America…Our Stolen Country – Session 6

Sent to us by the author, Robert Quinn

Article 1 of our Constitution gave the Press the right to reveal,not conceal news of interest to the American People, yet, fear of disclosure of Obama’s true eligibility status has permeated the MainstreamMedia to this day. For almost six years they have been silent on this issue. Even Fox News, though vocally critical of the “Stimulus” plans, “Czar” appointees,etc. will not mention the existence of eligibility lawsuits presently in the courts. Bill O’Reilly of Fox News claimed he saw a valid Obama birth certificate but had to retract his claim when informed that what Fox actually viewed was a fraudulent “Certification of Live Birth”, which, even had it been legitimate, would have been a limited document which could not be used by anyone seeking the Presidency but remember-this was a fraudulent document. Obama, as a former Constitutional teacher, knew that this document, if legal, could allow someone to vote or drive a car,but not drive our Nation! That would have required a valid,long-form “Certificate of Live Birth”, a document which Obama would have known yet he never offered nor even mentioned its existence. Bill O’Reilly also said that two Hawaiian newspaper clippings reporting Obama’s birth in Hawaii there-by confirmed his eligibility. In reality, three years after O’Reilly had been advised that, in 1961, anyone could have prepared an Hawaiian limited or even invalid birth certificate and have had the Newspapers publish it. O’Reilly, to this day, continues to address this issue with dismissal or sarcasm. To constantly use the term “birthers” in a sarcastic, derogatory manner when referring to Defenders of our Constitution, shows a closed mind at work. This from a man who ends each nightly program with “we’re looking out for you”. A mockery of TRUTH.

In our Nation’s history, only one “Commander-in-Chief” has deliberately refused to produce a valid “Certificate of Live Birth” to confirm his eligibility. His name…Barack Obama.A man whose National Allegiance is unknown to the American people, is governing us and our military and determining our future survival or demise, yet, his ineligibility is quietly kept secret from us by most of the Media. Only organization like World Net Daily and a few others, to their credit, bring this issue to the forefront. Obama’s actions have caused both active and retired military to become plaintiffs(quietly ignored by the Media) in lawsuits against him, all asking one thing:”prove that you were eligible”. An easily satisfied request for a legitimate Presidential claimant. Obama’s response, when heard is “sue me”. Having his lawyers use every resource available to block access to any personal documents, Obama’s disgraceful deceiving of these Servicemen and women has put their freedom and futures in harm’s way for attempting to protect the integrity of our Constitution. There are three million members in the U.S. Armed Forces; all obligated to produce valid documentation of birth did so excepting Barack Obama. ’nuff said?

Another example of Media silence was their failing to advise America that no Hawaiian hospital ever claimed to have been Obama’s birth hospital. Please allow that to sink in. To be able to say a particular hospital was the one in which the first Afro-American President was born would bestow prestigious honor on that hospital. The only  proof Obama ever offered was fraudulent and/or ineligible documents which he then withdrew from public scrutiny as challenges to their validity increased. Also, many offers of free financial assistance to Obama to help minority students trying to meet tuition expenses(a project which Obama espoused repeatedly) were not even acknowledged by him. Why…because each offering came with one requirement of Obama, a requirement that he dared not accept…that he allow document experts to examine his birth certificate documents for their validity. A simple condition….except for one trafficing in fraudulent documents. To disclose would have meant to expose himself and to expose himself would depose him from office….and worse! Major contributors whose offers were completely ignored by Obama included: Globe Magazine $100.000; Birther Summit $15,000; Donald Trump,who offered $5,000,000 and then raised it to $50,000.000; yes, you are looking at the correct amount! So much for Obama trying to help minority students.

The Media treats Obama’s birth certificate issue as a non-issue instigated by racial bigots or misguided ones. Obama could have resolved this issue very easily by producing a valid“Certificate of Live Birth”(had any existed) for about $50.00 in mailing costs but he opted to spend over 4 million dollars so far to prevent any disclosure of such a document.Fifty dollars vs millions. Why would anyone spend so much to avoid disclosure? For one reason….disclosure would be followed by exposure and end Obama’s criminal attempt to overthrow our Nation’s Constitution.If Bill O’Reilly, on any of his late night shows in which he had Obama as a guest, simply asked him, why he allowed and used fraudulent, ineligible documents to pass as valid documents Obama’s deception would have been exposed at that time.

I believe most Democrats and Republicans and Media Outlets have always considered Obama ineligible for the office of President, but,those having initially accepted his deception are now too embarrassed to retract their words. For example, Bill O’Reilly of Fox News has personally received copies of all the letters (30) which I’ve written on this issue; letters which were all factual, not conjectual nor racist. While he never responded to any of them (no problem-I only write to reach as many as possible and hope they find value in my letters), he certainly cannot claim to have been unaware of the points mentioned or cited in those letters, so when he responded to others also  challenging Obama’s eligibility (not counting space aliens) with a dismissive comment I thought to myself:”I watched O’Reilly’s show in the past for helpful  enlightenment on this issue but now feel that it has morphed into an entertainment vehicle. By suppressing damning facts about Obama, O’Reilly is both helping to keep Obama’s deception alive and our Nation to slowly die. “TO SIN BY SILENCE WHEN THEY SHOULD PROTEST MAKES COWARDS OF MEN.’………    Abraham Lincoln.

to be continued

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  1. “I believe most Democrats and Republicans and Media Outlets have always considered Obama ineligible for the office of President, but,those having initially accepted his deception are now too embarrassed to retract their words.”

    Too embarrassed?

    Nawww… too WELL PAID!

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