Armed march on Washington DC likely to take place during a constitutional convention

Jim Stone Freelance

Adam Kokesh, a trojan horse “gun rights supporter” is doing what it takes at EXACTLY the right time to get guns banned once and for all.

Due to difficulties I am experiencing with posting this at this time, I am just going to cut to the chase – Adam Kokesh is a Jew. Jews are FAMOUS for faking movements that produce the opposite of what they pretend to ask for. Jews want guns banned and taken out of non Jewish hands. It is as simple as that.   

Enter Kokesh – Many of you probably do not know that 31 out of a required 34 state governors are already on board for a constitutional convention which, if it is declared, can allow THEM to lawfully trash the ENTIRE constitution. 

If you want a gun ban, just throw the constitution away and replace it with something else, which a constitutional convention will lawfully allow and it will all be constitutional. It takes only a little gray matter to see that at this time the enemy is running our government, and that is the last time you would ever want a constitutional convention to occur, because it will allow the enemy to re write the whole thing. If you want to provide plausible grounds for trashing the second amendment just time an armed march on Washington DC to happen, right when that constitutional convention is in progress.

I will do a much improved version of this report tomorrow now that I have thrown this thought into the collective concience, but for now I am under attack, including live edits of my work, air time deletes so I have to start from scratch, and multiple windows opening without being asked, enough to lock up the computer and I simply cannot do better than this.


If you wanted to cause a band of brainless fools to kiss America goodbye, THAT would be a great way to do it.

Thanks to Julie T. for bringing this to our attention.

41 thoughts on “Armed march on Washington DC likely to take place during a constitutional convention

  1. This is the first time that I have heard that a constitutional convention is in the works? Right now, I would rather hear more about that!

      1. A few years ago, I read an article about a new constitution already written and sitting on a shelf just waiting for the time they can bring it out, but I haven’t heard that there is a constitution convention planned for July 4th. That is kind of an important subject for no one to be talking about.

  2. Nice to see this here.


    Many people out there need a wake up call, if any of you know of people or blogs who are thrilled about Kokesh, be sure to pass this along. Link to fromthetrenches, not my site at jimstonefreelance because my site is auto banned in many places. You will get better luck by linking this report from here.

    1. Jim, i enjoy your site and think you are likely close to the truth on most of your posts. I also understand why you say what you do about Jews considering that you rubbed shoulders with elitist in Toronto was it? Glad to hear all donations were received. Keep up the good work.

  3. If “the enemy” is running the government does it really matter what Kokesh does? If the intent is to disarm, won’t they do it anyway?

    Don’t we need some galvanizing moment to awaken the sleeping masses and at least try and fight for our country? Wouldn’t an outright gun ban be the best thing for the pro constitution faction? Would that not cause perhaps millions to stop talking and start acting?

    Have we not sat here doing nothing while every action of our government attempt to create a legal justification for enslaving us? Are you afraid that this battle for our nation might not be won with a pen and that we may need to actually get our from behind our computer and do something?

    Do you expect us to be so silly as to judge Kokesh by some label (jew) and not his actions? I see one man doing something I imagine he thinks could trigger a wider awakening and putting his ass on the line and another simply throwing shit at him while asking we do nothing because the evil people running the country might do some evil to us if we try and stop them.

      1. Ok, so if Kokesh is a provocateur, then he is safely tucked away, drinking whiskey, smoking a joint and ROTFL at how stupid the sheeple are, to follow him.

        Like that fellar, Adam Pearlman, the jew pretending to be an Ay-rab.

        BTW, did you notice the cops didn’t really use force? If he had been their enemy, they would have knocked the feet out from under him, and piled on him, breaking his face , etc. They do as much for a nobody.

  4. This is a total bunch of crap – I’m a Jew who owns guns and defends the rights of EVERYONE (except government) for self-defense. Many people of my faith feel the same way. Whoever said that gun control is a ‘Jewish’ issue is full of COINTELPRO

    1. No offense A. Magnus, but if Jews don’t want Gentiles to be disarmed and “secured” then why are the most fervent gun grabbers mostly Jews?

    1. Nancy Pelosi does not practice Judaism, yet wants to grab your guns. Harry Reid, a Mormon, married a woman whose family practiced Judaism, but converted to Mormonism, and yes, Harry wants your guns.

      I think the real misnomer here is that people tend to associate your average, hard working, honest person that happens to practice Judaism as the pseudo-Judea Zionist scum making all Jews look bad. I myself am not a Jew, but I can tell you that I married into a family where some are practicing Judaism. These are good people that get f#@ked over by this corrupt system like any non-Jew.

