AT&T, Cricket customers report widespread wireless outages

ABC News 13

AT&T and Cricket Wireless customers are reporting widespread service outages in the Houston area and throughout the country, according to reports on social media.

The outage seemingly began at some point on Friday afternoon.  

Carolyn Scott Riley

15 hours ago

Why are customers of Cricket Wireless without phone AND internet service, and has been for well over 4 hours, all over the continental U.S.? Cricket was purchased by AT&T and we NEVER experienced anything like this until AT&T made the purchase! But AT&T customers still have service! We can’t get any answers from Cricket!!! Customers in Richmond, VA, Lewisville, TX, Humble, TX, Colorado, etc… ALL WITHOUT SERVICE!

In a statement, Cricket Wireless apologized for the outage, saying, “We are aware of a service issue affecting some customers & are working quickly to resolve it.”

AT&T has yet to issue a public statement. In 2013, the telecom giant acquired the parent company of Cricket Wireless.

4 thoughts on “AT&T, Cricket customers report widespread wireless outages

  1. I’m glad I’m leaving Cricket at the end of the month. But it doesn’t have anything to do with this outage.

  2. They want you to get used to these “outages” because they’ll attack during one of them, and they want you to let your guard down for that.

    Any loss of power or communications should have you on guard, if not out the door.

    1. I’m one of those “crazies” who still has a land line. Sometimes when we have a cellphone outage I’ll check the land line just to see if it’s still working and to see if this might be “IT”. I always thought if/when communications are cut to expect an invasion or something to that effect. I also like to look at the store shelves (to see if items are being replaced) and pay attention what supplies we are running out of(and aren’t being replaced) at work, read between the “LIES” of the news, to kind of gauge if the collapse is going into high gear.

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