Bilderberg Members Confronted by Protesters Outside Security Perimeter

Video credit Stefan Hans Bauer

Astounding footage has emerged of top Bilderberg members being confronted by protesters as they walked on foot down the mountain road towards the Suvretta Hotel. Bilderberg attendees rarely ever venture outside of hotel grounds which is why this represents such a shocking development.

Bilderbergers seen in the video clip include Peter Mandelson, Google founder Eric Schmidt, Peer Steinbrück, Franco Bernabe, Jacob Wallenberg, and Thomas Enders.

In one of the scenes, a protester explains how he had a conversation with a Bilderberg member who arrogantly told him that Bilderberg were busy “setting their agenda” and that demonstrators shouldn’t bother them.

Bilderberger Thomas Enders tells one protester, “don’t worry about it,” when he complains about Bilderberg’s undemocratic foundation.


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  1. This is the trash that 545 congress kiss the hand of. These are the pathetic examples of human excrement that if not punished for crimes against the people, will continue to treat us as a mere maggots. It will be a good day when this filth is brought under control.

    1. well put and your being nice i watched a whole story on these scumbags they bad intentions for all of us even wiping out three quarters of the population while they all go and hide in the facility under denver airport while we all die above conspiracy theories jesse ventura were all doomed with these scumsucking sleazy pieces of shit they have no religion or any care of the human race but lining there own pockets and causing armageddon after the way this country leaders have been acting i honestly think there going to unleash something really awful call it paranoia but the way the world is going it looks that way to me


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