Will Voter Fraud Decide the 2012 Election?

We are only into the early stages of the decision making process for the 2012 elections and vote fraud is already rearing its ugly head.  Prior to the Iowa Straw Poll, constitutional challenges to the procedures to be used were being put forth.  The Iowa Straw Poll definitely has had an influence on the 2012 election process, as witnessed by the withdrawal from the race of ex-Governor of Minnesota, Pawlenty, after coming in third place.

What was unconstitutional about the straw poll?  Well the fact that it cost $30 dollars to participate eliminated from the voting process all those who could not pay the $30 because they did not have it.  And certainly the people of our country who have been impoverished to the point that they do not have $30 to throw away are going to be a deciding factor in the 2012 Presidential Election.

During the last Midterms in 2010 there were many charges of voter fraud, ranging from votes not counted, to votes counted twice, and votes for one candidate counted for another.  So what became of those charges?  Were they investigated?  Were they proven to be true or false?  Were there any arrests or prosecutions?  No, the charges were simply swept under the rug as those in the positions of responsibility are on the payroll of the corporations who have been defrauding the American voter since voting began in America.

We are now a country with a population of 311 million, of which 177 million are registered voters and it is altogether conceivable that the 2012 Presidential Election will be decided through voter fraud, continuing the scenario wherein the will of we the people has become irrelevant.

You see it on the mainstream every day.  The elections are bought and paid for.  The assertion is put forth that wealth is used to manipulate the elections through advertising.  This is misleading.  The money is used for the bribery of those who count the votes and those who control the machinery through which the vote is cast.

We have advanced in technology to the point that we are sending probes to other planets and files are being built on every American from birth.  We have the technology to at least eliminate the fraud to the point that the wants and needs of the voters would have to be realized.  But then again, the massive PAC monies are being used to make sure the voting system stays corrupt.

It should be a felony to cast a false ballot and there should be mandatory time in prison as this fraud affects each and every American.  But like the illegals crossing our borders in violation of our laws, it seems there is nothing we can do about it.  And of course the various corrupt institutions operating illegally in our country will be working to insure that as many ballots as can be cast by illegal aliens are counted in the election.

Before we can take our country back we must find a way to take back control of the power granted to us as citizens in our Constitution and this can only be accomplished in one of three ways:  The ballot box, the jury box, or the cartridge box.

Our courts have been taken over by the corporations, thus the jury box does not exist as an option any more.  And unless we can clean up the voter fraud, our voices will be silenced once again in 2012, eliminating the ballot box.

We must make it clear to those causing the corruption in the election process that they must cease and desist and use our most advanced technology to bring confidence back to the voting process, otherwise we are going to have to exercise that third option and eliminate all our problems at the roots.  In short, clean it up or suffer the consequences.

We the people, by a vast majority in communicating with one another, know we are solidly behind Ron Paul and our Constitution.  And any and all attempts to derail our legitimate reinstitution of our Republic will be seen as the fraud it is.  We can do this peaceably or we can do this violently, either way it is going to be done.

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