Army Colonel teaching churches, schools and police the joys of killing


In what can only be described as an obscene joke, that’s being played out in schools, churches and police departments across the country. David Grossman, a former Army Colonel is teaching thousands of people about the psychology of killing.

“Cops fight violence,” Grossman often says. “What do they fight it with? Superior violence. Righteous violence.”

When did it become acceptable to let former military personnel teach law enforcement, churches and schools to kill people?  

It’ll cost you $20.00$195.00 dollars to attend one of his ‘Killogy’ presentations, where you’ll hear Mr. Grossman tell the audience they shouldn’t go out looking for people to kill, because those who need killing—the “gangbangers,” terrorists, and mass murderers—will come to them. All they need to do is be ready. 

“Are you prepared to kill somebody Grossman asked.” 

Police told that killing another human will give them the best sex ever

In a class recorded for “Do Not Resist,” Grossman tells his students that the sex they have after they kill another human being will be the best sex of their lives. The room chuckles.But he’s clearly serious. “Both partners are very invested in some very intense sex,” he says. “There’s not a whole lot of perks that come with this job. You find one, relax and enjoy it.”

“Don’t be afraid of getting sued — it’s just a chance for overtime,” he said. “Be afraid of getting successfully sued” Grossman warned.

When cops aren’t afraid to kill people and think being sued is just another way to make more money, then we’ve become a police state. Why else are ‘Blue Lives Matter’ bills popping up everywhere?

Grossman claims his presentations are for any audience of caring people.

 “A fact filled presentation based on the most recent school safety research and offering vital response technologies for any audience of caring teachers, school officials, and parents.”

Who wouldn’t want a caring teacher that’s not afraid to kill someone?

Grossman is making thousands of dollars scaring religious organizations and schools into paying for his seminars and DVD’s. His appropriately named ‘SheepDog’ DVD seminar costs $59.99 and his certificate courses ‘On Killing’ and ‘On Combat’ cost $79.00 each. (Click here, here & here to see more ‘SheepDog Safety Training’ products)

Cops will feel strange and wonderful things meeting abuse victims

Grossman coalesces his research into a presentation affirming the life that all law enforcement and military professionals have chosen to lead… A cornerstone for professional training if you might come into contact with interpersonal violence. Knowing what strange and wonderful things might happen to your body in these stressful situations is the first step to making the correct decision in the heat of the moment… and after.

“Interpersonal violence” is really a euphemism for abuse. What cop or first responder, doesn’t feel strange and wonderful things after meeting abuse victims?

Grossman’s books are required reading for the FBI and law enforcement

An article in Mother Jones claims, Grossman’s Killogy books are required reading at the FBI Academy and many law enforcement academies.

According to Craig Atkinson Grossman’s training seminars are “fear porn“…

”Grossman is more of a motivational speaker than a trainer,” says Seth Stoughton, a former cop and law professor at the University of South Carolina who studies the regulation of police.

According to an article in the New Republic, Grossman has taught tens of thousands of police officers, sheriff’s deputies and federal agents in every state to cultivate what he calls a “warrior mindset”—being mentally prepared to kill at any moment. Grossman also claims to have taught hundreds of SWAT teams.
Training cops to think more like soldiers and to regard the communities they serve as territory occupied by potential insurgents is the problem.  

We don’t need more veterans who were trained to kill to become cops.“The American Law Enforcement Heroes Act gives priority for federal grants to state and local law enforcement agencies that use the funds to hire veterans. The Fraternal Order of Police, the Major County Sheriffs’ Association and the Veterans of Foreign Wars all backed the idea of using the grants as incentive.”

Grossman has a ‘Cop Church’

Grossman God must be thrilled to have a church full of cops trained to kill.

Grossman has also written five books about killing, but my favorite is ‘Stop Teaching Our Kids To Kill.

Using the so-called war on terror to train law enforcement to kill people has to stop.

It’s time to stop the war on terror.

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