99ers HR 589 Unemployment Extension – Our Attacks on the Press are Showing Results

The lies of the propaganda machine came crashing down this past week.  All the sunshine they had been blowing up our arses in reporting that the economy and jobs were getting better, was shown to be a pack of lies.

It is amazing, right up until the crash in 2008, the so called economists told bald faced lies in reference to the upcoming crash that they knew was on the way.  Through the lies the general population lost more money in the phony stock market crash than they would have had they known the truth.  And of course all of this was common knowledge…for a while.

For about a year the economists stayed quiet and said nothing.  And then they came forth with a new batch of lies designed to persuade the population to start throwing their money into new Ponzi schemes because the illusion was that the economy was growing and money was going to be made.  Now that their latest lie has become common knowledge, they have once again slithered back into the shadows.

These people are the lowest form of life ever to exist on this planet and anyone who listens to them deserves exactly what he or she gets.

The propaganda in general seems to be at a standstill.  The reason being, I believe, they haven’t settled on a new set of lies yet.  And of course their credibility is pretty much gone for all intents and purposes.  So they come at us with feel good stories about war heroes and reruns of the Casey Anthony trial and are becoming more tabloid by the day with their stories of Charlie Sheen, Lindsey Lohan, Hines Ward, and the royal family.  More and more the latest music sensations are performing their acts on the news.

Whether we here on the internet realize it or not, we have hurt and continue to hurt the mainstream propagandists and their elitist masters in a big way.  In seeing the internet taking over the output of information, the propagandists have tried to ply their wares in our realm, thinking that their enormous wealth would allow them to dominate.  But it has not, as they are stigmatized by their logos and their association with deliberate misinformation.

Personally I am enjoying watching them squirm as every new propaganda surge is shoved right back in their face.

In 2008 they were able to remove Ron Paul from contention for President.  This time their attempts are meeting no success and are fading to jeers of ridicule and laughter.

The 99ers will be looking for a few words.  Well here you go.

As sure as Ron Paul has been ignored in an attempt to remove him from the equation, so have the 99ers.  But our enemies are about to reap what they have sown as we come forth to remove them from power.  One of President Obama’s stooges put forth a statement the other day that said unemployment was not going to cause the citizenry to vote one way or another.  This has to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard.  And again, accomplish nothing more than further diminishing the mainstream propagandist’s credibility.

I would like to tell you there is hope for HR 589 unemployment extension, but frankly at the present I do not see it, unless Obama intends to use it as a bargaining chip to justify his cutting the throats of our brethren and sisteren among the old, the sick, and the poor.  I say if it happens, good deal, but it will not serve the purpose he intends.  We will use the money to survive to make it to 2012.  And then we will stand as one in punishing Obama for what he is about to do to the weakest among us.

There was a report dealing with federal judges awarding SSI claims that I will address in conclusion.  The report said that federal judges are finding for the claimants in 100% of the SSI cases.  And this fact was being used to imply that the judges were somehow corrupted.

Out here in the real world we know that before an SSI claim makes it before a federal judge it has already been wrongfully denied over and over again literally for an expanse of years.  And when the citizen applying for the benefit finally gets it, through the federal judge, he or she gets screwed out of the lion’s share of the back pay they should have received.  And of course those in the administrative, quasi judicial, treasonous bureaucracy that wrongfully denied them and made them suffer for years, are never penalized in any way.

So to this one I say, “May you rot in Hades, you two bit neo-con propagandist scum.”  And I’ll tell you what else, after we have reinstated our Republic under our Constitution, we are going to have our right to the common law restored and any and every denial made by a government employee toward a citizen, is going to be before a federal judge at the first instant.  And if that government employee is found to be acting in an arbitrary and capricious way that violates the citizen’s rights, he or she is going to be doing a little stretch in a federal prison.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

0 thoughts on “99ers HR 589 Unemployment Extension – Our Attacks on the Press are Showing Results

  1. Well said Henry! did you happen to catch what’s going on with Nike and there contractors here in Oregon? Telling them that there Dog’s and slapping the contractors around! Boyyyyyy I wish I was there! Enough is Enough already with this GOV/ CORP/ ELITE… I will be voting for Ron Paul…. But Let Me ask you this, Do you think votes will even count this year, since it is always an ACT.. ?

  2. Remember to select the high profile celebrities with the most web traffic, likes and fan base. I’m an my way to President Obama, John Bonner’s, and Justin Biebers facebook pages now. Obama has 22 Million likes just think about his page traffic with all the celebrities, media, government agents and mindless followers hitting it. So keep organizing, post get the word out!!!

