Arizona Constitution Party Chairman Calls for Revolution

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People from; the left, right, and center, cry out, “Take Back America.”

The only way to take back our country is to do as our forefathers did in 1776, start a revolution against the powers that be.  

We don’t want a violent revolution but we the people of America must revolt if we want to take back our government from the two party, Democrat-Republican oligarchy, now in power.

Imagine a government controlled not by political parties controlled by special interest and Wall Street but by parties controlled by the people and Main Street. The government might start representing the American people instead of the people at Goldman Sacks, Bank of America and, Koch Industries.

Imagine what would happen if all conservatives supported the Constitution Party, all progressives supported the Green Party and all libertarians supported the Libertarian Party. We would have three major parties in the United States, the Democrat and Republican parties would no longer dominate the American political system and we would have some honest debate on the issues facing the American people. We would have no one party majority rule or two party divided government, one the the three parties would always command the balance of power to break any gridlock.

We no longer live under a government by the consent of the governed but an oligarchy ruled by corporate interest and other big money contributors.

The first words of our constitution read, “We the People of the United States,” not we the corporations and elites of the United States. Clearly the founding fathers intended ours to be a government, of, by and for the people.

The time has come to say, “No More,”

The founding fathers did leave, we the people, the power to take back our government and the ultimate weapon to peacefully do so, with the ballot not the bullet. We do have a vote in the governance of our republic.

The Democrats tell the progressives, “don’t support the Green Party, you will divide the vote of the Democrat Party.”

The Republicans tell the conservatives and libertarians, “don’t support the Constitution Party or the Libertarian Party, you will divide the vote of the Republican Party.”

And the true conservatives, libertarians and progressives fall for this argument and we end up with a Democrat-Republican Party dictatorship controlling our government, not in the interest of, we the people, but in the interest of those who pay for their campaigns.

Stop doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Divide and conquer.

Yes, supporting the Constitution, Green and Libertarian parties divides the Democrat and Republican parties and that’s a good thing. Supporting the Democrat and Republican parties over and over again is insanity. Divide the Democrat and Republican parties and then divide them again until they are no more.

The Democrats and Republicans no longer represent the American people and therefore must be replaced. End the two party dictatorship and take back America. Under no circumstances support political parties that don’t represent, “We the people.” Don’t give aid and comfort to the Democrats and Republicans. Don’t collaborate with the parties who our corrupting our political system.

Revolt and take back America.

Let the Second American Revolution begin.

For God and country,

Bob Haran,
Constitution Party of Arizona.

9 thoughts on “Arizona Constitution Party Chairman Calls for Revolution

  1. While I praise this guy for his words, I hope he is not expecting us to “vote” again in another fraudulent election in order to get rid of the two parties. That would be naive.

    Otherwise, let the Second American Revolution BEGIN!

  2. Revolution and peaceful should not be used in the same sentence here because as even a blind fool can see this government has not armed itself to the teeth to allow a peaceful revolution to mean a thing. Voting is a total sham and has been for a very long time.Anyone that really believes that this is ever going to be corrected without a fight must also believe in the tooth fairy and unicorns! When has a tyrannical government been removed from power peacefully? Especially when the corruption is so wide spread in state and local government across the country.It sounds good but it also is total BS to keep the people tranquil and calm as the rape continues.

  3. Vote them out??? How when our vote goes into a computer and is easily changed? Maybe paper ballots that ordinary people have their eyes on from beginning to end. I’m sure far from a puter nerd but even I can change things in a computer.. IF THAT DON”T WORK THEM THE FIGHT IS ON.

  4. Peaceful solution is no longer an option. It hasn’t been for many decages now. Because our great grandparents sat on their butts and did nothing we are stuck now with the real prospect of a second civil war. They are eating out our substance to a point to where we can not live anymore. Like Mark always says. Organize ARm, Train as militia and get ready to cast your ballots in the form of a 123 grain bullet, because unfortunately that is the future we are stuck with now. The alternative is mass death and ruin on a continental scale.

    1. Unfortunately, I completely agree with you. Now is the tie to start pinpointing the “they” and setting priorities.

      1. Yes, time to find out who the hidden share-holders of the federal reserve are and hold them completely accountable.
        Sidenote: With all the ‘leaks’ coming from snowjob and assange…those shareholders are never mentioned at all…ever.


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