99ers Unemployment Extension HR 589 – Ron Paul Cannot Be Stopped

The question has been raised as to how we know Ron Paul will not betray us once we elect him president.  Well we certainly have every reason not to trust any politician and I cannot say for an absolute fact that Paul will not betray us.  What I can say is that I have followed Dr. Paul and his activities for the past ten years.  His message has always been the same:  We must end the Fed, stop the theft, and reinstitute our Constitution, or our country will fall.

And it is only now that our country is on the brink of destruction that the rest of the people of the United States have come to the realization that it has never been a lack of laws, but rather a refusal to enforce our most basic laws.

When an issue of inequality comes up it’s always, “Let’s make a law”, which then creates a double standard and a new inequality on a different level.  Our founding fathers were not fools and they looked long and hard into the future before writing our Constitution.  It is not their lack of foresight that has brought us to the brink of destruction, but rather our lack of understanding and due diligence when it come to our individual responsibility to one another in enforcing our rights.

Be advised, those still stupid enough to believe the tripe coming out of the mainstream media only make up about 20% of our population.  The mainstream propagandists are not going to decide this next election.  Times have gotten so hard that our people have realized that they have been betrayed and are looking for a solution.  In doing so, they are reading and interpreting the Constitution for themselves and they are seeing just to what degree treason has become dominant in our government, which consists of corporate employees.  They can be called nothing else.  They go from working in our government, to working in the private corporations that control our government, back and forth throughout their lives.

I come from a very old family in this country and can trace my lineage on both my mother’s and father’s side back to the colonies.  In short, there are a lot of us.  This website is not my only contact with the outside world.  I converse with people all over this country from all walks of life and they are all saying the same thing.  We have got to elect Ron Paul and get our Constitution back or we are finished.  In short, the silent majority is not going to be silent anymore and we are not going to be swayed by the petty attempts of the propagandists to convince us that Ron Paul cannot be elected.

People who thought me so radical three years ago that they feared keeping my company are now walking up to me and saying, “Henry, I’m sorry, you were right.  I’ve been a damn fool.”  This is happening every day, everywhere.  Hell, I was at the post office and I mentioned something about Ron Paul to the fellow behind the counter.  Not only did he voice his own support but the people in line behind me started chiming in, and there was a definite consensus and that consensus was, “I don’t care what anybody else does, I am voting for Ron Paul because I think it is our last chance.”

One person on the site talked about the fact that there was not a revolution when the 2000 election was stolen from Al Gore by George Bush.  To that I say Al Gore didn’t have 40 million heavily armed Americans behind him who are fed up with the lies, fraud, theft, and blatant in-your-face treason.  Two-thirds of our population has reached the point to where we feel that our backs are up against the wall.  We believe Ron Paul is the last chance for a peaceful resolution to the situation.

Now we will find out if they really want to fight us or not.  We have refused to riot because Americans do not riot.  We feud and our feuds can get out of hand like they did during our last Civil War.

They will continue to pour on the propaganda, Casey Anthony Weiner Boehner Sodom Husain Barack Obama Osama Bin Laden Gaddafi Yemen Netanyahu and impending doom around every corner if we do not do exactly what they say.  They know they are failing and that the majority can see right through them like a new pane of window glass.

We will take this country back in 2012, or maybe sooner if they decide to do something stupid, like shoot a woman in the head while she’s holding her baby, or a fourteen year old boy in the back, or burn a bunch of children to death in a church, or blow up or fly planes into any more of our buildings.

Be advised there are millions in this country ready to take this fight to the wall if they attempt a false flag and/or the murder of any more of our innocents.

As for the 20% who are still brain dead enough to believe anything coming out of the mainstream propaganda machine, understand, we the majority of the American people of the American race are sick of living with the decisions of stupid people and we are going to have our Republic back under our Constitution.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. Mr. Ron Paul for 2012.

    Regan said, “What to ask is am I better off now than 4 years ago. Is food cheaper now than 4 years ago? Are taxes lower now than 4 years ago? Is the job situation better than it was 4 years ago?”

