4 thoughts on “Are You Ok With This?

  1. It said what? Yeah, it’s definatly a develop-mental problem, just not my problem. Keep your $hit to yourself. Sounds like this was something told to this thing by its shrink.
    “Just because you are around certain things doesn’t mean you’re going to be persuaded to be a part of things but you should be aware of other types of people that live around you and if your not capable, you know, it’s a developmental problem. “

  2. I guess some folks think what God did to Sodom and Gomorrah is just a myth when there is actual achealogical evidence those places were “nuked” so to speak…. I even told my grandson that is his school ever pulled this crap to let his parents know about it (and really, I wish he was being home schooled…oh well…)

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