Marxist Takeover of America – Special Forces Lt Gen Boykin – It’s Happening Now

222-boykinUniversal Free Press – by Rick Wells

The Marxist Model as described by Special Forces Lt. Gen. W.G. Boykin warns of engineered economic collapse, martial law, and dictatorship. He details the enemy’s six part plan which has been used in other countries when they were taken over and which is currently evident in the United States.

An education into the histories of these very real threats were part of the Lt. General’s training and he shares his concern for the future of America. The six points in this video presentation are briefly summarized below:  

1) Nationalize major sectors of econmy, which he says was initiated during the fabricated bail outs and which continue in various forms in the months and years since.

2) Redistribution of Wealth, through the Afforable Care Act (obamacare) and other means.

3) Discredit their opposition, in particular a reference to a DHS memorandum sent to law enforcement all over the u.s., which recognized future threats as right wing Christian groups, pro-life groups, second amendment groups and returning veterans, but never mentioned Islamic terrorists. The General points out how this is discrediting the opposition, the very groups which would stand up and protest the things which they see happening in our country.

4) Censorship – Hate crime legislation is targeting pastors so they don’t speak out regarding homosexuality or Islam and the dangers Islam represents to America. Censorship of grass roots America and the clergy.

5) Gun Ownership control or elimination, a key in tyrannies of the past, being installed through the U.N. small arms treaty.

6) Develop a Constabulary Force to Control the Population, As in Cuba, Venezuela, Russia under Stalin, or China under Mao. Language to accomplish this was included in obamacare, “Commissioning of officers, in times of a national crises, to work directly for the president, laying the ground work for a constabulary force which will control the population in America.”

Below is Hussein Obama campaigning for our “civilian national defense force.”

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