99ers HR 589 Unemployment Extension – Will our Vote for Ron Paul be Counted?

In discussing the feasibility of voting Texas Congressman Ron Paul into the White House in 2012, it has been asserted at From the Trenches that we not only have to elect him but do so with an overwhelming majority.  Many have predicted that if Dr. Paul is elected the international corporate mafia will nullify our decision through a theft of the election, as was done to Al Gore in 2000.  This hypothesis is certainly a possibility, and thus the need for an overwhelming majority and the commitment that if the election is stolen or Dr. Paul assassinated, we will bare our liberty teeth and take our Republic back by force.

This issue has proven to be very real by none other than Time Magazine.  On June 16th Time announced that it would be conducting an online poll to determine who the people wanted as the GOP challenger to Barack Obama, wherein citizens across the nation would go online to Time’s site and cast their vote.  At the end of the contest the candidate with the most votes would appear on the cover of the July 8th edition of Time Magazine.

We here at From the Trenches, like many other websites across the country placed links to the Time site and encouraged those who supported Dr. Paul to participate in the vote.  Almost immediately there were rumors of manipulation in the vote specifically designed to enhance the numbers of literally every other candidate to the detriment of Dr. Paul.  But in spite of what would appear to be a deliberate effort to yet again silence the people’s voices who are calling on Paul to lead us to the salvation of our Republic, we did prevail.

Results Thank you for your submission. You can check out the final results in the issue of TIME Magazine hitting newsstands on Friday, July 8.

Dr. Paul won the Time Magazine internet poll, but as we all have noticed by now, his face did not adorn the July 8th edition of Time Magazine.  In fact there was no July 8th edition of Time Magazine.  Out of 33,000 votes Ron Paul and Mitt Romney took 75% of the votes with Ron Paul winning.  The exact margin could not be determined as, not surprisingly, the numbers in the result have deliberately been made obscure.  Again showing the duplicity we can expect in 2012.  However, we have proven that our numbers can trump the neo-cons’ money.

Anyway, Paul won and was denied the front page of Time.  So what was Time’s excuse?  They gave no excuse.  They simply put out a July 4th special edition titled “Does It Still Matter?” featuring a picture of the U.S. Constitution being shredded wherein our beloved Constitution was portrayed as an antiquated document having no place in their new world order.

The message is clear and directed at the American people of the American race.  I think if they would have had their druthers, they would have had a picture of Ron Paul holding the Constitution being run through the shredder.

Time Magazine is owned by Time Warner whose subsidiaries are Warner Brothers, Time Inc., Home Box Office, and Turner Broadcasting System among others.  Time Magazine is the corporate elite’s equivalent of their Weekly Reader, which is to say the only people who care to hear what they have to say anymore is them.  Quite frankly I have to believe that at present they are shocked in seeing just how little influence they now wield in our country.

In reporting the results of the Time Poll it was said, “Though mail-in voters overwhelmingly chose Mitt Romney, more online votes were cast for Ron Paul, the apparent result of a well-organized — and passionate — campaign.”  This statement indicates as previously mentioned that though money was no object in paying GOP employees to stuff envelopes and send them in for Mitt Romney, the people through their own initiative trumped the elitist’s money through their patriotic numbers.  And the fact that the socialist publication Time Magazine not only buried the poll results, but attacked the Constitution, upon which Dr. Paul is running, demonstrates unequivocally the lie of the false left-right paradigm.

I have a message for Time’s CEO, Jeffrey L. Bewkes.  You and your international corporate mafia brethren and sisteren are not going to shred our Constitution for your globalist ends.  Rather we the people are going to reinstate our Republic under that Constitution and ram it so far down your throat that the Somalians are going to see it coming out of your arse when you step off of the deportation barge that we will have put you on that will be landing upon their shores.

The number one attribute of Dr. Paul is that all our enemies from both sides of the false left-right paradigm are working vehemently and sparing no expense in their attempt to remove him as a candidate.  The Time poll shows that their best efforts and their money is equating to nothing more than urine in the wind.

