Ammon Bundy: We never wanted bloodshed


PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The lawyer representing Ammon Bundy read a statement from him on Thursday morning during a press conference.

In the statement, Bundy urged the the militia remaining at the refuge to go home.  

Ammon Bundy's lawyers Lissa Casey and Mike Arnold at a press conference outside US Federal Court in downtown Portland, Jan. 28, 2016 (KOIN)“My message still remains. Turn yourself in. Do not use physical force,” he said. His lawyers said he is anxious about the possibility of violence and is “committed to freedom not force.”

He said he is mourning the loss of LaVoy Finicum, the groups spokesman who was killed in a shootout on Tuesday night during the arrest of the militia men.

“We never wanted bloodshed, we verbalized that many times,” he said. He added that he and the rest of the group are awaiting the results of the investigation into the death.

“Questions must be answered,” he said.

Earlier Wednesday, Bundy’s wife Lisa made a public statement urging the militia members to stand down.

“This is Lisa Bundy, Ammon Bundy’s wife. I spoke with Ammon’s lawyers yesterday and heard from his voice that those were his instructions: he wants people to go home; to go to their families,” she said in the statement.

On Tuesday after his court appearance in Multnomah County, Ammon Bundy relayed a message to the remaining occupiers through his defense attorney, Mike Arnold. “Please stand down, please stand down,” he said. “Go home and hug your families. This fight is ours for now, in the courts.”

5 militia members allegedly still at refuge

There are allegedly still five militia members occupying the Malheur Wildlife Refuge, which is now surrounded by FBI checkpoints.

The FBI has not confirmed the number of people still there. One of the armed protesters at the refuge, however, was uploading videos and livestreaming footage on his YouTube channel, “DefendYourBase.”

Videos showed a member of the group using an excavator to dig a large hole or trench and later appeared to show people near a campfire at night.

Federal and state law enforcement authorities have blocked the roads leading to the refuge. 

In a statement, the FBI said the containment was to “better ensure the safety of community members.”

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  1. The FBI said the containment was to “better insure the safety of community members”. I’m calling Bullshit! The only threat to the community, obviously, is the FBI. Remember; when the names of the FBI murderers are released, demonize them for the low-life, sub-human vermin, that they are.

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