Obama Attacks the 2nd Amendment

President Obama, if anyone cares to still call him that, has enacted new reporting rules for firearms sales in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and California using some illogical logic combining the Tucson, Arizona shooting and the fact that firearms from the United States are being used by the drug lords to commit crimes.

To start with, Jared Lee Laughner is so deranged that he could have very easily used a motor vehicle in his crime and done just as much, if not more, damage.  As for the guns in Mexico, the Mexican drug cartels can buy their guns any where they want.  They just choose the United States because they can buy the weapons directly from the ATF, who provides them security in taking them back across the border, and also in bringing the drugs into the United States to pay for them.

Barack Obama is an international communist and foreigner who has infiltrated our government and is commanding a foreign insurgency designed to overthrow our Republic.  Anyone who doubts that Operation Gunrunner was designed to funnel guns into Mexico, so that Obama and his communist cohorts could blame this crime on the American people, in order to go after our assault weapons, which we are going to need in the very near future to repel his invasion, need only look at the facts.

The ATF request for the new rules was already under consideration and facing vehement opposition when Operation Gunrunner was put into action.  And though it was not US citizens who were buying the guns to sell to the drug cartels, it was most assuredly US taxpayer dollars used to do so.

These new rules are designed to track and trace “bulk purchases” of semi-automatic weapons larger than .22 caliber capable of receiving detachable magazines.  So what exactly is a bulk purchase?  If more than one previously described weapon is purchased within a five day period, it is considered bulk.  So if any law abiding citizen of the Border States previously mentioned purchases more than one of these firearms in a single day, his or her activities will be reported to the ATF.

That is of course unless the purchaser is an ATF agent, in which case a whole truckload of these firearms can be acquired, transferred to the border, and sold for profit without inquiry.

Not only has the traitor Obama done an end-run around our Congress in legislating against our 2nd Amendment, but he has done so as one of the most hypocritical acts ever witnessed by the American people.  Think about it.  An illegal alien is swindled into our presidency, after which he, by dictate, infringes on our 2nd Amendment rights.

We the people cannot stand any further for this abortion of justice.  It is time to put an end to our treasonous government perpetrating crimes and then turning around and taking our rights because the crimes were committed.

Look at the Underwear Bomber.  Admittedly he was escorted past security and put on the plane by his CIA handler.  And then as a result of him getting on the plane past security, thereafter all law abiding citizens are required to either be radiated or fondled.  And now of course they are hinting at cavity searches.  If a terrorist wanted to come into this country and hurt a bunch of us, all he would need to do is openly carry his bomb across our open southern border, walk into a shopping mall and detonate it.

This whole liberty for safety forced trade off has become as obvious as an elephant in the living room.  I mean, think about it.  Obama’s botched gun running fraud is revealed for exactly what it is, and oh well, he just goes ahead with his plan to blame the sales on the American people and attack our 2nd Amendment rights.

There is also a lot of talk of outlawing clips that hold more than ten rounds because of the Tucson incident.  So I guess the next step will be to outlaw owning four handguns using the logic that if Jared Lee Laughner would have had four semi-automatic hand guns with ten round clips, locked and loaded, he could have got off forty rounds before anybody could have stopped him.

Or think about this.  How about a person wading into a crowd with a little chain saw he could put under his coat?  Guess we had better outlaw chainsaws.  Or, what about the demented individual that might take a gallon of gas and a match and burn ten, twenty, thirty people to death?  I guess we had better outlaw gasoline and matches.

No people, we have already let them go too far.  The 2nd Amendment to our Constitution says that our right to own and bear arms shall not be infringed.  That means absolutely not, nada.  The 1968 Gun Control Act is absolutely without question an infringement on our 2nd Amendment right and the fact that it has been allowed to stand demonstrates our failure as citizens to enforce our rights.

What we had better realize is that it is the intent of the Obama communists to take and take and keep on taking until we are reduced to single shot .22s without firing pins.  He will stand there and tell you that he only wants to protect life while at the same time Libyan woman and children are being slaughtered by the score at his direction.  His corporate masters are intent on our enslavement and they know the only thing standing between them and their goal is our firearms.

We cannot let them take another inch.  We must scream out in protest to this and any other attempt to perpetrate our disarmament by a bunch of international dope dealing gunrunning murderers must be stopped in its tracks.  If we do not we are going to find ourselves left defenseless against them as they represent the threat that necessitates our becoming more heavily armed, not less.

Even if you do not own guns, if you are an American citizen you had better take a long hard look at the credentials of those who are purporting that you are not honest enough or mentally stable enough to own and bare firearms.

4 thoughts on “Obama Attacks the 2nd Amendment

  1. President Obama wants to take away our Second Amendment to
    keep our guns. Tell him NO…you best not. It would give the goverment the right to invade our homes without a search warrant. This is what other
    countries would like see happen. No way to defend our homeland and our
    families. If this happens…we will form a Militia.

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