And the Winners are……

1st Prize – Jaguar Crossbow: Richard from Maryland

2nd Prize – Compact Entrenching Tool: Mary and Buck

3rd Prize – Compact Entrenching Tool: Jakester

Congratulations! Thank you to all who participated, your support to From the Trenches World Report is greatly appreciated.

12 thoughts on “And the Winners are……

  1. Winner here,anyone need a hole dug? Looks like a nice tool to have. Thanks Mark and #1 NWO Hatr for making this drawing possible. Thanks Henry & Laura for all you offer and give. I’m grateful to all here for being at the place to be,you to JD.

  2. wow I missed today’s program as I was at work…just saw that Buck and I won the entrenching tool….. sadly Buck passed away Sept 1 but I know he would be quite pleased that I will have another tool …. he was all about tools! Thank you so much

    1. Mary,
      Again, our condolences.
      And to our regular readers, Mary and Buck have been quiet contributors who have helped us as they could. They are our people.
      Thanks for everything, Mary.

    2. Mary,

      My sincerest condolences on the loss of your loved one. My heart goes out to you. May time heal your wounds, and happy memories fill your heart. ***hugs***


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