They Tried to Make the World Forget his Name – Nikola Tesla the Greatest Inventor of all Time

Happy 155th Birthday, Nikola Tesla!

On July 10, 1856, Nikola Tesla was born in what is now modern day Croatia. He would go on to study electrical engineering and lay the groundwork for much of the technology that we take for granted in modern society. Alternating current, electric motors, radio, radar, and wireless energy transmission are just a few of the high water marks in his career. He was also best buddies with Mark Twain. Celebrated in his time, Tesla fell into relative obscurity after some failed grandiose projects and patent battles. He died in 1943 with little money to his name in a New York hotel room.

After falling out of popular history for a time, his prestige has increased in modern times. Tesla’s status as a wronged genius, with a dash of mad scientist thrown in, has grown his legacy substantially. His likeness has appeared in film, comics, and his name was adopted by the makers of the first electric roadster.

So raise a glass today to Nikola Tesla, the eccentric genius of the age!


0 thoughts on “They Tried to Make the World Forget his Name – Nikola Tesla the Greatest Inventor of all Time

  1. Here, here to Nikola! He is the person living or dead I would like to have known most. I don’t say I would like to have met, because meeting him would never be enough. So much brillance there, such a passion for electrical current and more. I wish I could have been there in his laboratory as he showed people the lighting balls. I think of him often.

  2. nikola tesla was a great inventor the strange thing i didn’t know who he was untill the 80’s a great rock band tesla im 42 this band kicked ass when i was a kid then i read up on him hell of an inventor you know they talked aboght him in school without this guy we would be listening to music today nikola you may be dead but your inventiobn will live on thanks for the radio my friend

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