0 thoughts on “Help Wanted – Ron Paul Talks Job Creation

  1. Neil Cavuto has been feeling the heat from people wanting to see more of Ron Paul. If there was more discussion about Ron Pauls ideals within the media itself, in a positive sort of way, America wouldn’t be in this mess. Pressure must be constantly put on these cable network whores to make sure Ron Paul receives fair airtime.

    If you noticed the graphic they put up in the video, Ron Paul was designated dead last in the person most likely to received the most votes for the next election, another bogus attempt to physiologically divert votes away from Ron Paul. People will believe anything they see on these so-called professional news channels.

  2. Mark,
    I agree 100%. Everytime I listen to Ron Paul speak I feel warm inside, I feel safer knowing that there is someone out there who is kind, intelligent and truly cares about “we the people” and America as a whole under the Constitution. Personally, I bring up his name at every opportunity I get, trying to do my part. This man just needs a fair shake from the media. If he gets it the American people will know who to vote for.

  3. I believe Ron Paul would be well within his rights to claim the credit for being the original frontrunner in the race to return back to the supreme law of our Constitution, but that is not part of his agenda. Even as his contenders are latching onto his principals as if it were the new flavor of the day, he is disciplined enough to keep his eye on the ball. That’s to be admired considering. He is unlike the typical self-serving politicians we have come to know that will pull out all and any stops for personal benefit to gain a political advantage regardless of the destruction to others that it may cause. He doesn’t need all the bells and whistles or colorful balloons falling from the sky nor the clever catch phrases to make his case. He’s in a class all of his own. His message is pretty simple. Our Constitution is the embodiment of the supreme law by which the government shall govern. It really is that simple. If this had been the case over these many decades, we would absolutely not be in the unfavorable position that we occupy today. It doesn’t have to be this way. Our forefathers did all the dirty work for us. All we had to do was live by it and preserve it for posterity. That didn’t happen and so here we are. If it would have played out as intended, each one of us today that have worked so hard after all these years would not be struggling with this artificial economy and the devestating loss of our resources as we are today. Now the case will be that much more pain has yet to come because of this. Perhaps within that pain we can find a way to return to the principals to which we were founded. Now there’s a piece of hope and change that trully would hold value.

  4. Dave,
    Very well put, I pray Ron Paul’s message is really heard by the masses that have had enough of the BS, lying and corruption of any moral judgements.

  5. Saying lots of the right things, but in the mean time and in between time no mention from him about any help for 99ers. No mention of HR 589 ?

    1. I want to understand you. Who are you going to vote for if no candidate come out in support of HR 589? Is your end all and be all an unemployment extension?

      1. Henry,
        Fair questions to be sure. I would have to vote for the candidate with my best interest in mind. It would be nice to have a little help in the meantime. As I said I am leaning in Mr. Paul’s direction. 2012 seems a long way off right now. I am swinging the bat for him now.

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