A Little Help, Please

We are asking everyone who visits From the Trenches World Report to donate a dollar to help with expenses. Many hands make for light work.

Thank you, it is greatly appreciated.

Clarification: This communique is meant to reach the three to four thousand people who come to this site every day.  

There are a handful who give even when they don’t have it to give and everyone else just expects the site to be there for them every day.

The force against us is a handful with a lot of wealth. Our numbers can defeat them.  Those who want the site to be there every day have to step up to help; otherwise, our numbers are irrelevant. Those who despise the truth we will not compromise can spare no expense in removing the site.

We require the minimum necessary for us to survive and it is so very little if all would step up.

For those who would fear being put on a list for assisting us, maybe you better consider the fact that such lists exist and that being so, either you stand now or eventually a list will be created that you will be put on anyway as a natural progression to totalitarianism, that is unless you intend to acquiesce to total slavery and all that comes with it. What resistance is offered is entirely up to you.

Makes me wonder if those calling for action from those with the balls to fight would support a hot fight in the field, or would they just try to distance themselves from that which they claim to desire through a cowardly act of self-preservation for the time being.

In watching From the Trenches develop and grow, I have seen both the best and the worst from those calling themselves patriots.  A cause supported only through lip service from a safe distance is doomed to failure, and that is just a fact of reality.

We will continue on for as long as we can, doing the best we can with what we have, but it is a testament to the weakness in our people that the more truth that is put out, the more those claiming to seek the truth seem to want to distance themselves from the truth.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, the free American nationals for the united States of the Americas will prevail….or not, depending on what we are willing to sacrifice to the cause of our freedom and liberty, hence our common law Bill of Rights.

Post Script: If you donate to From the Trenches, you will receive an acknowledgement of your donation.  If you do not, we need to know.  As we have stated we are under constant attack and are aware of donations being attempted that will not go through.

38 thoughts on “A Little Help, Please

  1. I’ll keep at it, it’s tough for most of us but this is the only website I trust for clear unfiltered views. Thanks for everything.

  2. I/we conquered the donate at the site using a pre paid gift card, simple, well sort of , once my daughter provided the missing link, and so glad to help the one, the only, the BEST place for uncensored truth.

    Thanks to the other Trenchers that have and will step up, and for new comers, step up as well and stick around, and tune into the broadcast daily.

    From the Trenches World Report- “Reinstate our Bill of Rights”
    Monday – Friday
    12 pm – 2 pm PST
    Call in line: (641) 715-3610
    Conference line: 220029#
    Grow Your Own- Micro FM 107.5 Greenville, SC
    PBFTT- Micro FM 89.5 Chiloquin, OR
    Perimeter Radio- Micro FM 87.9 North Sioux Falls, SD
    M-F 1-8 pm Central Time

  3. I’ll own up to having been a moocher up to this point, but that’s been an oversight rather than stinginess or fear of being put on a list. That’s going to end now.

    Henry’s comments about being put on a list are correct. Almost anyone who reads sites like this, or who has ever left anti-fedcoat comments on mainstream news sites, is probably already on a list. Most likely this is also true of anyone who has bought certain kinds of weapons or gear (e.g., hard body armor, gas masks).

    Well, let the cowardly, obedient attack dogs of the oligarchy put us on their list. What’s the worst they can do? It’s so easy to forget that we’re all going to die anyway. We’re all going to end up in an urn, with dirt shoveled on our coffin, or even rotting in a ditch someday. Your story ends with your death. So, the only thing that matters is what we stand for while we’re alive. That’s what defines who we are.

    Can I make a suggestion? I usually access the mobile version of this site, and there doesn’t appear to be any donation information shown unless I switch to desktop mode. There could be a kind of “out of sight, out of mind” factor in play here, depending on how many people use mobile versus desktop. If it would be possible to put a “donate” link at the top or bottom of the page for mobile users, that might be worth considering.

  4. I sent what I could for now guys, god bless and a big THANK YOU for what you do, daily, those of us who truly understand and want Liberty will be faced with dark days ahead, but we will progress in the light of the truth that you folks verbalize here at FTT……..

