Amazon Begins Drone Deliveries in California and Texas

Breitbart – by Allum Bokhari

E-commerce giant Amazon has begun rolling out drone deliveries in two towns in California and Texas, the company confirmed late last week. 

The airborne deliveries have started in Lockeford, California, and College Station, Texas, according to a report from local news in California.


“Our aim is to safely introduce our drones to the skies. We are starting in these communities and will gradually expand deliveries to more customers over time,” Natalie Banke, Amazon Air spokesperson said.

The service in Lockeford was first announced in June 2022 and six months later has officially started.

Amazon calls its drone delivery Prime Air and has been working with the Federal Aviation Administration and local officials in both Lockeford and College Station to begin the service.

Customers can opt-in to the Prime Air service to deliver loads of up to five pounds. Once loaded up, delivery drones will drop off packages in a customer’s backyard by descending to a safe height, dropping the package, and then flying away.

Numerous companies are expanding into drone delivery. Walmart, one of Amazon’s top rivals, is ahead of its competitor, with drone deliveries of up to ten pounds from the company now available in six states — Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Texas, Utah, and Virginia.

Beyond the consumer market, drones are being rolled out for other use cases. In Belgium, hospitals have begun using drones to deliver human tissue samples between hospitals and labs.

FedEx is also integrating drones into its logistics operation, working with California-based drone company Elroy Air to test drones that can carry 300-500 pounds of cargo over distances of up to 300 miles. The drones will initially be used to ship cargo between sortation locations.

8 thoughts on “Amazon Begins Drone Deliveries in California and Texas

  1. I can’t understand how this is safe, efficient and/or cost effective.

    How are these drones monitored? How do you know the packages are being delivered to the correct address? Who is flying these things? How many packages and how long can they fly? What happens if it runs out of juice before making the last delivery? More importantly, what’s to stop me or some other person from either stealing the drone or shooting it out of the sky? What about a dog or a small child trying to run at it? And who’s to say they aren’t monitoring you or your neighborhood with cameras as they fly over and down to the ground?

    Some major violations of privacy are running rampant here.

      1. smash and grab = problem created by rich and wealthy, to begin with.

        “We need to protect our LICENSED, corporate interests!” is the reaction they wanted all along.

        Drone surveillance and invasion of everyone’s privacy is the solution they always wanted, from the beginning.

        All of this is outside the jurisdictional authority of the Bill of Rights.

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