A Message to Obama: “Being Black Isn’t Your Problem… The Problem Is You Suck!” *Video*

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One of our favorite commentators on politics and global happenings is back with his latest diatribe, and as is usually the case, he’s right on target.

This week Bob at Drinking with Bob takes aim at President Obama’s recent comments in an interview with The New Yorker in which he made the claim that one of the main reasons his popularity is sinking is because he is black and some Americans haven’t gotten over that.  

Here is the excerpt of the interview to which Bob responds in the following video:

Obama’s election was one of the great markers in the black freedom struggle. In the electoral realm, ironically, the country may be more racially divided than it has been in a generation. Obama lost among white voters in 2012 by a margin greater than any victor in American history.

The popular opposition to the Administration comes largely from older whites who feel threatened, underemployed, overlooked, and disdained in a globalized economy and in an increasingly diverse country. Obama’s drop in the polls in 2013 was especially grave among white voters. “There’s no doubt that there’s some folks who just really dislike me because they don’t like the idea of a black President,” Obama said.

“There is a historic connection between some of the arguments that we have politically and the history of race in our country, and sometimes it’s hard to disentangle those issues.”

There is no doubt that there are those who dislike Barack Obama because he is black. Likewise, there are plenty of African Americans who dislike white politicians simply because of the color of their skin. Welcome to earth, what else is new?

But for President Obama to make this claim is not only disingenuous, but is a complete deflection to steer the American people away from his failures and to pit us against each other by once again throwing out the race card..

Barack Obama became President of the United States because half of the country voted for him. And he knows very well that a large portion of those voters were white. In recent weeks we’ve seen his poll numbers collapse to a 39% approval rating, suggesting that many who supported him during the elections have lost faith.

If we are to believe the President, then that 10% drop in approval was a result of the anti-black racists?

When they voted for a (half) black man for President it was a “fundamental transformation” for America. What’s troubling is that when those very same people who put him in office disapprove of his performance, President Obama claims they are doing so because of the color of his skin?

His complete failure in everything he’s touched – from health care to foreign policy – couldn’t possibly be the reason, right?

Bob weighs in:

Stop using the color of your skin as an excuse for your failures. Being black isn’t your problem. The problem is you suck, bro. You friggin’ suck.

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11 thoughts on “A Message to Obama: “Being Black Isn’t Your Problem… The Problem Is You Suck!” *Video*

  1. This guy acts like me complaining about the government to my wife and friends. I go on an enormous tirade for an hour or so without stopping because there is so much shit that has been taken and destroyed by us that I can go on for an entire day without stopping.

    Meanwhile, the sheeple (like my relatives and other friends) run away saying, “NO NO!! I don’t wanna hear it. It’s not true! I’m going to my room. Leave me alone! I never want you to speak to me again. You’re crazy! I don’t even know who you are anymore! What happened to you? It’s like you’ve been brainwashed or something.”

    Welcome to the awakened world, I guess.

    1. in scripture, Paul talks about feeding pearls to swine, and he also made the statement “them that are ignorant, let them be ignorant” some will never wake up until it is too late.

  2. Bob rocks! He’s just a tad high strung, but he gets his point across. 🙂

    The big 0, is always blaming his failures on his race, he is half joo no? I couldn’t give a rat’s behind what color he is, if he doesn’t represent we the people, and he is representing corporations ( as he is ), and other rogue nations ( which he is ), and his own greedy interests ( which he is ), then he is a traitor. Not only that, he has an enemies list, he is a killer. I don’t care who is pulling his strings. He is a willful participant, and is willing to take this country down. Shut him down! We the people do not need him or any of this traitorous filth!

    I wish I could find my spray can of gov be gone. I know I put it somewhere.

      1. Yes Paul, I was sick as sick could be. I had a simple head cold and ended up in the ER yesterday, I thought my heart was going to burst through my chest, and I was dehydrated from vomiting for 8 plus hours straight. Probably more stress than anything. My “job” was given away to a temp agency, because it was more profitable for them. I still don’t know if I will be employed or not, but I hope so. Bills to pay and kids to feed. 🙁

        I’m doing okay though, I’ll find something.

        1. wow!! you’ve just had a hammer dropped on you.
          Ive had that happen to me a couple times in my life. not fun. will be praying for you.

  3. Thank you Paul, I appreciate that very much. What can I say, we are living our lives in the trenches. I’m lucky enough to have my kids that are still living at home, helping out with the bills and such. But I would love to have a job, and after being a “stay at home” mom for many years, no one wants to really give me a chance. Skills and smarts don’t always equate to skills in the work force.

    My chin is up though, I will find something to survive, and good people like you help me through the day. *hugs*

  4. Obama’s use of this “I’m black and people hate me” thing makes me wonder if Obama isn’t actually Jesse Jackson in disguise…or Al Sharpton in disguise.
    Obama, Jackson and Sharpton…now there’s an “axis of evil.”

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