99ers HR 589 Unemployment Extension – Corporations Seek to Enslave Us

For those of you still locked in the conception that the corporations are really our friends and that we just need to give them more money and less regulation and they will create jobs for us, well here you go, straight from the horse’s mouth.

Labor journalist Mike Elk tells RT that as American jobs are being moved overseas, politicians view human capital as “really another commodity.”

“They have no real desire for humans,” he says.

As jobs move out of America and overseas, Elk says that job creation is not the focal point of American lawmakers or businessmen right now, but certainly ought to be. In the meantime, says Elk, the idea is “to keep as few workers employed as possible and keep them working as much as possible and for as little as possible.”              Source

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  1. Henry,
    Are you still there brother?
    I had to go back at least 2 weeks to find you!
    Did they finally get the best of ya?
    I sure hope not!
    Need help?

    1. lock-n-load,
      Look on the home page and you will find my most recent article. There is at least one new article every day, you just won’t find it listed in Google news.

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