  3. Thank God For The Internet ! Because Without It We Would Have No Way To Get Out The Truth, And The Corporate Owned And Controlled Media Could Just Spread Its Propagandist Lies, Lies That Benefit The Corporate Elite And The Politicians They Pay For!!!!!!!!!!!!! While I Don’t Agree With Everything Ron Paul Has To Say I Do Like The Direction He Is Going In, WE Need More Politicians “Strike That” We Need More Candidates Like Him,Like Jesse Ventura,Bernie Sanders While Ron Paul Is Not An Independent He’s Also Not Your Typical Modern Day Politician!!!!!!

  4. My Definition Of A Politician Is “Someone Who Is Egotistical,Glutinous,Self Serving,Greedy,Thieving, And Without Conscience !!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Oh Yeah ! I Forgot Compulsive And Habitual Liars Too, Today’s Politician! Not Representatives Serving The American People, Just Serving Them Selves And Their Own Interest


  6. I want to know why everyone keeps saying “nanny” state. I tell you what…give me my $$$ I’ve been giving the Government for the last 30 years I’ve been working that was “held” against my will called “Social Security” and let me have my damn money!!
    I love how they take our money, then when we need it they complain that they are having to “support” us. Give us all our money and to hell with Social Security.
    Have you heard that they want to raise the age to 65 now? Seems African American men don’t live much pass that (statistically) so if your an African American male the
    Government is betting that you will die before you ever see any of “YOUR” money..not there’s. They didn’t work for it..you did!!
    These guys have got to go!!
    So can I sue for my Social SEcurity???

    1. Cat,

      Uh…that would be…uh NO! OOOO….sorry! Thanks for being on the shew!

      Next contestant please!

  7. Maybe we should bring a class action lawsuit to get our money since it’s basically a ponzi scheme!! We sure as hell ain’t getting our money for Social Security. And I don’t know about you other 99’ers but I could use the thousands of dollars I got tied up in Social Security that “I” paid in to right about now. Take what I need and invest the rest on my own. Since I’ve read several politicians saying “We are on our own”

  8. Here is a stupid question I have. On a 99er website I came across they are telling 99ers to go to the UN website to send in complaints against Congress for not helping the 99ers.

    Is this just weird?

    1. Ellen,
      The United States is the UN. And they know exactly what is happening to us and as it is a part of the international plan for a one world government, I’m sure it is quite all right with them.

  9. Well, what a blessing in disguise this is. Finally, I found a site of like minded people. I have comment to Mr. Henry Shivley. Man you fucking nailed it all! Let me help back you up. LISTEN UP! Simple physcology, People who try to do the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. Is insanity. I love Dr. Paul, I personally think of him as (Thomas Jefferson) of our age. I look up to him. I do not have many emotional anchors at all. Dr. Paul is my emotional anchor. No explanations, its stands for itself. Amongst others who love him as well, the point is. We are being dependant on Dr. Paul to win. Most people live in fear of the new world order, and think they are powerless, REALLY! This is what is called self-defeatism. the feeling of powerless amongst our own conscious of hopelessness. Look up to Mr. Shivley a little. I don’t know Mr. Shivley for a hole in the wall, However, He is a fucking patriot to me. We the people of the American race, need to consider the 2nd revolution first, before Dr. Paul. The true patriots of this generation, come from the school of hard knocks. Like me who grew up in a small little Italian neighborhood. And my fight was to was to work hard, Kick ass, and pay the price. And believe me, I’ve had my jaw broken twice. Because of it. My point to back up Mr. Shivley. We have had enough, If your in opposition, of Mr. Shivley anger. Your missing the point. We need to get as mad as hell, I’m sick of talking about the unjustily rich scumbags who rob us of whatever wealth that we have. No more talk, The question is are willing to take to the wall. And what is the plan, and the mindset to that plan. And, yes if these scumbags don’t take our hint. THEN HANGMANS NOOSE is right around the corner. You should’nt even ask. Why Mr. shivley is so angry. Did you see the results of bailouts for example. You need to get more than angry. You need to grow some balls, and have some patriotism. And be ready to trade it up for you first, for your indepence and your family who is going suffer massively from this. I MEAN HELLO!

  10. again, To the 99ers, The enemies are going to reap what they sow, And we will plant like corn. If you believe in that. Then get organized, and get seriously pissed. Think of punching out the bullshit artist bully square in his throat. But, worse!

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