99ers Seeking HR 589 Unemployment Extension Tell the Mainstream Media to Shove Their Sales Pitch

In talking with one another we have come to a consensus that says we want Ron Paul as our president, we want our Republic back, and we want our Republic to be run through our Constitution as our forefathers intended.  In hearing us voice our desires, the mainstream propagandists have rudely pushed themselves into our midst and our conversation, and speaking in a loud voice are saying:

“No you don’t want Ron Paul, he can’t be elected.  Here, take a look at what we have over here.  Meet Michele Bachmann, hard core neo-con with a third grade education.  How about Michele, will you settle for Michele?”

“No?  How about Mitt Romney, neo-con member of the corporate elite and mildly retarded.  How about Mitt?”

“No?  How about Herman Cain, neo-con member of the business elite, but hey, he’s a genuine black man.  How about Herman?”

“No?  Well what about Newt Gingrich?  Admittedly he is a member of the old school neo-cons and has been investigated for ethics violations, but hey, he is comfortable, like an old couch you’ve grown used to.  So how about it, how about the Newt?”

“No?  Come on now, you are being unreasonable.”

But we want Ron Paul.

“Stop, stop saying that name.  We’ve already told you he cannot be elected.”

But why?

“Because we told you so.  Now listen up.  Meet Tim Pawlenty and Rick Santorum.  These are a couple of our finest neo-cons and just think how good they would look, walking down the steps of Air Force One with their wives.  You’re going to be screwed anyway.  Why not have it be by someone who looks good?”

No, we don’t want these neo-cons either.

“Okay, damn it, we’re pulling out all stops.  We are bringing in our top of the line product.  Check out Chris Christie.”

No, we do not want a fat ass neo-con either.  In fact the son of a bitch could be the poster child for the corporate elitist gluttony he represents.

“Okay that’s it.  We are giving you Texas Governor Rick Perry.  You can take him or Obama that is your choice.”

Wrong, scum bag propagandists, it will be a cold day in hell when we vote for another three faced, neo-con, bought off, dirt bag, governor from Texas.  And no, that social communist, treasonous, foreign scum bag Obama is not going to be reelected.  You can shove your propaganda and every assertion associated with it up your elitist, boot-licking arses.

We are going to elect Ron Paul as President of these United States.  And nothing you can say is going to change this fact.  You have no clout and no credibility.  You are looked upon by the people of this country as pathetic.  And when we the people have our country back we are going to punish you for the harm your duplicity has caused our country.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

0 thoughts on “99ers Seeking HR 589 Unemployment Extension Tell the Mainstream Media to Shove Their Sales Pitch

  1. I last voted when I came home from Chu-Lai minus 1& 1/2 arms, however, quoting that famous sailor, ” That’s all I can stand, I can’t stands no more!”, I am going to register and be heard !

  2. That was hilarious! As for Chris Christie, he is the poster child for gluttony. Just look at him. We are being governed by retards! God help America! Get Obama OUT!

  3. Here’s my prediction for this election. And I pray to God that I’m wrong. Ron Paul or Mitt Romney or which ever one runs against Odumbass will be challanged by an Independant canidate that will split the Republcan vote and we will be stuck with Odumbass for 4 more years. Like I said…………. I pray to God I’m wrong.

    1. lock-n-load,
      Ron Paul could very well be that third party candidate and they only divide us if we allow them. The majority of the American people of the American race want Ron Paul and our Constitution back. We outnumber them 400 to 1. It is a mathematical impossibility for them to defeat us in the election. The only way it could occur is through fraud and if they do that it’s revolution.
      In the end I guess it is their choice, give us our Constitution back and with or without violence is their call. Either way it’s going to happen.

      1. George W. had the election fixed ( along with a little help from friends and family) and no revolution….. you seem to have more confindence in the sheeple than I do Henry. Is the tide really swinging in that direction? I don;t see any evidence that it is.

  4. Henry,
    I have agreed with mostly all of your opinions in the past but I have trouble with the whole Ron Paul thing. I thought Elizabeth ” let’s hang them all ” Warren was going to be a hero but now she’s doing speeches from beneath the table at the Trilateral Commission ( or has everyone but me missed her latest, ” The country needs a vibrant financial services industry to… blah, blah, blah…”) suck up. I am afraid Ron Paul will also do the same reversal on the Fed once he’s elected . Why don’t you use this bully pulpit and your intended radio show to launch your own candidacy. Paul will not help the 99ers whereas you will.

  5. It takes time to be well known enough for people to vote for you. S.W. what you are suggesting Henry do is a monumental task. Henry as far as you saying everyone wants Ron Paul and if he isn’t voted in then it’s fraud. What evidence is there than almost everyone wants Ron Paul. Don’t get me wrong I want him, but how do you know so many others do? And let me say I sure hope you are right.

