August Jobs Report – Another Lie

New jobs created for the month of August came in at 96,000.  The experts estimated that number would be 140,000.  So much for the experts.  June’s Job Report was revised down from 80,000 to 64,000 jobs created.  July’s likewise was revised down from 163,000 to 141,000.  So in two months we have a miscalculation amounting to 38,000 jobs.  If we question these revisions they tell us that they keep changing because it is a fluid situation and they just can’t keep up with it.

Approximately 2 billion shares of stock are traded on the New York Exchange daily.  There are about 6000 different companies on the NYSE and trades are being made all around the world, yet these numbers are calculated accurately to the second.  With these jobs numbers we are looking at the simplest of calculations and yet the discrepancies run into the thousands and they are not discovered until a month later.

I think we have all come to the realization that the calculation of the unemployment in the US is a complete fraud.  These numbers we are getting are made up.  I make this assertion because it has to be.  Within five minutes from three different mainstream broadcasts I heard it said that there are 89 million able bodied workers who are unemployed, and then that there are 12 million, and then 7 million.

I heard one of the talking heads say that the actual unemployment rate, which we have all heard reported as the alternative to the un-actual unemployment rate, had been revised down to 11% from 15%.  Now for the past year the experts have been reporting this actual number as the one unaffected by those who supposedly had “dropped out of the work force”.

It is a mathematical impossibility for the actual number to go down at the same time as the un-actual number as the unemployed removed from the un-actual number have to be added to the actual number, unless they have been ferried away to another planet or another country and given up their citizenship.

As I have reported on this site for the past year and a half, these fraudulent scumbags intend to lie the unemployment rate down to 7% in time for the 2012 election.

Now don’t forget, those who are being removed from the 8.1% un-actual rate are being removed because their unemployment is running out and the number of weeks of eligibility has gone from 99 weeks to 79 weeks in June to 73 weeks now in September.  People who have lost their jobs after July 1 will get benefits for only 26 weeks.

This means that the number of those supposedly “no longer seeking work” will be going up exponentially as we close in on the election.  Now this number is not only going to be deducted from the un-actual unemployment rate but also from the actual unemployment rate.

Are we seeing a pattern here?  As we continue to lose jobs without any slowdown the lies are growing to cover that fact up.  I guess they figure on lying right up to the last person with the last job and then saying, “Gotcha”.

Any mush minded fool that casts a vote in this election based on any assertion of job creation, future or past, would be doing us all a favor if they would just remove themselves from our gene pool.

This election is a fraud and the only way things are going to change is in getting worse right up until the final collapse.  It is inevitable.  It cannot be stopped.  They know it as well as we do.  They are only stalling as they work on their exit strategy.  We need to realize this and start implementing our own strategies to save ourselves.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

5 thoughts on “August Jobs Report – Another Lie

  1. People need not worry when their bennies run out – there is a femma camp to open up before long and until then there is always a vacancy in every jail and prison. Talk about displaced workers.

  2. Add to all this 300k boomers are retiring. Not only are they no longer working, they are being paid benefits. I started taking SS at 62, not because I wanted to, but because business is so bad

    1. robertsgt40, That is the very same reason I retired early!
      So when we take the actual numbers and compare them to the 2010 census we come up with a REAL Unemployment number of about 47%.
      There is no depression here folks.Amerika is in recovery. Nothing to look at, move along please. Move along.

  3. The nature of zionism is that ‘all people are deemed equal but some are much more equal than others’.

    I worry greatly that in an economic collapse because all debt is pledged against all assets that the zionists who have legally/illegally been given the power to create all fiat debt money with usury will want to promote a total collapse to enforce the debt. Not only will people be impoverished but the zionists will like shylock demand their dues.

    Greece has to accept a six day working week, a massive increase in the usury charges, a reduction in their pensions, a reduction in services, massive increase in taxes and the loss of their sovereignty, their democracy, loss of the ability to prosper and trade, cash is banned to ensure the bankers and revenue collection can track all purchases and income, their gold has been pledged and their national assets must be sold at duress prices.

    The zionists have complete control in perpetuity and the people there are broken. It is coming to America rapidly and probably to all nations that have graciously accepted these bastards who are the spawns of the devil into their gentle lives.

    Personally you should buy with filthy fiat dollars the peoples silver which turns the debt screws onto the fascist issuers of our corrupt currency and at least you will have some decent return of personal wealth when they crash the system.

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