    With Ron Paul’s 2012, You, it, and they would be.
    Constitutionally, legislatively, and morally, Ron Paul has no equal. His 22 year voting record speaks for itself.
    As Mr. Regan said, “You ain’t seen nothin yet!”
    Ron Paul for 2012 Republican Nomination and President

  2. You bring up a good point Henry in your opening as I have heard others in my circle voice the same concerns. This is easily understood since we have been burned throughout our past on promises made only to discover that they were never intended to come true in the first place. Once bitten, twice shy as it were. In my pool of contacts I always suggest that if you have these concerns, do some research beyond the boob tube and try to establish who is really who here and what sort of consistency, if any, a particular candidate has in his or her political record. Research into who you might believe to be vulnerable to special interest groups, lobbyist persuasions, voting record and so on. Consider this. Who over the course of time has consistently been at the forefront on the heels of the biggest beast we have ever had to reckon with. The one who controls our money supply and manipulates us to no end. The central bank. The head bankster. Do some research into that one area. Look into our nations history with the central banking system and what it took to bring them down. Then look at Ron Paul and his consistent position on that matter and you will discover just what he has been up against and the dangers that surround him by doing so. You only have to research this to discover who is who in our whoville and who will best represent our interests in the end. In the end our Constitution represents our best interests, so ask yourselves who best represents the principals of our Constsiution. You have only to realize this and you’ll discover who the wisest choice really is.

    1. I have a tendency to be leaning in Mr. Paul’s direction. Correct me if I am wrong, but I have not seen his name as co-sponsor of HR 589 That along with that Republican label leaves me to wonder……..

      1. Pat Henrick,
        Funny thing, I haven’t seen Michele Bachmann’s, Mitt Romney’s, Herman Cain’s, Tim Pawlenty’s, Newt Gingrich’s, Barack Obama’s, or Joe Biden’s name in support of HR 589 either. Where I do see Ron Paul’s name is on the list of candidates that want to end the Federal Reserve and reinstate our Constitution. And by God his name is the only one on that list.
        I’ll put it to you like this. If you want to vote for that treasonous bastard Obama again, go for it. There are a million of us to cancel your vote.

        1. Henry,
          Yeah, he’s the only one who wants to follow the constitution and end the fed, but as the previous poster said, he is a republican and they want to cut every damn social program that helps the unemployed, the poor and the eldery. That is where “we the people” need to know more about his opinions!

          1. help needed,
            God damn it brother, you can’t see the forest for the trees. You are living in the richest country on the planet Earth. Reinstate the Constitution, stop the theft, and boom, we all have a plenty.
            As for the needy among us I do not think that we as a people would have a problem in seeing them well taken care of through their share of the wealth derived from our natural resources. And the rest of us able to work can become entrepreneurs gathering and developing our natural resources and profiting from our labor to the extent that I believe that we would want to give the needy even more.
            If we were not having 98% of our wealth stolen by the top 2% every American of the American race would be wealthy as a natural consequence of citizenship. All the depressions and recessions of the past have been caused by theft through the manipulation of fiat money. People starve to death while crops rot in the fields because the middlemen have cut off currency in order to wield political power to their advantage.
            Once we have our Constitution back we will have our individual rights back and if we enforce our rights these bastards cannot take that which is ours away from us anymore. There is a plenty for all here but we can’t just let the rich take it or allow any son of a bitch from around the world to come in and undercut our sovereignty. In short, it’s ours and nobody else’s unless we decide as individuals to give a portion to another individual.
            Hope this clears it up.

          2. It’s a legitimate point Pat Henrick makes and I agree. He is a republican and will strip the spending as an old school republican should have been and it is the democrats that worked for the distraught and poor. Sure he’s the best choice of the group by far, but I don’t necessarily agree with his son and it makes me wonder what the truth really is. Obama lied in his campaigns and ABC news is finally showing this publically. http://abcnews.go.com/watch/world-news-with-diane-sawyer/SH5585921/VD55131230/world-news-615-obama-gave-special-treatment-to-donors. Don’t bite the hand of your followers and try to give them info regarding their concerns. Ron can clear the trees to see the forest, but that doesn’t mean we are going to be with him to see it.

          3. Pandering to the Plebeians by throwing them scraps (unemployment insurance, food stamps and welfare offers NO ONE a proper living) is not working for the poor. This is a tactic that has been used by demigods since the fall of the Roman republic. Until our monetary system and industrial base are restored and are once again available to Americans, there will be no real relief to the poverty here. There is no difference between the orchestrated left and the orchestrated right, except in how they are presented on your cable news shows. Ron Paul is our best chance to peaceably throw the yoke of the scam that is the international monetary system. Only then will we truly own our resources, property, and our government.

