AmericanCivilWar_SplashScreensI guess knowledge of History is now Thought Crime.

Touch Arcade – by Tasos Lazarides

If you’ve been watching the news recently, you’ll know of the huge debate in the U.S over the role of the Confederate flag in contemporary America. Many see it as a reminder of the many pre-Civil War injustices while others see it simply as a way to honor the soldiers who died for the Confederacy. Many large US companies, like Walmart and Amazon, have already banned the sale of any Confederate flag merchandise as a reaction to the recent events. Now, it appears that Apple has decided to join them by pulling many Civil War wargames from the App Store.   Continue reading “Apple Removes All American Civil War Games From the App Store Because of the Confederate Flag”

Western firesGeoEngineering Watch – by Dean Wigington

The weather warfare being waged against the US population continues to escalate. Due to the highly toxic fallout, weather warfare is also biological warfare against the entire web of life. How hot is it going to be under the completely engineered high pressure heat dome in the West? Record shattering. Is it any wonder the Western states are burning to the ground?   Continue reading “Engineered Western Meltdown To Cool The East”

tn-bb-gun-shooting-volleyballCounter Current News – by Reagan Ali

A police lieutenant in Tennessee was not arrested after shooting at a group of 20 children playing volleyball hear his home.

The children were not on his property, but the mere sound of them playing at a nearby church was enough to enrage Michael Wilson, 58, to the point of opening fire on them with a BB gun.   Continue reading “Cops Refuse To Arrest Officer Caught Shooting At 20 Children Playing Near His House”

asdfFilming Cops

OWASSO — Officer Mike Denton has been confirmed to have beat a citizen with a shotgun over and over again after new footage was released from a dashcam.

He has been placed on paid suspension.

The Police Chief said — amazingly yet not surprisingly — “We were within our policies and guidelines in this pursuit.”   Continue reading “Cop Pounds Man With Shotgun After Man Complied”

Free Thought Project – by Eva Decesare

Columbus, OH — A four-year-old girl in the Whitehall neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio is in stable condition at a hospital after being shot by a police officer.

According to 10 TV, a police officer was responding to a call around 3pm Friday when a family in the vicinity started calling for medical help.

A woman had apparently cut herself and was in need of medical assistance.   Continue reading “Ohio Police Officer Attempts To Shoot A Dog, Shoots a 4-Year-Old Girl Instead”

originalFilming Cops

Raw footage of the execution has just been posted to YouTube. You can see the cop walking toward the victim’s car as gunshots ring out. Just imagine how this woman and her child must have felt in the final moments of her life.

This footage is extremely disturbing, but many readers have pointed out something even darker and more twisted.   Continue reading “Cop Shoots, Kills Woman With 7-Yr-Old Girl in the Car”

angry-copTruth Voice

ADDISON, Texas — A Texas police officer was recorded breaking a car window after a man refused to show his driver’s license.

Scott Richardson, 49, was pulled over on May 2 by a police officer for allegedly speeding in Addison. In the video, recorded from Richardson’s vehicle, the police officer asks Richardson for his identification. Richardson refuses, and over the course of approximately five minutes, the officer grows increasingly agitated, eventually smashing Richardson’s car window to remove him from the vehicle and place him under arrest.   Continue reading “Texas Cop Demands Papers, Smashes Window When He Doesn’t Get Them”

Courthouse News – by Rebekah Kearn

LOS ANGELES (CN) – A boy with Asperger’s syndrome was playing in a tree when Los Angeles sheriff’s deputies ordered him down at gunpoint, then beat and Tasered him, his mother claims in court.

Monique Castro says her son, I.C., was 15 when three L.A. County sheriff’s deputies beat the tar out of him for nothing on April 27, 2014.   Continue reading “Boy Tasered for Playing in a Tree, Mom Says”

Untitled-1Filming Cops

NEW YORK, NY — Is the NYPD desperate for cash, or are they just recklessly stealing from people because they know they can get away with it?