If the GOP refuses Dr. Paul I have no doubt in my mind that we the people will vote him into office as a third party candidate.  And quite frankly we as a people are laughing at the propagandists who are saying that we cannot elect who we chose because……. well because they say so?

As previously stated we must prepare ourselves for every dirty trick our enemies might throw at us.  And we also must prepare to take our country back by force if our vote is nullified through corruption like it was by Time Magazine.

The neo-con sleeper cell, Glenn Beck, said the other day that we the people cannot even consider a revolution because that revolution would be taken over by the communists, who are organizing within our borders through labor unions, and that if the patriots of the United States took these commies to task they are prepared to kill 25 million of us.

Well I’ll tell you what Glenn, you treasonous piece of tripe, when Americans fight we take out our enemy a hundred to one in their own countries.  On our own soil we will take them out two hundred to one.  So if you and your elitist brethren think you can muster 500 million souls willing to sacrifice their lives in order to take our Constitution away from us, bring them on and we will plant them like corn.  And when we are done another 25 million of us will step up.

In short, give it up.  We are not going to be defeated through your telling us that our resistance is futile.  In fact, back in your face, your resistance is not only futile but ridiculous considering your numbers.  And though a handful of our police and military may commit treachery against us, the majority will not.  Listen up Glenn Beck, you punk and all your punk brethren and sisteren, we are way past sick of listening to your boastful bullshite.  If you think you’ve got what it takes, step up and let’s dance.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

42 thoughts on “99ers HR 589 Unemployment Extension – Will our Vote for Ron Paul be Counted?

  1. Wow man…

    Decaf is our friend…

    I hate the nwo and the looters too, and we will win eventually, but talking about killing millions? Well written piece though, kudos!

    1. Jl,
      It was Glenn Beck who was talking about killing millions. I’m just saying that we will kill a billion in turn if they try it.

      1. A man once said:

        “An appeal to arms and the God of hosts is all that is left us. But we shall not fight our battle alone. There is a just God that presides over the destinies of nations. The battle, sir, is not to the strong alone. Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it Almighty God. I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death.”

        – Patrick Henry

        Ron Paul couldn’t have come at a worse time for the powers that be. Just when they nearly had the whole country oblivious, he comes along and awakens MILLIONS to the ideas of our founding fathers and our Constitution and with little deviation either. What’s wonderful about his position is that any opposition to his are usually in opposition to our very heritage as Americans. In the end, not many of us are going to stand for that. I have confidence many people will wake up this election season. The Bush-Obama paradigm in politics will be realized.

        While I share the same exuberant, patriotic mentality as you, Henry, I do think cooler heads prevail in this kind of situation. If after all it leads up to those kinds of ends, it will only be because of outright tyranny wide-spread. However, today we don’t face that kind of situation. This is a war of the mind. Manipulation of our thoughts through media, culture, education, and history, so that they can passively insert their control – because THAT my friend is the only way they can achieve such a grand-level scheme!

        So, let’s agree that none of us are as foolish as a frog, getting slowly boiled to death because we don’t have any situational awareness here! It is laughable and is the fallacy in their whole plan for globalism. All that really matters is that we keep spreading Ron Paul’s message of freedom and it will all work itself out in the end.

        May I suggest though, since Time Magazine perpetuated this gaff, to counter in more a fun way that takes advantage of our strength. We could just get a few hundred supporters to pitch in and blast this issue into full-page ads in competing publications. The weakness of any corporation is their image. Make those PR Professionals earn their money, unraveling that fiasco if it were made widely public.

        Just my 2 cents.

        1. Brett,
          Old ladies being tasered, citizens being shot down in cold blood on the streets on camera, the TSA feeling up 4 year olds and now suggesting that they might be wanting to conduct cavity searches on us, Texas gestapo taking people’s blood on the side of the road at check points. What exactly do you consider full blown tyranny? Maybe you do not realize the gravity of the situation as you have not experienced it first hand. I, and millions like me, have.
          I hope Ron Paul can be put into office in time to avoid violence, but in absolute honesty I don’t know if he will. I believe he will be elected, I just do not know if it is going to be in time. Many of us have had all we are going to take and a lot more are going to join our ranks if this next winter proves to be as bad as the last.
          At any rate, pray for peace and prepare for war.

