Audio Released of Ferguson Dispatch Exposes A ‘Staged Event’

Published on Aug 16, 2014 by DAHBOO77

The first call to dispatch was the news?? You Heard It Right!
Listen for yourself at the link. The first bit of news coming into Dispatch about Ferguson… Came from the News! Its A Setup!
This whole thing is being orchestrated to create chaos!…

2 thoughts on “Audio Released of Ferguson Dispatch Exposes A ‘Staged Event’

  1. Wow! This doesn’t surprise me. Especially since Holder practically knew about it before it even began.

    There’s no way that the police would not know about an officer shooting. Officer down and reporting from pedestrians would definitely come first, NOT the news. This is totally a staged event like we’ve said from the get go.

    However, this is supposedly coming from Anonymous…….I thought they were controlled opposition? Why would they release this?

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