7 thoughts on “IDF Sniping Children Playing on Rooftop in Gaza

  1. Didn’t even watch, can’t anymore. For me it all started in 92′ when I read a simple book that was written by a jew in Lebanon during the 82 war. I fell for it, I was lied to and the propaganda was so good I had no reason to think about it.

    What happened for me was the Murrah building. I lived with a few space aliens that knew quite a bit more than me and they explained, I was simply blown away by their evidence. After that and a few other things, I knew.

    I studied and graduated at the 3rd best University in the world for Construction Engineering and when 9-11 happened, well, short story, I had studied that building actually as part of my Structural Steel class at CSU in 99′. I was positive that was horseshit watching it that morning…….Symmetrical? F#@king serious? 4 walls all the way down equally when it’s one pancake on one side? It would have worked so much better for these satanists if they had let it be asymetrical and had it crash all over the entire complex like it would in the real world, but, according to them, you’re a dipshit and so am I. Now…..we are here aren’t we? What the f#@k?! We are waiting for the Donald to effect a change…..horseshit is what we call it back home.

  2. Not a peep during the presidential debates, I guess they all know the rules. Oh yes, they talked of the poor, old, and isolated Israel like it was a puppy. And all we do is try to clean up the $hit they pull off. F’ each and every one of the candidates. They all have their heads buried in an Israeli rectum.

  3. Thank you for posting Wade! I hope someone new will see this and get a notion!!
    Can’t watch. Mad enough and had enough! Tired of waiting!!

  4. “The most moral army in the world” can’t fight anyone but kids and cripples. They’d scream like little girls if someone actually shot back at the weasel-faced turds.

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