      Judaism first and foremost is a religion, not a race of people. Anyone from anywhere could convert to Judaism if they so chose. Would that make them automatically a part of some global Jewish conspiracy upon converting? Would they be brought into the secret room under the temple and “let in on” the big Jewish secret? Of course not, that’s absurd!

      So please understand, the enemy is not people that worship in the Jewish faith. Some of the enemies happen to be Jews, but more of them are not Jews at all and are nothing more than Zionist poseurs using the Jewish faith as cover against anyone that ridicules them. I suggest you take a closer look at your enemy and see the Khazar line you’re looking for.

      Besides, blaming an entire group of people for the criminal acts of a handful of psychopaths that belong to the group is akin to throwing out the baby with the bathwater. Yes, Schumer, Feinstein and the rest of these poseur Jews do not represent the majority of the Jewish faith, just because they happen to be psychopathic Zionist swine with Yiddish last names. – You might be surprised by what you read.

      1. +1 Joe. It is silly to throw all people who claim to be Jewish into the pot of evil. Most Jews haven’t got a clue what the Fed is, and once a bigot met them, would feel ashamed for directing anger at innocent people. We are not animals, we respect life and liberty, but we will route out corruption. We are not anti-Semite, but anti-corruption.

  5. While it is certainly true that Jews have a serious itch to disarm the Goyim It is also true that Jews have worked in devious manners in order to hijack & control “the opposition”, I have my doubts that Adam is one of them.
    He is without question serious about Libertarianism, rights & police abuses.
    That loud mouth radio host whose real name is Weiner is more likely one of the perfidious ones.

  6. Congress CAN’T trash the Bill of Rights- they are after all, ONLY an acknowledgement of our God Given Rights. We’ve ALWAYS had then, since the beginning of time, since BEFORE Sumeria, before Spartacus.The Genie is out of the bottle.

    And I’ve heard that if they trash it all, that means, they’re OUT also! There would be no outright legitimacy to the Feds. They’re illegitimate now, as it is.

    All fed agents, all cops, all military, all Oaths, would be invalid. Would they, be willing to continue stumping on THE People?

  7. An armed march on Washington, D.C. is foolish and will almost certainly end in catastrophe. It’s estimated that 1 to 3 percent of the population are sociopaths so a group of 5000 people would have 50 to 150 sociopaths. among them. The Government would most likely have agents provocateurs stationed in the group as well.

    It’s foolish and it would be just as foolish if Adam Kokesh wasn’t Jewish.

  8. well, I guess I am banned here now..ah well, maybe a good thing. I did simply try to share my thoughts and, I feel I have well thought out opinions with much research…what I am seeing lately, is a massive amount of hyprocrisy on most websites now..They can say what they want, but also will stop others from sharing their opinions. Seriously, what is the difference in regards to protecting our first ammendment and complaining about the government doing it, but block comments that people simply want to share their thoughts??..At least the government gives me a free speech zone.
    I suppose when the truth hits, it hurts, and some cant handle the truth…
    BY the way….if you go to WRH and see online users, “fromthetrenches” is online as I type this…It costs money to be a member…Somebody has been fibbing to me. But this wont get posted either probably…I exposed your lies, but I get blocked..amazing. At least now I know I was correct in my assumptions…block on brothers…

    1. Jennifer, maybe you should take your own advice and take a break from the internet for a couple weeks. The cheese is sliding off the cracker again and some time off would give you a chance for quiet reflection and introspect.

    2. Jennifer, WTF are you smoking girl? Paying to post on FTT??? BAHAHAHAHA!!! Free speech zones are better??? Wow! What rock did you crawl out from under? Do us all a favor and go back to sleep under the bridge. You’re looking a little too green above the collar.

      1. It must be some of that SOUR PAPAYA that I hear is going around! Who would have ever imagined an accidental cross of sour diesel and papaya would create a smoke that I can only describe by warning that this herb is Skivvy weed! Yup, that’s right, Ya might as well strip to your BVD’s before sparking this, cause ya ain’t going nowhere!! 🙂
        I hear that in some people it is even hallucinatory. Maybe Jennifer got her hands on some of this righteous herb! Sure sounds like it!

