‘All This Talk of Chaos, I Just Didn’t See It’: White House Spokesman Says Administration ‘Proud’ of Afghanistan Withdrawal by BRITTANY BERNSTEIN

John Kirby, coordinator for strategic communications at the National Security Council, said Thursday that the Biden administration is “proud” of its botched withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021.

Kirby appeared at a White House press briefing to discuss the administration’s newly released review of the chaotic withdrawal, which was marked by a suicide bombing at Kabul’s airport that killed 13 American service members and more than 100 Afghans.

The State Department and the Pentagon on Thursday shared classified reviews of the withdrawal with members of Congress “examining their decision-making processes and execution.” While the classified documents will not be shared publicly, the NSC released a document that the White House said “provides our perspectives, outlines in broad strokes some of what we learned, and how we have already implemented those lessons in other global challenges.”

That 12-page summary places much of the blame on the Trump administration, saying President Biden was “severely constrained” by former president Trump’s decisions. When Biden entered office, it says, “the Taliban were in the strongest military position that they had been in since 2001, controlling or contesting nearly half of the country.”

The report also cites inaccurate intelligence community assessments about the Afghan army’s willingness to fight.

Reporters pressed Kirby on Thursday, asking whether the president has any regrets about how the withdrawal was carried out.

“The president is very proud about the manner in which the men and women of the military, the foreign service, the intelligence community and on and on and on conducted this withdrawal,” he said. “I’ve been around operations my entire life and there’s not a single one that ever goes perfectly according to plan.”

“For all this talk of chaos, I just didn’t see it. Not from my perch,” Kirby said.

Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked Kirby, “Who is going to get fired over this?”

Kirby responded that the purpose of the document is to collate the reviews and findings of the after-action reviews and that the purpose of the document “is not accountability.”

Doocy then asked how Biden can ever trust what the intelligence community tells him after receiving bad intel in regards to the withdrawal.

“What I said was intelligence is a hard business and they get it right a lot too,” Kirby replied. “There were some pieces here that weren’t accurate and we’re being nothing but honest with you and the American people about what those inaccuracies were and how they shaped some of the decision making that was laid before the president and the questions that he asked. This document and this effort isn’t about accountability today, it’s about understanding .”

He said the document today is one step in a “long process to better understand and comprehend and adjust to what we learned and what we did in Afghanistan.”

Doocy continued to push back saying, “There were children being killed. There were people hanging off of Air Force jets that were leaving and you’re saying that you guys are proud of the way this mission was conducted? Of that?”

2 thoughts on “‘All This Talk of Chaos, I Just Didn’t See It’: White House Spokesman Says Administration ‘Proud’ of Afghanistan Withdrawal by BRITTANY BERNSTEIN

  1. How slick their damage-control has become. Just blame the other guy when they’re both connected at the hip with the war-machine. They think we can’t see a lie, even when it’s dressed in what they want us to believe is it’s Sunday Best, but it’s really the usual convoluted reasoning, 180 degrees from the truth. It’s almost coming to the point of whatever they tell us, the opposite is true.

    So Kirby and the gang are “proud” of their killing of innocent people and of stealing from Americans to pull off what it takes to do that killing. Today, the only way to be “proud” is to get the hell out of the way of peoples’ freedoms. GO AWAY. BE GONE or we’ll get you gone. The job we would do would be FAR superior to the mess y’all made of runnin’ the world. Some would say, you gave us HELL ON EARTH, and we want out of HELL and are about the business of doing just that.


    1. Regarding those “running the world”… In the last few weeks I’ve seen the female head of Finland dancing seductively/twerking at a glamorous cocktail party. I’ve seen an upper level French Rep posing nearly nude on the cover of Playboy. I’ve seen the most graphic pedo art in a French gallery that when it was rightfully protested by a journalist, he was told it was “free speech, and protected by the French Government.”

      How much more clear can it get that are modeling demoralization in order to demoralize us? Every day another perversion is forced upon us. I even hear mainstream media using the “they” pronoun when referring to one male or one feamale. If I remember anything at all from grade-school grammar, you can’t use a plural pronoun to refer back to a singular noun. So grammar is also at risk. Without that intact, anything can mean anything. The asylum doesn’t like clarity and common sense.


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