stage with them.

No, once again, I’m voting for Ron Paul and he is going to beat Barry the Rat by a landslide, and we the American people of the American race are going to have our Republic back under our Constitution.

I apologize for raving in this article, but this whole dog and pony show is an insult to my intelligence.  In short, I hate to think that anyone in the world thinks that I or any other American is that stupid.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. Absolutely! Go for it, Henry!
    You’ve only touched the tip of the iceburg with Rick Perry. According to an ammendment to the Texas constitution that he Tried to pass in the 80’s, he would be REQUIRED to resign as Govenor of Texas because he has announced that he’s running for President. It didn’t pass, but do you think he’ll stand by his words? Not a Chance!

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