  9. first of previous comment earlier did not get posted, and I made sure it went thru. I am very computer literate…2nd of all, I told you, go to WRH and look for yourself…in the online members was “fromthetrenches”.. I dont talk shyte people. I am 50, dont take a dime from government, totally self sufficient and live off grid, I can hit an apple at 300 yards, I knew about 911 before it happened, I knew about the arab uprising 5 months before it happened, I bought silver at 8 dollars an ounce, no debt, I shoot and clean my own goats and chickens, get 30-40 eggs a day, and have 2 acres of food growing and canning is my specialty.
    If you need proof, all you had to do was what I asked..look for yourself…it was right in front of my eyes…online users “fromthetrenches” I should have taken a pic of it, next time I will.
    I think marijuana is healthy and I am well learned on alternative cures. Heck, LSD and mushrooms should be legal. I helped people that had drug addictions promoting “ibogaine” which is illegal in the U.S., but mexico has a clinic and it truly cures addictions.. I play musical instruments and write/record my own songs. I have had my songs banned from youtube and now use vimeo. I wont get a google account, not a facebook account. I knew years ago facebook was CIA. In fact, when facebook stock went down to 17 dollars I bought, because I knew the CIA would not let facebook die..I then sold when it hit 30 dollars..
    SO there is me. But when I see something wrong, I speak up. If I end up being wrong, I apologize. But as mentioned “fromthetrenches” was on the WRH user member online..If it is an operative, then maybe we should find out who it is..
    ANd yet again, my post from earlier today was not posted, so I assumed I was banned..Maybe it was a website mistake.
    In conclusion, I kinda thought trenches might be a good thing, and maybe I am jsut here to keep them on track to grow. There is much good in this friggin website and I dont want to see them fall like so many others..
    I put rivero down because hi misleads the truth to an extreme..after a couple of years, whether it was extreme support for obama, or calling those that believe in chemtrails idiots, there were dozens of more examples, and so I exposed him..sorry, I just call it the way I see it. If you dont like it, then dont read what I write. And its friggin hard to break this internet habit, but I am down to about an hour a day, so getting there.

    1. Jennifer,
      As I explained in a previous comment, From the Trenches is a member/contributor of What Really Happened, though Mike Rivero decides what articles to post on his front page. This helps get From the Trenches out there. There is a lot of what Mike believes that I do not agree with, which is evident on From the Trenches. And Mike Rivero has helped us get back on our feet each time the site has been attacked in posting our articles when other sites would not because the link back to our site had been out.
      From the Trenches stands on its own and we spread our message however we can. And we do not pay Mike Rivero anything.
      You definitely seem prepared and that is a good thing. You have never been in pending and none of your comments have been blocked or deleted, but when you come up on From the Trenches and try to insinuate that we are somehow affiliated with WRH beyond posting articles, well that is not a good thing.
      If any of you out there get to thinking that From the Trenches is anything but honorable, I invite you to come to my house and observe my lavish lifestyle and maybe share a can of caviar.
      The site is called From the Trenches because that is where I exist. Note: I did not say live.
      From the Trenches has always been and will always be 110% true to the cause and I serve the Republic whether my fellow citizens deserve my sacrifice or not, because I am fighting for my grandchildren.
      That being said, I hope you stay with us as I see you are liked by those I see as my brothers and sisters. 🙂

      1. Thank you, Henry for being patient and kind to Jennifer.

        Jennifer, we all love you and enjoy your company on this site. It is a great blessing to have discernment and not be afraid to say what’s on your mind. That’s what this site is for. I myself can not listen to Mike for more than a few minutes before he says something that make me shriek, or shake my head. I think Henry explained it as well as can be. You might be over reacting a little. So, keep coming back. We would miss you if you left us.

      2. Henry, you must have more patience than I do with someone like her. I’ll just leave it at that and leave her be.

      3. Rivero and Shivley are the good guys. They are not doing this to get rich, their only agenda is to protect the future of this country while earning enough to maintain their news outlet and a roof over their heads. If you are recently awakened, I understand how paranoid one can be. I was completely freaked out when I figured out what the Fed really is. I then had to spend 1000’s of hours relearning everything along with earliest written history.

        In addition to Trenches, I recommend WRH and Zerohedge. These pretty much cover it all and you never have to watch CNN.

        Btw, Rivero asks for a donation before he signs you up as a sort of pledge that you wont shill his site. Nothing wrong with that.

        1. I’d put a lot more trust in Rivero if he would admit to the fact that there are aerial sprayings going on, and that NO plane hit the Pentagon. All one has to do is listen to commercial and military pilots (Field McConnell, Abel say that someone who couldn’t even fly a Cesna, surely could NOT fly a commercial jet and make a turn like the official story says they did. And where were all the pieces of the plane, luggage, and bodies from such plane? Trust, but verify with WRH. One has to earn my trust as FTT has.

