3 thoughts on “Gun Free Zone

    1. Hi John W.

      Yes,… I have heard that many times also,.. my response is always:

      “Yes,.. there are thousands of unmarked Mass-Graves with 200 Million corpses rotting in them,…. and they all have three things in common:

      1) They believed their gov’t would NEVER harm them.

      2) They allowed themselves to be disarmed.

      3) They we’re all massacred by their own gov’t.

      “Can’t happen here!”,.,.. Same thing all those people said in Stalin’s Russia, Moa Tse Tung’s China, Polpot’s Cambodia, Edi Amin’s Uganda, USA’s NY in 1863 (US Federal troops massacred over a thousand New Yorkers protesting the Civil War), and so on, and so on.”

      What can’t hppen here??

      The smart know history and fight, the dumb give in,… and die from not knowing it.

      JD – US Marines – Hard Core Communists like the US Fed Gov’t can hardly wait to start massacring Americans,.. especially White People.

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