        2. Not at all a fan of Obama, but I’m in dire straits now Henry. Please keep writing your articles, some days they are the only inspiration I get.

      2. I am not aware that R.Paul has made any formal statement regarding support or otherwise for HR 589 in particular, or as Henry already pointed out any other candidate for that matter. I would caution everyone at this point to be wary of any candidate that formally states a position of support for this measure. I am of the opinion, considering all that has taken place so far, that this could be used to garner votes and support down the line (for self serving purposes), since I just can not bring myself to trust any candidate with regard to their sincerity on our behalf to bring some relief to our lives. We already represent a considerable voting block, and we could be further taken advantage of with respect to that. We all could use some relief to be certain. In short, and I hate to say this my friend, that’s a non starter anymore. Since it hasn’t arrived by now, we must take another tack, and again be very cautious of any promises that are made by any candidate towards our behalf. As for his party affliation, I personally feel he leans more toward a libertarian position than anything else. I personally think that if he doesn’t recieve the nomination under ” R “, he will run under ” I ” as in Independent. I just sense he is more libertarian than anything else. But that’s my opinion.

        1. Dave,

          What is that they say about addicts….? “How do you know when an addict is lying?…his lips are moving.”

          These pathetic individuals exist on the life force they suck from hard working, sincere people by continual lies and deceit. After what I have seen of human behavior in my life of 65years…I now find it very hard to believe anything spoken by anyone at all when that person stands to gain in any way by what he claims to represent….and when it comes to someone running for any office how could one believe anything anymore? And yet…at that point what is left? Either the life of a hermit or suicide I would surmise.

          Actually neither of these is very hard for me to understand anymore. What’s hard is to believe in anything connected positively with humanity on any level. That’s what takes the stuff I see myself…and most people for that matter….losing.

          Oh yeah…I forgot about the “Rapture”! Freakin’ spare me! What a great excuse for this species to collectively destroy itself in the name of “GOD”! How does that differ from that “72 virgins” crap? Well…I suppose the latter actually IS even more absurdly laughable! Here’s a revolutionary idea…why don’t we just stop lying and cheating? Pardon me while I go puke!

        2. So candidates in support of HR 589 should keep it a secret? The self serving purpose of course would be to become elected. Isn’t that the idea?

          1. Pat H. – (imo and as unfair as it is) The issue in this case is not one of secrecy by any gop candidate as it relates to a nomination / election. The reality is that, despite the 83 demo members that have co sponsored hr589, the support by the gop for hr589 is non-existent and they control the house at least until the next election 2012. Remember, the gop consensus towards the solution was to create jobs, yet we all know that in the end consumer demand creates jobs and that as of present, by all indications, is contracting further. Hardly a surprise considering the economic climate. As I was trying to point out, the issue is not one of secrecy but reality. The reality is that the gop controls the house. As is painfully obvious the gop are not in line to support hr 589. Gop Candidates are fully aware of this and in all likelyhood support the house speaker in this approach ( aka the tan man). My point was that if anyone of them (gop) that suddenly have this change of heart to support any measure to fund a ue, than I would view that as a disingenuous action on his or her part to gain support from the 99er group knowing all the while that their is no house support on the part of the house gop to fund such a measure and without that support, under the current leadership that is, it’s a non starter. Their answer is creating jobs ( yeah, right), and x amount of them feel that furhter unemployment benefits are counterproductive for many to securing employment. The only hope, and it’s a thin one, is that something such as an extension is attached to an agreement to raise the debt limit……but I wouldn’t count on that. It sucks, I know it. I wish you well.

          2. Dave,

            “Create jobs”! This buzz phrase never ceases to baffle me in that the innate stupidity of the concept goes so missed by so many.

            They ARE creating jobs….anywhere but here!

            Dumb….just really dumb not to get that.

            And the tragic comedy continues.

  3. Ron Paul is also opposed to the death penalty. Being a 99er and the son of a murder victim, you’re going to have to give me more than just his love of the constitution to get me to vote for him. And there are other ways to take down the Fed.