          1. Mike steers clear of unproven claims. We can all agree that WT7 is an annomally. It is my opinion that 93 was intended. Fortunately for the oligarchy, the media failed to report. Hardly anyone knows 3 were brought down by thermate that day.

            Abel Danger…. Marine’s sister smokes poppy cocks with goldilocks. Capeche?

    2. Hi Jennifer.
      Try to give Henry and the folks who help him run this site the benefit of the doubt. I know he moderates the comment section very heavily but I think it’s to keep out the govt. shills. I’ve only been popping in here for a few months but so far I like what I see and since this is only my third post here i know it will be moderated but thats ok. This is one of the few sites I have found that is almost shill free and I think Henry does his best to keep it that way. You want to see some shills go to Infowars…lol. The comment sections are crawling with them. That and commentors argueing amongnst themselves incessantly.
      As for the topic of this article, I have found Jim Stone to be a great source of info but at this point I’m not really worried about a Constitutional convention. The Feds have already thrown the rulebook (Constitution) out the window anyways. So if the State govts. follow suit it wouldn’t surprise me at this point.
      As for Kokesh and his armed march, I have already commented on. Being caught out on a bridge is bad ju-ju. Your talking crossfire city with nowhere to go.

  10. Had to shake my memory. There was introduced to the States a proposed constitutional convention to amend the US constitution to require a balanced budget because its proponents knew that congress would never agree to balance the fed budget. This was several decades ago. 30 or so states passed it. It has been on ice for a long while. The theory and argument is: Once convened the entire constitution is up for change, the other: since is was passed specifically to balance the budget that is all that can be addressed. Legal arguments abound. Had almost forgot about it. See:

  11. It is sometimes easy to tell who the controlled opposition is. for one thing, they make lots of money doing it (like Alex Jones), and, for another, they spread fear and hate. and claiming Kokesh is controlled opposition just because he’s Jewish is ridiculous (BTW, Mike Rivero is Jewish! As Ben Stein might say, “what of it?”). Ever hear of the group Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership? Ever hear of Jewish Christians and Pro-Palestinian Jews? They are out there…not all Jews suck, and to “cut to the chase” and make the claim that Kokesh is a Jew thus he;’s controlled opposition is…well, it sounds like controlled opposition posting to me! Dammit, stop the divisiveness and divide and conquer stuff! Just like some claim that all Muslims are bad becauseof 9-11 it is equally bad to claim all Jews are bad because of the Talmud or because of what the Zionists do.

  12. “Armed march on Washington DC likely to take place during a constitutional convention”

    Bad idea, whoever Adam Kokesh is.

  13. For those of you still on the fence about Kokesh, check out this link: I think most of us have gotten pretty good at sorting through all the *BS* that the mainstream media flings at us everyday and for some reason, this Kokesh guy just doesn’t seem genuine. He’s not exactly “one of us” either. Check out his father’s profile… these people are upper crust as far as I’m concerned (or at least they were; apparently the father got a bit too greedy: If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and smells like a duck, and has a father who was an investment banker… it’s not a duck.

  14. Let’s see. Kokesh gets arrested on some obviously trumped-up B.S., gets a joint planted on him during the arrest (complete with video evidence)… what could fill the people with anger more than this type of Police takedown??
    Just my opinion, but this event on July 4th is a staged false flag. The arrest of Kokesh (and the anger generated) is designed to make sure that their will be a maximum amount of gun-toters there.
    Whether or not this is a staged event, expect TPTB to “out-in-force” on July 4th with multiple false flag events. What better day for them to lock us down into Martial Law, and take away what fews rights we have left, than on the very day that, back in 1776, we had our Constitution signed.

    1. Ive a feeling that there is a concerted effort to provoke a revolution of sorts to justify complete elimination of whats left of bill of rights. All this 3 strikes anger along with the fringe dissent is peculiar when considering those which control these things. The Irs is part of shadow govt is part of AP is part of Benghazi scandal. Capeche?

      1. YUP Sam Adams all this ties into the Fed Resirve Bank the way it makes it money..Need lots of Wars

  15. We are under martial law since Nixon just needs too be reacted again this would take no votes just troops..Is everyone forgetting this its still in action ..Was never resended..In the 70s in Wichita Kansas was under martial law remember it very will..

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