          1. oh im prepared someone make the call i’ll be there in a flash and all true honestly the war is going to start in the midwest and spread as soon as the first stone is thrown right now virginia homes are all for sale or for rent i have a frien he moving out of there he telling me in richmond there robbing banks left and right murders have picked up shootings where the news on this they know what’s going on i see martial law coming down real soon and the camps and the trains rolling through with the shakels thi trillions of dollars they have spent on this they almost have to implament it we better act before they do peace out

      2. Henry,

        This is an example of how most people actually read. As soon as they hit the trigger words in the subconscious (which is all they really live with…conscious thought is exhausting for them) the interpretation is made without a re-read by the empirical mind to confirm that the text has been interpreted as written. All that registers is the trigger word or phrase….amazing! What’s worse is that so many don’t even have the language skill to be able to interpret anything written beyond an instruction manual for some new and useless gadget. The East Indians and Asia in general is far better educated. Here the average mind has no chance of developing beyond this level. There is nothing to light a fire under its complacent arse…quite the contrary….it is encouraged while those with intrinsic intelligence are ostracized unmercifully.

        This is how the despots have always achieved mass control and why they have always killed people like Socrates at the first opportunity.

        It amazes me how many otherwise intelligent people fall for this Beck character. Gotta admit…he’s good at what he does…so was Houdini.

        We are being dictated to by circus barkers!

        Carry on good fellow!

        1. Brian,
          Forget the Straw Man’s brain, the Tin Man’s heart, the Cowardly Lion’s courage, and Dorothy’s ruby slippers as it was indeed the ignorant primitive dog that pulled the curtain and revealed the Wizard in his true form.

  2. I dunno if anyone else noticed this, but TIME never promised to put anyone’s face on any cover.

    … yeah…

    1. Evan-

      Yeah? Why don’t you try and understand the true meaning of the word “Misrepresentation”. After that, piss off!

  3. Lets not forget that other nations around the world want Ron Paul as president as well. Many of those votes came from other countries. People all around the world are watching closely at this next election. You would be surprised, how many from abroad like Ron Paul.

    1. Yes, I am from Norway and supports Ron Paul. There is even a big facbook fanclub:Europeans for Ron Paul.. But foreing media never mentions Ron Paul, so its mostly web people that now of Ron paul.

    1. You know what Kaphen? Fuck neo-cons, fuck republicans, fuck conservatives, fuck democrats. In short fuck the one party system in the false left-right paradigm. I will not vote for Ron Paul because he is a republican or a conservative. I will vote for him because he is a constitutionalist.
      Whether you realize it or not, the shit you are purporting with your video is the problem, not the solution. I don’t care how many republicans or democrats there are, this is not about this antiquated bullshit. We the American people of the American race outnumber our enemies, the demorats/soviet communists and the republiscums/neo-con national socialists 400 to 1. In short we are not falling for this false left-right bullshit anymore.
      We will elect Ron Paul and he will serve us faithfully because if he does not he will be the man at the helm when the second American revolution goes hot. And I do believe he is intelligent enough to know this fact.

      1. Henry,

        Good response!

        It’s what I call “the Monday night football brain”. I noticed in adolescence the need for the “team affiliation” mental process being implanted in every ones’ self identity. Politics has been engineered into a spectator sport and the masses see themselves as an audience trained to cheer for their team, fight among themselves over which player is better than the other (who could give a shite?) and essentially just mindlessly participate in not participating in the act of living as thinking beings.

        The masses have been manipulated this way since the beginning of civilization.

        One would think Ron Paul would have had at least a 70% following long ago. I always wondered why the constitution was not given its own course in high school. It could easily have taken up at least two full years and should have been a required course for graduation. Why it was not on the curriculum is now quite clear. Voters make decisions based on ad campaign buzz phrases like well trained dogs.

        1. Brian,
          You hit the nail right on the head.
          I apologize for my vulgar response but when I see idiots that are still lapping this crap up, I want to explode.
          And absolutely the Constitution was deliberately removed from the curriculum. If people truly understood the individual power it provides them, it would be hard indeed to get them to participate in the hero worship in the herd mentality. But I believe that one day soon, when all are sufficiently hungry enough, all of these idiots at once are going to realize that they have been supporting a societal structure wherein a basketball player makes more money than a brain surgeon. One can only hope.

