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Alex Jones Claims He Was Molested By ‘Hollywood Producers’ Multiple Times

The Daily Caller – by Justin Caruso

Infowars talk show host and king of conspiracies Alex Jones claimed Friday that he was the victim of sexual harassment in Hollywood.

Jones reportedly said, “I’ve had Hollywood producers grab me by the genitals, twice, and I’ve had them pat me on the butt many other times, and that’s why, one reason, I don’t go out there.”  

“I was just thinking about it, I had suppressed it, I had repressed it, one other Hollywood producer, three of them, grabbed my genitals.”

Jones makes these claims as a number of media and Hollywood figures have been coming forward with lurid details of harassment and sexual abuse going on behind the scenes. Most notably, film mogul Harvey Weinstein has faced numerous allegations of rape and harassment by a variety of women.

The talk show host did not make any attempt to verify or offer more details on his claims.

The Daily Caller

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11 Responses to Alex Jones Claims He Was Molested By ‘Hollywood Producers’ Multiple Times

  1. Darzak says:

    Bravo Sierra

  2. Mark Schumacher in LV says:

    Jones also claims that the ghost of Marilyn Monroe has made love to him, while cleaning his Barrett 50, naked. Hence the nickname, .50 cal Al.

  3. Joestp says:

    Always new he was a fag.

  4. Bud Fox says:

    I suppose the difference is, the other actresses didn’t enjoy being molested.
    Sneaky jew fag…now I’m starting to understand the gravelly voice.



  6. Paula Walker says:

    Did he type ‘Me, too’ as they are doing on Facebook? What a maroon!

  7. DL. says:

    Well that explains why he made the ridiculous claim that completely ruined his credibility with me–“the Arabs own Hollywood.” 😉

  8. SpikeTimmons says:

    Alex Jones molests himself in the ass with paul josephine watsons tiny little penis!

  9. Beehive says:

    Somebody pulled the plug on one of the most powerful Jews in Hollywood. This whole thing could have been buried. They’re still hiding the pedophiles. They could have hidden Harvey. Makes you wonder who pulled the plug and for what purpose?

    Alex Jones is riding the same wagon.

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