    1. Dude, please understand that vengeance doesn’t bring back your family loss. The problem is our criminal justice system is riddled with issues that send innocent people to jail all the time. If you didn’t commit a crime and are falsely accused of such a crime then sent to jail, you would know what I’m referring too. Trust me you don’t want to be behind bars as an innocent person. If we had a fail safe system for the guilty to do their time then perhaps and eye for and eye, but we aren’t perfect. Someone will always not like a politician because they choose a side, but there are systems in place that any 1 individual can’t change for a good reason. If I were president I would spend all the money necessary to prove the innocent behind bars as quickly as possible using DNA testing. Then move on to the correct punishment. Peace!

      1. Darryl,
        Please don’t preach to me about vengeance. You don’t know either my family’s story or any victim’s story. I spent twenty-five years trying to put my father’s killer away WITHIN the workings of the present system. And I’ve listened to the garbage you and other criminals have spouted about peace and forgiveness from a god who aided and abetted the criminal to begin with. It has been my experience after these twenty-five years of working WITHIN the system in victims work that all those who seek JUSTICE and MERCY for the criminal are DIRTY themselves and in some way profit from this so-called mercy. Therefore, it is extremely important for me and others who have suffered a loss ( unlike yourself ) to see that JUSTICE for the victim and their family is served and to see that individuals who seek administration of such JUSTICE are elected. In the future, unless you are a member of this community and know at least a little about what you refer to, you need to just shut up. Would you tell a cancer victim to forgive the cancer ? Are you writing from a jail cell? You must be because if you were not and really believed what you were saying then you would volunteer to take the scum that commit these crimes into your home while taking all financial and legal responsibility for them as well. That way if they commit another crime you would bear the same price many others have. Two final points – First, I know who killed my father. If I wanted VENGEANCE I would have killed him a long time ago. Stop pretending JUSTICE is the same as VENGEANCE ( all criminals use this guilt laden con ). And, secondly, are you saying that you opposed the killing of Bin Laden too? If not, then why tell the family members of other murder victims to let their desire for the same JUSTICE go? I smell a jail house rat. I believe that the penalty that was applied to Bin Laden should be applied to ALL murder cases. And I will continue to work to get officials who believe the same elected.

        1. s.w.,
          What if it was your relative, your father, your brother, who was wrongfully convicted and executed, and it was found out years later that an over-zealous prosecutor did not investigate past the man that he decided was guilty?
          My condolences for the loss of your father, but you are not the only one to ever lose a loved one. I myself had to go out and find my 16 year old brother dead in a car wreck when I was the ripe old age of 22.
          If and until there is some way to be absolutely certain of a person’s absolute guilt, capitol punishment must be considered wrong.
          And as for Bin Laden, whether he deserved to die or not should have been decided by a jury as our Constitution dictates.
          It’s people like you that are too fast to flush our law down the toilet in the name of self interest. And to insult the people on this site because they do not believe as you do pushes me beyond my tolerance. So if that is all you have to say, do us all a favor and take it elsewhere. I’m sure there is some Nazi site that would be happy to have you.

  4. Very inspirational article Henry, I too have seen a great change in the way the people of this country perceive their government. Ten years ago most of the american people were so brain washed, that I believed the only way I would ever be able to live in a free country is if I survived a second American Revolution. Now I have seen such a transformation in the consciousness of the citizenship of this country, that I have new found hope that we may be able to once again secure our free republic without violence. I believe this is in great part to the willingness of people like ourselves to speak up, at a time when it was not popular to “bad mouth the government.” Now that we are the majority, and we have a viable presidential candidate, who is an enemy of the Federal Reserve, I feel as though we are finally winning.
    I agree that we cannot completely trust Dr. Paul, because he has held a major office in the Federal Government for more than ten years; however his voting record is in accordance with what he says and he has always defended the constitution in the face of his political party. This makes Dr. Paul our only hope to peaceably take back our nation, and punish those who have committed treason against it. Although these are bleak times for our country, in a way we are the lucky ones, for we are the few in history who get a chance to stand up to tyrants and once again secure a free nation for our children and grandchildren.

    1. You have to hit his name three times to make this work. Make sure his name shows up in three boxes.

      1. Boy, they made that as hard as they possibly could, but I guess you have to be smarter than the boxes. LOL. I got him nominated.

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