6 thoughts on “Abnormal tornado in Dallas, Texas area

  1. This one was completely a chem-trail tornado. This morning they sprayed. Later, it became cloudy. And if you look closely at the last pic, you can see the clouds move in a way that would only be caused by the effects of chem-trails.

    It was taken near the Allen Outlets.

    Then it hailed (the size of golf balls) like crazy soon afterwards for about 15 minutes.

    1. Should collect a bucket full of those balls of ice , let them melt , than test the water

      I bet what you find would piss you off

    1. Yep! That about sums it up, Angel. That’s exactly how it looked during and after the tornado.

      Luckily, I drive a Honda Accord. Amazingly, after sitting in the car in the parking lot and being pelted by golf ball sized hail which were falling at high speeds for 15 minutes out in the open, there was not one scratch or dent on my car nor crack in the windshield. Gotta love them Hondas.

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