Aussie Police Take Down Gunman With Rubber Bullets, Showing American Cops How Policing Should Be Done

Before It’s News – by N. Morgan

In this incredible video, Australian police show how a stand off should be dealt with. After a 90 minutes stand off with a gun wielding man, the Aussie police used rubber bullets on the suspect. Yes, that’s right, RUBBER bullets. Our police in the states could use a few lessons from the police there.

Here’s the back story from 9 News:  

The new footage released by Queensland Police shows a shirtless Lee Matthew Hillier waving around his gun and smoking a cigarette as he walks through the mall after terrified shoppers and workers had been forced to scramble away. He begged police to shoot him during the 90-minute standoff and is seen in the video repeatedly holding his own gun to his head as heavily-armed officers try to talk to him.

Eventually armed SERT officers fire a volley of rubber bullets into Hillier’s side, causing him to leap wildly into the air. He appears to try to shoot his own weapon before it is flung from his hand and he falls to the ground. Within seconds he is swooped on by half a dozen armed police. Other footage of the event was posted previously showing elevated footage.

Hillier was just sentenced to four and a half years jail in the Brisbane District Court this afternoon for the siege on March 8 last year. He yesterday told the court he never intended to harm anyone but “things just spiraled out of control”, the Courier Mail reports.

2 thoughts on “Aussie Police Take Down Gunman With Rubber Bullets, Showing American Cops How Policing Should Be Done

  1. That would be fine , but US cops don’t want to wound or stop the confrontation , they want to escalate or kill the individual , so as far as taking a lesson like this , it will fall on deaf ears and blind eyes when it comes to our LE

  2. 90-minute stand off?

    He wouldn’t have lasted 60 seconds in this city, waving a gun around like that.

    Likely not even 30.

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