Report: Armored Vehicles Spotted Highway 30, Arkansas

IMG_7546 copyHey all,

I was traveling with my family on November 10, 2014 to Hot Springs, Arkansas for a vacation and this is what I noticed traveling on Hwy 30. The first two pics were of an armored vehicle being transported through Texarkana and into Arkansas.

The second one (the blurry one) was another armored vehicle taken on Hwy 30 as well, somewhere between Hope and Prescott, heading North in the same direction as the first one. Not sure where they could be headed. Maybe Little Rock.  

Just wanted to keep you all posted.


IMG_7546 copy

IMG_7547 copy

IMG_7565 copy


2 thoughts on “Report: Armored Vehicles Spotted Highway 30, Arkansas

  1. “free” gear for some sheriffs office im sure.

    Good looking out NC. Sorry you had to vacation in Arkansas.

    All(some) my ex’s live in warm springs, and that why I hang my hat in CASCADIA.
    I was actually singing.

    Shit Im off to the rifle range and the VFW for a whiskey. not necessarily in that order.

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