Auto insurance companies and car dealerships are spying on you


Warning, if you used the DealerApp you’ve just given approximately 500 car dealerships all your personal information!

“The personal information collected by the apps and allegedly transmitted to DealerApp included the consumer’s name, email address, telephone number, and the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the vehicle purchased, among other data. The state alleged that DealerApp failed to disclose to consumers that this data was being transmitted by DealerApp, in violation of the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act. Some of the data was provided to third-party data analytics companies, again without disclosure, the state charged.”

According to Consumer “About 500 dealers world-wide, including 38 in New Jersey, are DealerApp clients.”

“The number of threats to online privacy appear to be growing by the day,” said Steve Lee, Acting Director of the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs. “No one should be able to profit from the personal information of others that has been obtained through cyber fraud or violations of privacy.”

Here are a few new car apps that might be also spying on you, “TrueCar,” “,” “CarChecker,” “Edmunds,” “CarMax ,” “Kelley Blue Book.”  Keep in mind anytime you voluntarily give away your personal information, anyone & everyone will have access to it.

Remember car dealers had to be forced to keep most of our information private, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act was designed to stop car dealerships shady business practices. Click here to read the “FTC’s Privacy Rule and Auto Dealers” and here to read the “A Dealer Guide To The FTC Privacy Rule and Model Privacy Notice.”

The irony of course is car manufacturers have been making cars that spy on us for years.

Allstate Insurance wants cameras to spy on other drivers and identify any distractions:

Allstate’s “Traffic-based Driving Analysis” patent uses sensors and cameras to record potential sources of driver distractions inside your car like a cell phone, pets or unsecured objects in vehicle.

It’ll also spy on the number and types of passengers inside the car!

Quoting from the American Police State party line Allstate says it’s all for driver “SAFETY” which is B**LLSH*T!

It’s about spying on everyone and turning a huge profit…

“Most of the Allstate patent provides more detail on the company’s potential vision for developing driver safety ratings based on such factors as vehicle speed, acceleration and adherence to stop signs. For example, operation of the vehicle without headlights and changes in vehicle direction without turn signals might be recorded.”

Did you catch that they want to spy on whether you come to a complete stop at a STOP sign and whether you use your TURN signals!

This is an admission by an insurance CEO of complete and total surveillance which will ultimately result in higher insurance rates and tickets or driver’s license suspensions in the near future!

“Usually the drill is to create as broad a patent as is defensible so the company can monetize it if someone else wants to license it,” said Harold J. Krent, dean of IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law. “But on the other hand, if they apply the patent at its broadest, there’s huge implications in term of who gets the information, who it’s shared with – will the information go to health insurance companies, will it go to police authorities, to child custody attorneys? We simply don’t know right now.”

Of course we know, soon EVERY police department will want access to this technology.

Insurance companies want to sell your driving habits to the government, potential employees, banks, credit card companies and that’s just for starters!

Allstate’s Chief Executive Tom Wilson then raised the question of whether Allstate could or should “sell this information we get from people driving around to various people and capture some additional profit and, perhaps, give a better value proposition to our customers that we’re not giving today?”

“The recorded data may also provide an objective behavioral data collection system for third parties, e.g., health insurance companies, lending institutions, credit-rating companies, product and service marketing companies, potential employers, to evaluate an individual’s behavioral characteristics in a real-life and commonly experienced situation, i.e., driving a motor vehicle,” the patent said.

The future of American policing is staring everyone in the face, it’s no longer about safety it’s about balancing their budgets, paying for the 2.3 million in our jails and the untold millions who have been ticketed and fined by police.

Here’s the breakdown from Insurance Business America on what Allstate wants to spy on:


Allstate also has patent called “Motor Vehicle Operating Data Collection and Analysis” system.

Major auto insurance companies including Allstate, Progressive and State Farm are trying to get drivers to install “telematic devices” in their cars. These surveillance gadgets are marketed under various names and are plugged into your vehicle’s onboard diagnostic port.


The Connected Car: Who’s In The Drivers Seat?

Most car companies have connectivity systems, that constantly ping your whereabouts to the automakers, police and of course you!  Here’s a few examples: “HondaLink” and “BlueLink,”  “AudiConnect,” “MazdaConnect” and “uConnect.”

A car’s data is an absolute treasure trove of information on individuals and can be accessed by a surprisingly large number of organizations said Vincent Gogolek, Freedom of Information and Privacy Association’s executive director.

In 2012, the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimated that 96% of 2013 model vehicles have event data recorders  which can track when the airbags are set off, if brakes are applied before a collision and even whether the seatbelts were buckled.

Chevrolet’s 2016 Malibu will feature a system called “Teen Driver” that lets parents SPY on their kid’s driving habits.

It allows parents to set speed alerts, limit audio volume, and even receive vehicle reports “so parents could use it as a teaching tool with their kids—they can discuss and reinforce safe driving habits.”

Teens drivers will also get an audible and visual warning if a vehicle travels over pre-set speeds (between 40 and 75 miles per hour!

There are more spying devices in our cars…

Electronic Control Units which are in every vehicle, keep track of everything from how fast you drive to how long your car idles and how suddenly you brake, the report says. Your car’s GPS system, for example, also keeps track of your exact location, sending that information to the car’s manufacturer, or possibly a third-party call center or an insurance agency.

Detailed information about where a person spends their time paints an disturbing picture of their life!

“Such data can be used to embarrass or blackmail a person, to stalk individuals, to steal identities, to facilitate robberies, or to create a profile that can then be used by commercial entities in unexpected ways.”

Somewhere in the not too distant future..

You and your family take a 3 1/2 hour drive. As you’re driving down the highway you notice you’re going 15 miles over the speed limit not to worry you think, you haven’t seen a cop for miles. As you exit the highway, the road appears deserted so you come to a rolling stop at a few intersections. And finally just as you get close to your destination you get stuck behind a slow moving vehicle, frustrated by the long drive you pass the vehicle in a no passing zone.

When you finally arrive at your destination, you think to yourself, we were lucky we didn’t see a single cop. Upon arriving home from your trip you get a notice of numerous traffic violations totaling hundreds of dollars from the police in EVERY town where you committed an infraction. And you also got a notice informing you that your auto insurance plans to deduct drivers license points, resulting in higher insurance premiums.

All this thanks to the numerous spying technologies that are in use right now. One’s like traffic and highway cams, Fast Lane transponders, insurance surveillance gear and auto manufacturer black boxes.

This the future of driving in America!

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