Anti-mask counter-protester violently assaulted by pro-mask activists in Vancouver

By Jarryd Jaeger – The Postmillennial

Anti-mask counter-protester violently assaulted by pro-mask activists in Vancouver

On Monday, a crowd of people gathered outside British Columbia Health Minister Adrian Dix’s office on Kingsway in Vancouver to call for the reinstatement of mask mandates in healthcare settings. Counter-protesters showed up a short time later, and while the two sides were able to coexist for a short while, things eventually turned violent.

While a pro-mask demonstrator spoke to the media, a fight broke out between two of her allies and an elderly counter-protester identified simply as Rob.

Video of the altercation taken by Press For Truth’s Dan Dicks shows two supporters attempting to grab Rob’s signs, one of which read “CBC is gov funded media.” When he refused to let go, he was pushed to the ground.

“Stay the f*ck down, you’re done,” one supporter told Rob, alleging that he had “attacked” the other man, who eventually got a hold of the signs and ran away.

Rob gave chase as the demonstrators looked on.

Based on the video, it’s unclear exactly what led up to the fight. Prior to being targeted, Rob told CityNews reporters that he was there with his fellow counterprotestors to push back against the request for a return to mask mandates of any sort.

“I’ve never worn a mask, and I will continue to not wear a mask,” he said, “because I think, it’s still legal.”

The event was organized by Do No Harm, a BC-based “nonpartisan action group in BC advocating for evidence-based safety measures in high-risk settings.”

In one of the photos they posted to X, Rob can be seen standing peacefully next to the crowd prior to the altercation holding the same pink sign, the other side reading “Bonnie Henry is a liar.”

BC did away with its universal mask mandate in healthcare settings on April 6, however, face coverings are still required in high-risk areas, such as when dealing with cancer patients or those with Covid-19.

Do No Harm has been reached for comment.

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