  5. Sent what you asked via PayPal. Wish it was more. Had to panhandle it, and that,s okay.
    What is bugging me is that GayPal gave a notice that it’s ‘ON HOLD’ to you.
    This I have never seen happen before, and hope there’s no problem.
    Heads Up.

    I have lists too.
    And they are microscopically inscribed on tiny copper coated gems packed uniformly in small spring assisted metal containers, and ready for delivery….

  6. I know $20. won’t go far but I hope it helps, it’s what I can do for now. sent it through paypal with the donate button…far as I can tell it has always worked for me. Thanks Henry and Laura for all that you do.

  7. Well, I’m certainly 1 of the 4000 people that visit each day. You will be receiving something from the Florida Panhandle via the USPS in the next week. The only other individuals I have ever donated $ to was the Daily Paul back in the day, and Larken Rose about a year ago to help him get his Mirror computer app progressing. Even though all we can do is barely keep our heads above water trying to pay our own bills, I’m sure I can find a few dead presidents to send your way…since I’m sure your little web app ip indicator shows me popping up every morning around 5am. 🙂

    About Larken’s Mirror App.
    SOLUTIONS To Your Government Enslavement, Compliments of Larken Rose from HowISeeTheWorld (interviewed by James Corbett)

  8. I’ve got your back Henry&Laura. But you know that. It sure would be nice if the other 3-4K readers would step up. Truth is always the first causality in war, and we cannot allow that to happen. We live in truth or we die for a lie. The latter is not an option.

  9. “For those who would fear being put on a list for assisting us, maybe you better consider….”

    What you need to consider about “lists” at this point is how long they are, and how little they can actually do about the many people listed.

    When only a few people knew the truth it was a genuine concern, but the mainstream media has crashed and burned, and there are now enough of us to sweep national elections. (I’m no fan of Trump, but his victory provides proof of no one being swayed by the Zionist media anymore).

    Please kick in a few bucks so independent news and opinions can flourish. When all the information is back under the control of the Zionists, we’ll be back to where we started, with the 99% brainwashed population.

    We’ve made great strides in deprogramming the American people (or “waking them up” so they can deprogram themselves, technically) and once again, the election proves that. The oligarchs were shocked by how little control they have over the minds of the masses, which is something they always took for granted.

    Keep thought and speech free. Every dollar you send in is among the most important dollars you’ve ever spent toward your children’s futures.

    1. I’d certainly take pride being on a top 500,top 100 of these “lists” you speak of. But that’s just me. I never understood the fear of “the list” if your not a cave man, and use the internets or the cyber, guess what a hole your on a list. File your taxes and get nice refunds every year, you guessed it..you’re on a list. A white male who owns a gun, they got lists for that.

      So buck em, do the best you can be and strive for that top 10 position. You will be labeled a bigot, a racist, a scumbag, (my favorite) “one of those conspeereesee guys” but hey I have the truth and history (if you seek it out) and MY god damn Bill of Rights. So list me master, I’ll be waiting when you come to collect.

      Have a good day and PLEASE DONATE. (Not you JR specifically, this relally turned into a post in unitself)

  10. Brother Henry,
    thanks for your site and all of your great work………..
    .I live a semi homeless..life on little money….in a 3rd world country.. nevertheless tried to donate. I don’t use paypal. probably like 298 million other people. you should post alternative means. God bless.

    1. This alternative was posted:
      “Or you can mail donations to Henry Shivley at P.O. Box 964, Chiloquin, OR 97624”
      tom, do not send more than you can spare. Henry & Laura would NOT want that. You MUST survive and be well.

    2. Tom,
      We are headed towards the third world ourselves here in these United States, but as Angel said, the US Postal Service is still functioning somewhat. And also as Angel said, please do not send anything if you are struggling to meet your basic needs. We do not want it.
      If everyone who uses the site who can afford to simply sent a dollar, it would be a plenty to see us through, and we don’t even want a dollar from anyone who is struggling simply to survive, but we do thank you for caring.