That’s a question many are asking this week after footage appeared on YouTube showing police ticketing several bikers.   Continue reading “Cops Intentionally Cause Traffic Jam to Catch Bikers Splitting Lanes”

pic10GeoEngineering Watch – by Cali Will

Growing up in California, my friends and I would sit on the famous Venice Board Walk and watch street performers along with the throngs of sun burned tourists that would visit from all over the world. Hare Krishna’s held parades there with giant colorful floats pulled by elephants, and devotees rang bells and chanted “Hare hare” while they threw bags of peanuts and raisins to the kids. People would tell jokes, play music, juggle chainsaws, walk on glass, and do all types of strange and bizarre acts for a little spare change. They would roller skate and disco with ghetto blasters, spray paint murals, and set up skateboard ramps and see who could launch the furthest into the air. Surfers wore neon wetsuits, girls wore bicycle shorts, and break-­‐dancers looked like time travelling pirates with cardboard dance platforms. During the awesome 80’s the beach was the place to be.   Continue reading “The Programming Of Our Children And Geoengineering, An Educator Speaks Out”

Joe Huffman

I’ve written about ITAR before (and here). It is being updated for the age of the Internet. With the current administration in power you know that doesn’t mean it’s an improvement from our viewpoint.

The NRA explains:

Commonly used and unregulated internet discussions and videos about guns and ammo could be closed down under rules proposed by the State Department, amounting to a “gag order on firearm-related speech,” the National Rifle Association is warning. Continue reading “ITAR is being updated”

warrantCounter Current News

Much to the surprise of the general public, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in favor of expanded the ability of law enforcement to search without warrants.

Justice Samuel Alito wrote for the majority of the court which ruled 6 to 3 that “when occupants of a residents disagree on whether they will admit police without a warrant, the objecting occupant must be physically present,” the Washington Post reported. “That doesn’t change if police have removed the objector,” the court added.   Continue reading “Supreme Court Rules Police DO NOT Need A Warrant To Search Your Home”

The Daily Beast – by Shane Harris

President Obama and his top national security officials spent the past few days warning that once intelligence-gathering authorities in the Patriot Act expired just after midnight Sunday, the United States would face a greater risk of a terrorist attack.

That argument is highly debatable—at least, in the short term. Not only does the U.S. government have all sorts of other ways to collect the same kind of intelligence outlined in the Patriot Act, but there’s also a little-noticed back door in the act that allows U.S. spy agencies to gather information in pretty much the same ways they did before.   Continue reading “Zombie Patriot Act Will Keep U.S. Spying—Even if the Original Dies”

17718502211_c4fb4a923b_oRevolution News – by Jennifer Baker

China – Tens of Thousands of residents of the southwestern county of Linshui gathered in the morning and marched about 3km. Photos posted by the protesters on social media also showed violent attacks by a police tactical team(SWAT)and the resistance that followed lasted all day and well into the night.

The residents want (need) to have a proposed railway linking Dazhou to Chongqing pass through their county in the centre of Sichuan. The county currently has no railway, waterway, or airport.   Continue reading “China: Massive Protest in Linshui Intense Repression and Resistance”

Kim Dotcom just called out Clinton with Assange’s untold secretsSlash Gear – by Chris Burns

Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom speaks up about the 2016 Presidential Elections in the United States, suggesting that Julian Assange will call out Hillary Clinton with some “potential roadblocks.” In an interview about a wide range of internet-related topics, Dotcom spoke with Bloomberg’s Emily Chang this week on “Studio 1.0.” This interview called upon Dotcom’s earlier suggestion that he would be “Hillary’s worst nightmare in 2016,” while Dotcom suggested further that he’d “have to say it’s probably more Julian,” but that he was “aware of some of the things” that will inhibit Clinton’s road to the White House.   Continue reading “Kim Dotcom just called out Clinton with Assange’s untold secrets”

Untitled2IIP9992Tat’s Revolution

Imagine visiting Yellowstone this summer. You wake up before dawn to take a picture of the sunrise over the mists emanating from Yellowstone hot springs. A thunderhead towers above the rising sun, and the picture turns out beautifully. You submit the photo to a contest sponsored by the National Weather Service. Under a statute signed into law by the Wyoming governor this spring, you have just committed a crime and could face up to one year in prison.   Continue reading “Yellowstone Photo Could Get You 1 Year In Prison Under New Wyoming Law”