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Attention Police: This is How You Handle a Puppy In a Stand-off

Activist Post – by Amanda Warren

Phoenix military-style police were in a stand-off with an armed robbery suspect who was in his home on Wednesday. They had blocked off the entire suburban road.

A little pup walked in the middle of the operation and decided to pick a fight, barking at the police to stand down.  

The suspect was thought to have robbed a Subway restaurant. The stand-off lasted for four hours – results unknown.

Aerial footage from ABC15 showed the little canine running up to them and then running away when police came near to catch it. They couldn’t.

The Indy Channel reports:

The pug and police dog appeared to be barking at each other before officers “shooed” the pug away.

No one can say definitively what breed the formidable little guy was. But stunningly, he wasn’t gunned down nor did they sic their German Shepherd staff on him.  He was simply shooed away, without harm – without further incident.



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3 Responses to Attention Police: This is How You Handle a Puppy In a Stand-off

  1. Jolly Roger says:

    I find it hard to believe that the stinking pig bastards didn’t blow that puppy away just for kicks.

    And it wouldn’t surprise me at all if this event (if it did actually happen) were staged for public relations reasons.

  2. cointelpro says:

    What’s up with that? My boys are getting soft. Didn’t even kick that rat. There is going to be an investigation over this. Heads are going to roll.

    • NC says:

      Hahaha! I know. And if it would have touched the police dog, then OMG, it would have gotten arrested for assaulting an officer (police dog) and would have spend two weeks at the pound before being let go. The dog would have gone to puppy grand jury and put on probation under house arrest with an electronic zapping leash around it’s neck.

      Gee…Not much different than how us humans are treated.

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