America’s Surveillance State

Published on Oct 22, 2014 by PressTV Documentaries

We live in the United States of Surveillance–with cameras increasingly positioned on street corners and with much more invisible spying online and on the phone. Anyone who is paying attention knows that privacy could be out the window. All of this is not happening by accident -well funded powerful agencies and companies are engaged in the business of keeping tabs on what we do, what we say, and what we think.
To many in the world, today, the face of America also has A BIG NOSE for sniffing and sifting mountains of data—phone calls, emails and texts. And with many mouths silenced by paranoia to keep what they decide is secret, secret. America has become a Surveillance-Industrial State where everyone’s business has become its business, and where one huge US intelligence Agency has been given the sanction and unlimited amounts of money to spy on the whole world.

2 thoughts on “America’s Surveillance State

  1. In a very true sense, those given jobs to do this are like the nosy neighbor who has nothing better to do than to look out the window through the shades/blinds in their paranoia and or malevolence to tell on their neighbor. They don’t do it for ‘the common good’. NO. That is not what they about doing. They, in a sense hate life. They feel they have a responsibility to stop or at least interrupt any such thing as freedom. Freedom of thought, and or worship, and or dissent of endless ideologies. These duped paid fools have bought or should I say, are being paid to believe in the terrorist hiding behind every bush (Bush!), lie. What they don’t realize is that they, each one of them is being watched and recorded by The Eternal Judge, by those He has ordained to do this. We, will not surrender, we will not stop fighting against this intrusion upon mankind. All of this system of ‘their’ all seeing eye needs to be torn down with them. Even Kings and Queens were given their positions to take care of the common people under them. Not, to enslave and or use the people as their property. This technology could be being used as it is to protect and capture every criminal act and thus the criminal. But it is not. It’s another opposite day here in ‘wonderland’. I think that at the end, everyone will kneel before The Maker and answer for his/her deeds whether it be good or evil. Some fight against evil for the sake of good. These miscreants fight against good, against freedom, against all those who speak out about there evil. So be it, choose this day, whom ye will serve and be comforted and emboldened that our lives serve a cause that does no harm to those who don’t deserve it, but, will give no ground to our enemies and should we be given the opportunity, as Mark has said, only a rumor of them will survive. Death to the NWO and all of their minions like these camera operators. I don’t care to hear about why they helped do this spying. It was begun upon a lie by the liars to spy on us and rape, pillage, and plunder. It doesn’t matter if each of them were abused as a child. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Peace.

  2. Well, I have suffered through this glazed over donut of kosher friendly documentary, PressTV or not, and just cannot take anymore. From the start I was skeptical of Schecter’s approach, but by the time you get into the 4th part, you should taste some vomit in coming up your throat if you have even a few red blooded American in you, AT ALL. The vomit train is just too thick to suffer through anymore “Democracy” and “MSM heroes”, fvck sake. I don’t live in a democracy, I hate democracy and the MSM is an obvious propaganda arm of the ZOG, literally, especially since the 2013 NDAA section 1078.

    No offense to the poster, but this documentary is full of fekkin shite!

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