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Activist Post – by Heather Callaghan

Mark Baker of Baker’s Green Acres has always refused the offer to back down when it came to the state of Michigan and the DNR ordering fines of $700,000 and the destruction of his heritage pigs – because they looked different. For nearly three years, the Bakers have been hanging on by a thread while pushed by aggressive tactics from three agencies – Michigan, the DNR and the USDA – which had embargoed and closed in on them, even threatening them with a raid and bullying their friends and buyers. While Michigan finally retreated, it doesn’t change the situation for anyone else or arbitrary attacks in the future.   

This compelling video recaps what happened, provides an update and encouragement for what we can do help farmers facing the same situation. Mark isn’t just fighting for himself. See more below.

From Randy Buchler, publicist for Baker’s Green Acres:

As a publicist for Baker’s Green Acres, I am asking for your help. Their domestic family farm operation has been all but destroyed over the last 2+ years due to government harassment, threats and an unconstitutional Invasive Species Order and Declaratory Ruling from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

However, on February 26th, 2014, the DNR and Attorney General’s office conceded that Baker’s pigs are no longer illegal. Their reversal on their stance with Baker’s pigs was a move to avoid going to trial where they would have been forced to explain their selective enforcement under oath. It also resulted in a ruling that there would be no damages awarded to Mark and his family. But, that doesn’t mean it’s over.

Now is the time to hold our leaders of the State of Michigan responsible for their actions. From the DNR to the Attorney General’s office to the Governor’s office, we have been let down time and time again. The elected officials and bureaucrats that are not representing the Constitution of the people must be replaced. The agenda’s they are serving are that of Corporate and self interests, not that of the people. We the People have the power to change that, as this is an election year. But, we must act now!

Please watch this powerful video put together by Baker’s Green Acres to understand where this issue stands today. If you prepay $25 now, you will receive a DVD of Hogwash The American Pig Tale before this year’s elections. Just click on the “Buy Now” button at Your help is necessary to finish the documentary and to continue our work toward preserving our constitutional rights in Michigan. Thank you in advance for helping protect the people!

Hogwash working trailer:

See the filmmaker’s write-up HERE

3 thoughts on “Baker’s Green Acres and Heritage Hogs – PLAN BAc t

  1. I don’t understand why Mr. Baker did not talk about this movie when he was with Mark and Don on LTR.

  2. “because they looked diffferent”

    But I wonder, and I know jack about medical, but what is the chances these pigs might “not have” all that H*#* cruft. HNN1 N1N2 whatever it is H9N12 or something now? Seems to me, like they’re MAKING these virii.

    But then again could just be your local government is communist chineese friendly foreign agents.

    ala Smithfield Foods sale to Chinese firm gives US pork

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