          1. Yes, Henry…”one can only hope”. I remember someone once responding to my use of the word by saying: “Faith is a better word”. Agreed.

            But as far as anything involving the mindless American collective is concerned I’m definitely back to hope.

            I’m also hoping to find a bag of double eagles in an empty grocery cart.

            I put my faith in myself. Hell! THAT”S hard enough!

          2. BTW…no apology required…it’s fun to watch you unload the magazine once in awhile!

            Have you tried some anger management classes? Maybe you just need to buy a tutu and “get in touch with your feminine side.” And there’s always a cocktail of Prozak and Abilify…Imean…the potentially fatal side effects don’t affect EVERY body! There IS help available you know. All you have to do is reeeeaaach out!

            I find striking myself repeatedly on the forehead with a bean bag held firmly in the palm upon rising to be quite helpful.

          3. No tutus, medications, therapy, or bean bags necessary. I manage to get angry quite easily, thank you very much.


  5. The military-industrial complex, corrupt politicians, global bankers, Wall Street insiders, the FED, the biased media, the waterboarders, and the IRS don’t like what we’re doing.
    But every good American (and liberty-loving, law-abiding person of the world) is applauding us, and daring to hope for a better future.
    President Ron Paul 2012

  6. i have to ask any one out here wouldn’t you rather see me in office ill give you all what you want if you elect me i promise eye for an eye all of congress will be laid off i’ll be nice i’ll give them 99 weeks after that welfare meanwhile i’ll make everyone of them work in the homeless shelters and make them share a bathroom with aids patients like i did for a day i’ll bring back the death penalty i believe most women should be allowed to be topless in public if im elected the border will be shoot on site illegals beware are paychecks no longer will be taxed the only thing you will be taxed on are the things you buy taxbreaks for the poor and middle class the rich you get to pay alot more free medicare for only americans buy one 6 pack get one free doesn’t matter the beer the rich pay for the free one vote for brian s kidding aside i hope your allright abought this guy

    1. brian s,
      Throw in selective enforcement on the rich for that death penalty and you can sign me up.

      1. absolutly henry i want you and clark to run with me oh and i would like all the congressman to be tried on crimes against the human race i say firing squad oh and i forgot one thing legalize pot i miss it so it’s been 6 months i v’e gotten angrier since i stopped i’ll bet you all that oppose the legalization are congress because there smoking it themselves and here’s one for you a truth ted kennedy use to snort cocaine in the oval office with his buddies and there was agreat leader to follow henry good to hear from you iv’e been trying to joke around a little to be at ease thanks my friend thank’s to your site you give a reason to get up and go to the library my only way to vent

        1. hey everybody put me in as the wild card i promise i will carry out my intensions hey if ted nugent is out there i want you to bring your crossbow and let you be head of the border patrol i know how he feels abought mexicans vote for brians and ted nugent 2012

  7. I’m afraid If Ron Paul run and gets very close to the presidency He will be assassinated by international corporate mafia.

  8. Apparently we are worrying people on the hill as I have been contacted by a person calling himself “Zimmerman” due to my repeated non-threatening but angry calls to the ways and means committee citing that the unemployment rate continues to rise, jobs continue to to be lost, over 1100 decent once hard working citizens have committed suicide citing they fell like worthless beggars and burdens upon their families( these are the reputable numbers I was able to find in the new york times/la time etc not fly by night rags…) and yet nothing has been done to ease the fears of the people who are huddled and scared and waiting…congress did not hesitate to approve nearly 3/4’s of a trillion…thats TRILLION….dollars for an already bloated military, you are telling me that they could not take 16 billion or so from the 649billion they approved and allow it to fund HR589 and the possibly the Stanbowe(sp) bill to help the people of this once great land….I find this appalling, for fear of my personal safety I am letting 30 days pass before I again begin my calls to W and M and Speaker hard-on err I mean Boner—wait sorry Boener…Zimmerman was not threatening in any way, in fact he was rather pleasant, which is why I remain a bit scared, now is really the time for us to push for hr589. please keep writing and calling and I will be back in the fight very soon, the New American Revolution cannot be put down so easily…

  9. Henry,
    I’m all for Ron Paul and plan to vote for him. But as I said before. My perdiction is we are going to split the vote on the Republican side and Odumbass is going to be re-elected. Ross Perot did it when Clinton was elected. If that happens a revolution cannot be avoided.