      1. The assailant was identified as Edgar Maddison Welch of Salisbury, North
        Carolina. He told police he had come to the restaurant to
        “self-investigate ‘Pizza Gate,’ a fictitious online conspiracy theory,”
        according to the police press release. Welch was arrested and charged
        with “assault with a dangerous weapon (gun).”


        According to the “IMDB” entertainment database, he is an actor “known for his work on Mute (2011), The Mill (2008) and A Tale About Bootlegging (2005).”


        Henry please read my comment below

        and look into this

        much thanks EOTS

  11. Henry-on the way asafp.

    Trenchers, Bill of Rights upholders and Patriots-Thank you for giving to such a worthy cause. I have never donated, supported or commented to a think-tank online until I discovered FTTWR, and I thank you and the rest here for an affirmation that we will prevail.

  12. Mailing my two bits next week. Sorry I can’t send more. However, even a dollar counts and I want to chip in to help.

  13. Got you some through paypal. They even required a phone number!?? LOL.

    You’re the only site I’ve ever donated to.
    Keep up what you’re doing.

  14. Copy that Sir. I may mail it from Greater Kanuckistan but I do have some FRN’s kicking about no one here wants anyhow. Cheerio.

    1. I think, why did this actor fire the gun?
      It is exactly what I predicted.
      Is this government littered with pedophiles? Oh, hell yes.
      Is pizzagate real? I do not know.
      What I do see is the mainstream controllers declaring the story to be “fake news” without showing any investigation to affirm their conclusion.
      The whole fake news thing is a zionist-run operation. Pizzagate is a part of it. But was it used to create a negative before the fact or simply for the first declaration of fake news? I believe the only way one could ever know the truth would be through a generous application of waterboarding and AC electricity. None the less, I did predict the shooting, whether false flag or otherwise.

  15. All this pizza talk is making me hungry.
    I’ll have a large double pepperoni and sausage with mushrooms and olives.
    Minus the young 4 year old girl and boy.
    Does this place actually make a decent pizza….?
    If they make sh!tty pizza….
    That would be my first clue as a Magnum PI.
    Well….not that pictures of tortured children would give you clue in the venue.

  16. Hell I’ve been on “lists” since the 90s! (Republic of Texas movement, which I helped McLaren found before he exposed himself as a money-laundering psycho!)…the only “list” I care about is God’s “list” of who is in the Book of Life.

    Hope you get the cash I sent, Henry, and soon.

    1. If I had a copy of all the lists I’m on on microfiche, I would need a dump truck to haul it around in. I find that liberating as I know I’m in the right and I have my mind right. Some of us have been fighting this fight for a long time and suffer real injury, thus it is disgusting when we see others refuse to help out of cowardice.
      We will let you know as soon as your donation arrives and thank you for your service to our people, our common law, and our Bill of Rights.

  17. Henry, i apologize, i read many sites, they have Sponsors, and i thought everyone did. I did not realize not,until i started getting emails asking for donations. I unsubscribed from many, but i want to cont to come here. I tried Pay Pal the other day for something and it did not go right or something, to much trouble for me. So i will put a check in the mail to the address listed above on Monday. Thank you and Laura, Merry Christmas

    1. Tess,
      There is no requirement to donate to come on the site, and we do not want any of our people to hurt themselves helping us. But there are people out there who could help us without hurting themselves, and they should.
      We live well under the poverty level, hence we sacrifice for the cause, and that is all we are asking anybody else to do. Sacrifice just a little. If everybody who comes to the site on a regular basis, just gave one dollar a month, we would need no more.
      I hope you didn’t give us something you needed. Again that is absolutely something we do not want.
      This site belongs to the people who give it life through participation. Laura and I do the work of a staff and all we are asking for is just enough to survive. And again, there are plenty of people out there who could help us and really not even notice it in their bottom line. Seems they are always the last to step up, maybe that is why they are so well healed.

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