  6. Kat,
    It is not a monumental task. By the next election there will be most likely twenty million unemployed WITHOUT benefits. And, by then, most will be familiar with Mr. Shivley. That is a rather large voting block. Don’t you think?


    1. I assume you are talking about the 2012 election. The debates have already started. You have to be able to hit the ground running when those start, you have to already be known. You have to be known by many millions of people. In our world he is known, but not many many millions. Thank you Steve for your thoughtful comments.

      1. I see I missed part of your point Steve, my apologies. What are we at now, 15 million unemployed? I can’t remember. There are not even 5 million visiting this site. I know momentum will pick up, but…

  7. Kat,
    When I was younger I watched a fellow come on the David Susskind talk show in New York and predict that he was going to be the next president. Susskind laughed at him because as he went on to point out the debates had already started and besides who was going to vote for a peanut farmer from Georgia that no one had ever heard of. Well, I think we all know what happened to that guy. I appreciate your thoughts and comments as well, Kat.


      1. That’s not the whole story. He had a track record even though he was not well known. I pulled this from a website “Carter served in the Georgia State Senate from 1963-67. In 1971, Carter became the governor of Georgia.”

        1. Kat,
          Sorry I couldn’t get back to you. I hope you get this. Even though Jimmy Carter was governor, I believe, at the time of the interview he might as well been from Pluto because no one nationally knew who he was. Susskind wasn’t even aware that he was a politician and, actually, featured him on a show between dueling Elvises. The show was about people who had really far fetched dreams of becoming famous. Jimmy, ever humble, didn’t let on he was anything but a peanut farmer.


          1. You aren’t sure if I will get it? I got it already, but they are not at all the same thing. I understand these guys were unknowns, but they had an established political career. Not that that is necessary or even desired. People normally want to see a businessman or a politician. Of course there may be some exceptions, but that’s normally how it goes.

  8. Henry I have been duplicating what ever you post, all over the other sites on the internet, how ever.
    It has been brought to my attention by a moderator named Rich Graham from the site ‘White house live face book’ site that Ron Paul is a Republican and I nor my family vote Republican because they only help the Rich!
    This guy named Rich Graham says that you are a freeper! he is on live right now if you would like to put him in his place. please do so he seems to donminate that site and is very informed and influencial.
    Please advise me; thanx

  9. He down talks you and all republican candidateS
    He brought it to my attention that Ron Paul is just another phony Republican LIAR.

  10. The 99rs are in literally desperate shape!How much evidence do the Representatives and Senators in Washington need?This great experiment will ultimately be destoyed by greed.The legislators up in Washington are remiss in the performance of their duty not helping the long term jobless. The normal economic rules don’t hold up against the global economy.At least Spain has her Matadors.The United States has her Senators.

    1. Neither gives a damn about the 99ers! Some have went for over a year with no tier 5 extension! They don’t care if they live or die! Look at the housing mess! No one at Wall Street is paying for that! With all of this money being given by big corporations to “buy” the election (thanks supreme court justices!), do our votes really count? Maybe, that is why they don’t care what the hell happens to us!

  11. Henry,
    You’re right when you say “they can only divide us if we let them”. Unfortunatly 85% of the American public have blinders on and don’t even see or want to believe what Obama is doing. I haven’t done enough research to make a comment on your 400 : 1 ratio comment. Hopefully that number is a fact. I do know the possibility of Odumbass winning a 2nd term is a reality if the Republican vote gets split. It happened in the last few days when Ross Perot stepped up and Clinton took the election. Don’t get me wrong about the whole Rep/Dem issue. It’s well beyond what party you favor!! It’s all about trying to save what’s left of this country that we’ve aloud them to destroy.
    As you said “We want our constitution back” I don’t believe that will happen in a peaceful manner. We can only hope that there are enough patriotic Americans left to get the job done.

  12. Why elect Ron Paul? Will he save us – or be corrupted by these neo-whatever’s after being elected and forget us like the rest? Explain it please?

  13. Poor Newt looks frazzled. His wife looks like she could be capable of pecking too hard. She looks like the yellow canary my friend had growing up and it was mean!!! It would would peck you and it would hurt.

    1. Newt is a turn coat steak and lobster eater. He is only in it for the fancy meals at the fancy restaurants. He is doing nothing more than trying to hang on to his wife, as if to try and please at all costs. He likes the attention while giving the finger to a real and meaningful campaign.

      He is nothing more than a head with flapping gums looking for another useless book title to sell to keep his upity lifestyle and his wife happy.

  14. Did you mention Chris Christie? How in the world can the government cut the budget and feed him if he became president. My god please give us taxpayers a break! We cannot afford to feed him. Did anyone see the helicoper trying to take off with him inside? There’s your answer.

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