Albert Bourla, the CEO of Pfizer, on the street in Davos today.

6 thoughts on “Albert Bourla, the CEO of Pfizer, on the street in Davos today.

  1. The scroat has a scarf on it’s neck, and they’re asking questions that won’t be answered.
    Who’s being taught a lesson again?!

  2. shoulda snatched his ass up by the scarf , enough of this peaceful questions shit thinking your going to get any respect or truthful answers , fcks like this need to almost feel their lights go out from a choke hold before they will take anyone of us seriously .. Time to fcken deliver people

  3. Don’t get sucked in by this.

    Ezra Levant – obvious jew.
    Avi Yemini (“OzraeliAvi”) – obvious jew.
    Albert Bourla – obvious jew.

    Do you really believe 2 non-jews would get this close to & in-the-face of Bourla on the street for that long asking all those questions?

    This is jews pretending to be activists asking another jew questions that will never be answered honestly just to deceive & rub it in your face. Obvious jewish stage theater at it’s finest/worst!!!

  4. Yea I’m in agreement. These were Jews. If they were anyone else, they probably wouldn’t have gotten this far.

    In any case, if they were real activists why did they let him walk? Unlike Klaus, this guy didn’t even have bodyguards.

    Again, he was close enough to be knocked out and hung. Why didn’t they do it?

    I don’t see fear in him or Klaus Schwab.

    See here:

    Otherwise they wouldn’t be walking out in public so freely. If this is the best that the people can do, why should they be afraid? It’s a joke. If the people don’t start smashing them over the head, nothing will change.

    1. Well yes indeed they need to be put down like the rabid chihuahuas they are.

      These social media releases however are all publicity pieces. Does anyone honestly believe these freaks who need 5000 Swiss troops plus a slew of their own undercover armed bodyguards to protect them wherever they go would actually be walking around openly in public like that where anyone could just come up to them & ask questions? NO. These “scenes” may “look” like that but I doubt they are not completely staged to make it look like they are untouchable. How would you even know if the streets you see them in are closed off areas & all the “public” you see in the background are paid staff? Nearly EVERYTHING that is presented to the general public these days via the media they “own” is stage theater of one kind or another. ALL their media creates a “perception” that the viewer believes to be reality. Why would it not be? Think about it for a second…

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