    1. lock-n-load,
      I don’t know where you are getting this split. We are not the Republican Party. We are the American people of the American race. We are the majority and we do not subscribe to the false left-right paradigm.
      There is no question that we are going to vote Paul in. The only question is can we do it in time to avoid a hot war. And the only fragment there is going to be is the one or two percent who will remain stupid as their only source of security. These are the cowards who refuse reality and cling to those they perceive as being the strong. We will rid ourselves of these dweebs when we recapture our country. We will send them to Somalia with the scum in whose butts they are presently living.

      1. Henry,
        I may be mis-informed. I thought that Ron Paul was running as an Independant. If he’s on the Republican ticket with no independant candidate on the ballot we should be fine. However, if he is running as an Independant against say……… Romney and Odumbass the majority vote will be split between Paul and Romney and Odumbass will win the election.
        Like I said……… I may be mis-informed. I haven’t had any time to do my homework on the whole thing yet. Being a 99’er I’m to busy trying to make money any way that I can. Maybe that’s part of their plan. Keep us broke and struggling so we don’t have time to see what’s comming.

        1. Lock n Load-

          A quote from Ron Paul

          “Ron Paul: Well, I would like to qualify a little bit about the drugs, but the question is why not I run as an independent. Because we don’t have true democracy in this country. We lose lives going overseas spreading our goodness and our great democracy, and we orchestrate elections and if we don’t like them, we avoid them, we ignore them, so we get the people that we support and the people in the CIA supports. But running as an independent here is just about impossible unless you’re a Billionaire like Ross Perot. You don’t get on debates. If I was in independent, George, you would not have me on this program this morning.”


        2. lock-n-load,
          Yes, Ron Paul is running as a Republican as it lends him an advantage. However if the Republicans refuse him in spite of the primary vote, I believe he will be running as an Independent, in which case, screw the Republicans and the Democrats. Their base has deteriorated to the point that they are insignificant in comparison to the Independent and non affiliated individual’s vote.
          The American people of the American race are sick of the parties and determined that this election will be decided by individual free thinking citizens rather than money. The people who will support Ron Paul as an Independent candidate are not Democrats and are not Republicans, hence, there is no vote to split. Our numbers are absolutely sufficient to put Ron Paul into office in a landslide.
          This is why both sides of the false left-right paradigm want to erase Ron Paul from the equation. In short, after what they have done to us, there is nothing they can do short of killing Ron Paul that is going to stop us from electing him president. And if they kill him it is war.

  10. Henry,
    It all sounds good!
    Are you actually up to it? Or do you expect the American people to do it for you?
    I’ll say this…………. I know what this will take………….. And I know that many of us will die! Including my kids! But they are great shots!
    But I’m still game brother.
    So let’s ” Getter Done”

    1. lock-n-load,
      Let’s see, do I expect someone else to do my fighting for me? Tell you what pal, I’ve already had my bones broken and my blood spilled and my freedom taken away through political imprisonment. I’ve been doing this for about 20 years. The fact is if I didn’t hit another lick I would have done more than my share.
      But yes, I will fight and hopefully it will not be like other fights I have been involved in wherein when it comes to towing the line and exchanging blows, I find out that everyone who was supposed to stand with me is running the other way.
      No aspersions on you of course, I believe you are probably ready to fight by now. But as a friend I caution you. Be weary of those who want you to lead them into battle.

  11. Henry,
    I just thought that I’d ask the question. No offense intended by any means.
    Many people talk a good line of shit. But when the shit hits the fan they wheel and run.
    I don’t run!
    And I expect the people beside me to do the same.
    It sounds like you’ve paid your due’s. If so, Thanks!


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